Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maybe a Good Omen

As I tested something to do with saltillo sealants over at the O house, it occurred to me, once again, that SoCal is the land of humming birds. Maybe I was near a nest because one with a very bright ruby head buzzed me when I least suspected it. He was like the Red Baron, buzzing in out of nowhere.

I've gone years of my life without seeing one of those little birds. Now I can see them from my front door, back door and in the fountain at the sometimes residence of my indirect employer.

Yesterday this character was perched at the edge of the fountain. He just sat there while I stood on the other side, not three feet away. He finally took off, but now he likes to buzz me when I don't expect it. So far he hasn't attacked, but he's come close enough for me to feel the breeze created as he buzzes by at near supersonic speeds. Those things are quick.

I take it as a good omen. Not as good as it would be if he landed on my hand and told my fortune in English with a slight southern accent, but good enough.

My friend K's boyfriend, M, who is now also a friend, had a very good humming bird omen. They are young punk kids, about 21. He was at a friend's house which is undergoing renovation, and a humming bird was upstairs, confused and trying fly out the closed window. It was just bouncing off.

M saw this and said the bird kept it up even when he walked up to it, so he gently scooped it into his hands. The bird was exhausted so it just sat there resting on his hand while he took a picture or two with his phone, walked downstairs and out the back. After awhile he set it on a bush and it flew away. It could have flown anytime because it wasn't confined, just sitting on his hand.

To me that is a remarkably good omen. I think young K has done well in her choice of this guy. He may be living a charmed life.

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