Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Climbing up a Sand Dune

That's how it is.   You go up some and slide down some, never too sure of the grip or footing.   At least I am not concerned with the "why are we here?" question.  What difference does that make?
The more personal questions involving not giving up and which way to go and why am I my own most formidable nemesis do tend to plague me some.

Oh well.   Some people actually think "we have an obesity crisis".   Life expectancy has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of centuries.  Oh my god, some people are fatter than studies indicate is optimal.  Who cares?  Want to lose weight?  Just continue to support all the neo-luddite initiatives afoot, and pretty soon it will be hard to score enough food on the average salary to do aything but starve.

I've decided to go on a hunger strike to show them!   Never did understand hunger strikes.  I oppose you and your policies, therefore I starve myself until you do it my way.  Seriously, if I were The Man you are opposing I would support your starvation more than anyone else.  

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