Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Of a Neither Reflective nor Absorptive Nature

You don't reflect light in the visible color spectrum.  You do not absorb light.  It just zips right through.  You are as transparent as they come.  (Though you may have high cheek bones).

Has no one in a position to "make a difference" figured out that most of our modern war on racism is a series of false flag events?  All of a sudden, if you are not certifiably colorful, you must be of that group who enjoys inexplicable and abusive "privilege".  You are the enemy because an enemy must be found or there is no one to fight.  I have to have a foe in order to be your champion.

Who better to joust with the privileged, transparent oppressors of no color, than a privileged , transparent oppressor who disowns his/her/it/their ethnic ancestry in order to demonstrate solidarinosc with the dimwits who cannot champion themselves?   It is quite a good business once you get your glass slippered looking colorless foot in the door.  Just do not publicly accept your ethnic or racial fate unless you can check the "of color" box on your EEOC forms.  A colorful foot in the door is an easy money maker.  But it takes creative, and selective, reasoning and cognition to reconcile having a champion without color.

I wanted to be the champion of everyone except white (colorless) men, but Hillary beat me to it.  She listed everyone she wants to champion.  The list implies one foe against everyone else.  The best way to get a pass if you are colorless and not in gender transition, or not concerned with making people cheer you for doing unusual stuff with your genatalia,  is to be very poor and visibly sick.  Poor and disabled may be a good hedge against being lumped in with the Mr. Man-of-no-color devil.

By champion, I think the Hill is talking about government programs and various rules and regs.  She does not allow for the possibility that even po folk sometimes do not want big bro or sis over their shoulders, tying their shoes, censoring their lunch menu, involving themselves in various personal and family decisions and issues.  Some just prefer to be left alone by benevolent overseers, elite rulers, and self appointed champions and saviors.

So, now the national "conversation about race" has devolved to the point that everyone must be judged by their skin's ability to trap or reflect light.  This gives rise to comments like I heard on the radio;
Host: Are you a professional protestor, getting paid to go around the country to protest?
Protest professional: If I were not OF COLOR would you ask me that question?"

??? Really???  Talkin about transparency.  Obviously the game is now, "Hey person not 'of color', if you question anything I do, shoot holes in my alleged logic and grievances, then you are obviously a racist, sexist, you-name-it-ist...

We went from supposedly striving for people to be judged on merit--content of character--to now being judged by virtue of how much victimhood can be squeezed out of one's condition of birth.

No way I will not insert my race, sex, or gender exploits and/or confusion into the fray.  Race, if it be one of the chosen ones, is a virtue.

It makes me righteous to fight this holy war against a foe who seems reluctant to take to the field.  But he must!  Without the unholy foe, my special circumstance and condition, my victim credits, my whole excuse for everything dries up.

Just watch as those colorless, non reflective or absorptive devils try to save their crystal clear skins by feigning perpetual remorse and shame, apologizing for being so gosh darn lucky; privileged.

But let's just stay on top of things so they don't start a colorless of the world unite movement, trying to pull the old solidarinosc card--which everyone knows only works with peoples of color, or exciting ill-informed, half witted mob actions.

Oddly, the colorless rarely seek the company of their own to initiate forceful mob actions, unless of course they do it in the name of color, or some permutation of human sexual or greed based endeavor.     So the risk posed by the ever popular push for solidarinosc is minimal among the non-refective, non-absorptive.

If your cheek bones aren't high enough and shoe polish is scarce, the best way out for those devoid of color is conspicuous self-loathing.  I see this tactic employed regularly; "Hey look!!! I hate everyone of my non existent colorless ethnicity.  Please take me in and don't beat me up, skin me alive, or burn down my store.  haha, I have no store, burn baby burn.  Just don't hate me."

It is sad when someone grew up in the thick of the Big Pretense, not even aware on some basic level where truth begins and fantasy takes over.  This quote demonstrates the idea that if all else fails, using the holy words of the elite victim will make it all better.
"... I hope that really can drive at the core of definitions of race, ethnicity, culture, self-determination, personal agency and ultimately empowerment."   Asserted by a trans-racial shape shifter.  

If you don't  think we've gone absolutely nuts on the level of public discourse, I suggest weaning off of the koolaid for a few days.  Then slowly open your eyes, taking care to avoid being blinded by the light.,

There you have it.  Anything that results in empowerment is automatically holy, as long as no self-identified colorless men are looking for empowerment.  That holy word is only holy when involved with some kind of victimhood.   Usually the oppressor is an implied devil of some kind.  You can't see him because he neither absorbs nor reflects light.  The Devil of No Color

But really, what does that statement even mean?   I think I am other than what my dna dictates, therefore--personal agency, empowerment, definition of race, ethnicity culture, empowerment!  Throw the words out there little white dove, and we will let you be the raven you are sure lives within.  It is just the broad acceptance of nonsense, as long as a victim and an enemy can be identified, that is growing exponentially--and people wonder why so much animosity.  Neo-tribalism used in the most manipulative of ways so some can get what they want at the expense of others.

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