Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Massa-kissed, and Rahm a Dahm a Ding dong

Strange as it sounds, I don't think anyone actually believes it is out of the day to day Washington envelope for naked men to be bullying other naked men in the figuratively smoke filled back rooms of the legislative process. And anyone familiar with a scintilla of Rahm's resume and reputation would find it hard not to believe he is not beyond pistol whipping members of congress, in the lewdest possible sense of the phrase.

Be that as it may. What strikes me, and what is being totally ignored, is the fact that we have paid to build a gym for representatives in Congress. I can't afford gym membership, and I do not see that as essential for doing the job they allegedly do. Why can't they just join the Y or maybe use some of that extra money, they always seem to get under guise of consulting and such, and pay for their own exercise and entertainment. As flabby as most of them appear, I think they just like the excuse to look at one another in the shower.

Lord help me, for every time I look at the situation I come slightly closer to thinking a citizen strike, pure revolution is in order. Only to put it under the restraints it should be under. The laws already exist. Why should they get to buy gas for their cars cheaper, drink, party and travel the world on our dime? The President and necessary ambassadors, OK, travel. These other thieves, not without real reasons. And usually the reasons are not so valid. I am not willing to send Nancy Pelosi to Italy to do genealogy research, or to Amsterdam with all those others to sample some Dutch ganga for enhancing the senses to detect the warming of the globe.

This guy Massa is one whose credibility can't be taken too seriously. Then again, some of it adds up. The part I have no doubt about is that they have built themselves exercise facilities with public money. We have let freedom degenerate into monarchy. That is not how it ought to be. It's been going on forever, I guess, just progressively worse over time.

So the smoke clouds the view. He groped, he chased around the shower, on and on. The whole time not giving a second's thought to the arrogant entitlement which underpins the entire scene. Groping is a mild metaphor, and like good abuse victims we pretend it isn't happening. Many of us actually do the rationalizing for our abusers, somehow thinking their power will rub off on us. Not me.

Just to clarify: the above is in reference to the noisy, messy resignation of Rep. Eric Massa from Congress. He is under ethics violations investigation for chumminess unbecoming a legislator. Sounds like making odd advances toward young male aides. He claims he's been set up because he is not going with the flow as laid out by Obama et al. Oddly, he thinks they are too conservative. He relayed a story about Rahm Emmanuel confronting him in a naked chest poking incident in the congrssional gym showers. He says they have now shower curtains. Figures. There are more perverts and sex offenders in DC government than n all the states combined. Well, if you exclude the capital of California maybe.

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