Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Old Plot Line

A teleplay I recently watched reminded me of a plot I've seen more than once. Spoiled rich heiress, or fiance of el jefe, or similar dame, is shipwrecked and ends up on the island or in the raft with the lowly boat help. Usually the heiress is a knock out of a white girl, and the peon is a swarthy, tough, intelligent Mediterranean or some such non-whitish guy. The woman finds him sexy, of course.

They argue at first due to her spoiled and unrealistic outlook on life, class, caste, and reality. Soon enough she is in no hurry to be rescued, as she schemes to invent ways to have him perform kinky acts upon her while making it appear not to be her idea. She at least arranges a thin veil of plausible deniability, just in case.

It would be great to be shipwrecked in good weather, land on an island which has easily obtained food, no hostile wildlife, plenty of water, and the dame finds me irresistibly clever and strong--in that Clark Gable don't give a damn way.

Actually I do better in that environment. Give me a piece of string, and some penny loafers and I'll build a shelter. Leave me in the middle of civilization and I can hardly make my way. I starve spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It should not be that way.

Civilization developed to provide safety, technical and philosophical advancement, relative peace, etc. Much has been accomplished since the cave days. Air conditioning for one. Go live in Miami for awhile and tell me you don't care about A/C. It should be good, but I have trouble.

The fault for this is not that human society is so evil or wrong. It is my inability to make use of, and recognize, reality in this setting. It is a fault of my conditioning, and possibly my organic make up. Whatever, I do not blame the world for the fact that I have not thrived in it. Just how it is. And it is not quite over, so who knows.

So, I think if all else fails, I will go get shipwrecked in the Caribbean. I prefer that to the cold Pacific. No northern oceans for me. I want the warm stuff, and I am afraid of everything in Asia so I may not go there to be marooned and lost.

I hope I find the right socialite/ hot rich, politically incorrect snobby lady to rescue in the process. Maybe this is a project that could grab my attention. "bout time

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