Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Omens, Good and Iffy

Whether the demise of Journalspace is a good omen or bad will possibly be evident in time. That the system was designed against hardware failure but not human malice is too bad. An inside job, apparently. I tend to believe the story. Lots of people, once they see themselves as victim, suspend all inhibitions, parameters of behavior based on moral code. Revenge becomes righteous and the consequence to others means nothing. You see it all the time. In some ways, half the laws and tax money we spend have some of that involved. At least it is there on one side of the coin, or other.

I've come to realize that I have a some sort of core desire to write in a venue in which I feel others, if only a few, will read what I have to say. I like to also see what it is those people are thinking or writing. Somehow just putting it in a notebook is not the same. It is one of the ways in which one gets spoiled and hooked on the internet. Not everyone in my circle of friends has traditionally written, or even understood my desire to put things out there in print. Here in SoCal more of my friends get it, even if they don't put drivel in print the way I do.

In Memphis it caused anger among some and baffled others. I don't think I have what it takes to write a decent novel, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to put down my take on things. Critic at large, I guess.

So, from now on I suppose I have to write here at this cold and disjointed site. I've yet to see how one finds anything here, especially the circle of friends and such. Now I'm sorry I did most of my communicating through JS messages instead of exchanging more reliable contact information.

Perhaps this is a foreshadowing of the new era of hope and change; our brave new world in which the rest of earth will now love us and we will all be happy and healthy, etc.

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