Saturday, November 5, 2016

If Only I Cared

I should be wound up about The Election, but I am not.  My life is in such disarray that concerns over government hijinx are of waning interest.  That part is good, in a way.

If you can get worked up over which sneaky liar to vote against, then your life is probably in order and you are following human nature which leads you to seek or manufacture drama.   So many people love excuses to hate people and hope they suffer in some way.  I see that in this election stuff.

She should be locked up.  He should be in jail, or worse.  It is sick.  Really, it is.  How do you think it came down to this?   Because people are so easily bought with little excuses given to hate or even retaliate once given the gift of victimhood.

In the USA our version of knighthood is granting a person or group victim status.  It is unreal and it is a joke, but a very bad, painful one.  Our title of nobility; With the power invested in me as elected, or appointed, charlatan and creep I dub you victim.

The big threat is that if Trump wins, there will be riots.  That definitely puts me at odds with would be rioters.  I hate being threatened in that way.  On the other side, if Hillary is elected,  no riots but probably a lot more talk of secession.   Something I personally consider a right for a state or region.
It may or may not be a bad idea.  I have never bought into that house divided nonsense.

But I don't buy into most things that made public schools as terror camps and propaganda factories possible.  Those who love it tend to get very angry with me.

And that is the other thing I notice, the progressive left is far more hateful in speech and action than  even Trump or conservative talk.  They claim those people are all hate, but if you listen, far more hateful and hostile language comes from elsewhere.  But, it is wrapped in victimhood and righteous indignation which is supposed to make it OK.

Not to say there aren't unbelievably bizarre utterances from the far right, and religious entities.  Hillary may suck, but would you really announce publicly that she sold her soul to the devil, or that she is possessed, in order to further your own cause?

Really, on both sides I suspect false flag stuff---let's pretend to be democrats and threaten to confiscate bibles.  That will help.  Or let's burn a black church and write "for Trump" on the side.  --my guess on that one, all facts haven't come through yet, but I seriously doubt this was a pro Trump people.

Reminiscent of the students being terrorized by nooses placed strategically at some CA colleges.  Turns out the alleged victims were actually the perps.  And yet people wanted to believe the false picture of racism and harassment.

Even if I agree with a point, I distance myself from those who include all the violent nonsense in the package they drop to make the point.

But it is nothing new.  Double standards.  I have to say, though, I see no major accepted side of the coin that I respect a lot.  Humans are not philosophically, spiritually, culturally advanced enough to keep up with their technology.  And small minded idiocy is still accepted and promoted; like white free zones touted as spaces "of color" only.

Of color used to be as bad as calling people colored or whatever.  100% idiocy.  As a person devoid of color--transparent actually--I resent it all.


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