Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Try Not To Talk Revolution or Politics

It is true. I write about those things a lot. Not revolution so much because only one in ten thousand people would have the slightest idea how such a thing should be conducted. Most revolutions are made up of whores, pure and simple. That is why they usually sell out the people who made it possible. Like in Cuba--no one thought Fidel and his sociopathic buddy, Che, were going to install boot-on-your-head communism, comrade. They thought it was about reinstating their constitution and functioning as a democratic republic with guidelines and all that. They were duped. And the power came from the whoreswho are for anything that gains approval of the mob, and that feels like power. It snowballs. They follow the noise.

Reduction of the power of The Man, OK. Revolution, like toppling the whole thing, is probably a bad goal. I still do not comprehend why there is as much war and chaos in the world as there is. I don't think it is necessary. Governments seem to thrive on it, and quite often misguided religious zealots help it along.

Anyway, I actually keep it at a minimum most of the time. I might have to throw a stick in the spokes when someone makes a standard scripted comment regarding some person or movement, and I will embarrass them if I can by pinning them down on why this person is an idiot or that movement is whatever. Usually I just point out a specific point and say I agree with it. It is not cool or hip, but it gets off of the stupid practice of personal attack and generalizing based on repeated slogans rather than reason.

Much of the time things under discussion provoke reactions which aren't rooted in fact. The other thing is that not everyone has the same views regarding right and wrong. If you differ on the most essential of those principles, then you are reasoning from conflicting premises. The most basic being:At what point is it my right to curb your behavior on matters I personally consider wrong, distasteful or inappropriate? I tend to think I don't have very much latitude on that. What you eat or do with your pregnancy or put into your body isn't my affair if you don't do it in such a way that it crosses over into infringing on me personally.
Stealing and murder obviously cross the line.

It is one thing to write about it but rarely that much fun in one on one verbal discourse. When I forget that, I regret it. I try, but don't always exercise restraint. You can vote how you want and all that. I almost never ask a person how they voted or if they did. It's supposed to be secret ballot, and it is none of my business.

When the rules and regs are impossible to ignore, it is not easy to refrain from being overcome with an opinion about it. Those things generally bother the less powerful and those not locked into jobs with certain types of companies and institutions. The level of underground economy is something few people recognize. I think it is one reason for turning a blind eye to a lot of work done by illegals. They don't need no steenkeeng regulations to tell them how and if they can make and use the secret formula consisting of gasoline, roofing tar, etc., to create the desired look on the cedar garage doors. No way any state agency would approve it. Even so, there it is. You cannot be 100% legit and compete for that job.

I've managed to get a supplier and lessons in case I ever have to use that nasty stuff again, but I know I am doing something that would send the officials into heart arrest if they were watching. It is not so easy living on the fringe.

Many would say, "You should have thought of that when you quit that job or didn't finish the degree, etc." To them I say, Yea, I'm sure you are right--F--- off. The "you should have thought of that before" argument has never been one of my favorites. Especially coming from people who support the things that have given rise to a house of cards economy and an overreaching governing philosophy.

Easy to say here. In person I guess it is easiest to say, "Thank you for your insight and concern". The sarcasm is probably not always lost.

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