Friday, August 14, 2009

Not Just A good Idea--It's the LAW

The first time I saw that catchy totalitarian sentiment in black and white was on a large poster in the NC DMV office when I was getting my first NC driver's license. They were referring to the ridiculous 55 speed limit the reactionary idiots had placed on the whole country at the time. The resulting impact to the economy was not good because it slowed the flow of goods.

The thought that good idea or no, It's The LAW is someone's idea of a reasonable argument, and that they have power, makes me shudder.

So, today I did what I had to do--I went in to the CA dmv to become an official resident with CA driver's license. What a zoo, and I went to Poway due to my ever growing aversion to all things official in El Cajon, where the nearest office seethes and bubbles.

Since there is a wait of a few hours, I thought I'd pick up one of the books off the shelf to review. There were hundreds of California driving license books on multiple shelves. Not a single one was in English. They had plenty in Spanish and in some Arabic language, and Asian languages. I'm guessing at all but Spanish. That is what the writing appeared to be. I didn't even see German or French. Very weird.

As it turns out, I passed the eye test without my glasses which is a good thing since I lose them from time to time, and forget them regularly. I scored 100% on the quiz which was a surprise. The wording of the questions and answers often seems awkward and peculiarly stated. I concluded as I was deciphering the jargon that the test had been written by someone whose first language was not English. The phrasing sounded like that of someone whose original tongue was Spanish or maybe French. One of those european jobs.

Possibly to be sure I live where I live, they mail the final thing and give me a temporary paper in the mean time. I kept the TN license but they punched a hole in it.

As much as I despise the ways of the state and the 1984 (the book) tone of the their offices, especially dmv, I did not grind my teeth or get angry. I'm getting better.

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