Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some Colds Do End

Soon, I will find myself a primary care physician, also known as a basic doctor.  Until then, things like colds will go untreated by expensive medicine; just the OTC stuff.  No insurance or other aberrations were involved.  No antibiotics.

Some people think the antibiotics did the trick.  I doubt it.  With me it ended almost suddenly.  I keep thinking it is a trick and that I'll be coughing again in no time, etc.   Energy is suddenly improved.  Less over-the-edge depressed.  I knew that could change but not by reasoning.  By all reason the depression lies and anti-pep talks make more sense than having any spirit of hope.

But that is not how things really work.  I have a shot at doing fairly well and even improving and building up some.

I discovered that others had experienced a similar illness lasting roughly a month.  Most of them are sure the antibiotics finally knocked it out.  I wish people would go easy on that stuff.  The bad guys are becoming immune.

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