Thursday, May 1, 2014

It Is An ill wind that blows no good

We've yet to see if this wind has blown good or what.   Winds up to 70mph near me.  I doubt that my place experienced that as it is a little more protected than the places where it hits its peak velocity.

Velocity sounds better than speed sometimes.  In reality speed is merely a quantity, whereas velocity actually includes speed an direction.  But in this venue, we don't care.

So, I get ready to go to work.  The power is off.  I come home.  The power is off.  The story is; SDGE first said it would be on by 9am, and kept changing.  Last word was "Maybe" by 11PM.  I have no power, I have no water.

I ended up in the lower basement room of a house on a hillside, so my basement room is really not basementy.   Today seemed pretty good.  A little sweat--no fireants under the skin.  So I was all pumped to come home, relax, take extra benedryl and maybe prednisone.  Wait a bit, then brave the shower.

So now I am here.  Great deal of privacy.  Other people are asleep 2 floors up.  I feel hints that it could rage on me, but also I feel better than yesterday, just tired and spacey.  I'm going to chance it.

Full shower with tea tree oil shampoo.  I saw that some have had mild relief from this.  There's a chance it will be ok.  I'm begging.  Better fortify, and slow down as much as  can.  Being paranoid and afraid is no good.  In a way, it truly is hydrophobia.  OK.

In just a few minutes this rabid dog will take on the enemy, and if all goes well, we will become friends once again.

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So far, so good.  Bizarre as t sounds, I did what some people recommended online.   Not a huge online community but there is presence.   Some found that coating themselves with olive oil/and/or coconut oil prior to the shower helps mitigate the raging attack.   So,  did that as well as the tea tree oil.    I made it so far.

Usually maybe within five minutes it starts up.  I've got plenty of anti histamine in me, plus very small dose of steroid.  And  survived a shower, even though the demon keeps hinting at efforts to wreak havoc.  But the defenses are too much for the evil one, and today we are OK.

At the very first I thought, "Oh good, it my have gone away forever".  Then after I felt the slightest tinge of the 'troubles'--ever watch that show, Haven--good--they have troubles---I thought, "Oh, that's why people could have this for years, it comes and goes.  OK."  Then it got worse, but not problematic, like a very faint shadow of the full blown deal.  Enough to let me know that it is being held back with little pills.

Better held back with little pills than to run wild bringing Hell to my door like a demonic caterer.   I'm fairly certain that I have traced this to a general cause.  It is technical--you wouldn't understand.
It is also somewhat generalized.  Maybe  can correct it myself, and maybe not.  One thing seems likely; I'll have time to try on my own well before I get anything beyond bandaids from the medical professionals.

Most people do not know about how it used to be.  This was before the HMO-referral for everything garbage came into being. We have made technical advances while creating systemic nightmares for those wishing to avail themselves of modern science and healing.

It's a miracle!  I took a shower successfully.   I wish you all could have joined me.  We could have had a big celebration.

 I had been just washing this and that, now and then, avoiding the full ramifications of aqueous immersion.  It had been five or seven days, I think.   Really?  More than three or four days positively.

The good thing is this doesn't get the face, or a couple of other places, just because that is how it works. Silver lining.

So, considering the outcome, and the fact I am n a very cool structure (probably the perfect place for my situation), I say this wind was not all that ill.  I can see the airport in the distance down below.  And I see the city beyond the bay.

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