Friday, January 31, 2014

In Avoidance of Resentment

Even now, I won't smoke, won't drink, but I could probably do better with a little less willingness to be annoyed.   That is a round about way of saying it is better to calm down about things I can't influence much, or readily change.

Let me get a few things off my chest:
1. parking lights are for parking.  If you think it is cool to put half the lights on (parking lights) because it is only half dark, you are mistaken.  I won't call you names, but don't do it again.  Put your whole lights on--not the brights though.

Already I made it too complicated.  If the car is moving, no parking lights.

2.  If it is raining at all, put on your lights.

3. Their means they possess it.  They're means they are.  There means a place other than here.  All three sound the same when spoken, however they are not interchangeable terms when written--not even on the internet.  lol

4. It is OK to shoot people who lol or roflmao, etc. when commenting on political matters.  If you want to find the humor in the thug police state in which we live, I suggest you check out Dennis Miller.  He normally creates humor while skewering the opponent without using the equivalent of an emoticon laugh track.  lol

It is OK to never use lol or variations thereof ever in your entire lifetime.  It is also OK to TP the yards of those who use lol and variations thereof so frequently that it makes no sense; "So I got mugged. lol And then the dog barked and I was broke. lol roflmao"  WTF?   wtf is ok because it best sums up a whole lot of what floats around online.

5. The word is definitely, not definately.  One contains the term finite, which hints at the aspect of a clear cut limited, narrowed down, sure thing.  Or something.  brb.  does anyone ever BRB any more?  Probably not because it actually meant what it stood for, be right back.  No exaggeration or pretense.

6.  There is no glory in speeding up to prevent someone from moving into your lane in front of you.  If your ego is that confused and fragile, maybe you should go far away from all people places or things.  Courtesy is not weakness.  Ultimately, it is the only hope if the species is to survive.

7. Just because you have a BMW doesn't mean we can read your mind, though the stereotypical BMW driver profile is rather narrow.  Many assume you think you are superior and entitled.  Here's the deal, USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL.

It can't hurt to show a shred of respect for others, can it?   People don't all hate you for having a snobby car.  It is the rudeness and arrogance that gets the goats of many.  And then they can't catch up to you to beat you up or give you a mean look.  Those krauts do make a fine automobile.

I actually know a fairly nice guy who drives a high end BMW.  Haven't seen him on the road, though.  I suspect it is a Jeckyll and Hyde personality thing.  I'll bet when he gets behind the wheel that his usual Mr. Rogers personality morphs into Alec Baldwin  mode.

8. It would almost be easier not to be loved than to be loved but not respected.  Could be just a family thing, but I have come to realize it is no good.  That goes both ways.  I hope I have not done that to people.  Now that I know that is what generated unexplained pain for many years, I'd feel terrible if I treated others like that.  People are not pets.

9. I love to write, and I love having a tongue.  Both have landed me in a lot of trouble and chased away people whom I did not want to chase away.  I guess I have a weak filter.

 10. What were we talking about?

Oh yea, resentments.  Those things trigger substance abusers and alcoholics into convincing themselves to chemically induce an altered state of awareness.  So, it is not wise to indulge such anger.  Besides deep seeded resentments allegedly contribute to cancer and other health issues.   I think there is truth in that.

Recognizing reality is one thing.  Approving of the status quo is not required, but neither is getting all worked up over things beyond one's control.  Or even things in one's control.  If you can change a thing, then you do or you don't.  Indulging anger over it is no good.

I am playing at a funeral service tomorrow.  Don't know the departed.  A relative of a relative of a friend.

I've caught myself getting worked up over what I consider egomaniac elitists who seem to be constantly trying to prove how superior they are and how intelligent.  They aren't actually any smarter than most people I know.  But they constantly seek ways to assert their imagined superiority through various means.

And they seem to forever be patting themselves on the back, "We are sooo smart. We're the smartest of all, and we have developed coded language to discourage others from being able to join our club or challenge our ideas and dogma.".

Woof woof mofo.  That's what I say!

It is only by accident that I found out they aren't any smarter than I am or than you are.  It is just some big deal to them because they feel like they have to prove themselves, and they are scared to death that they may not be smarter, and since they have nothing else of value, in their view, that would mean they are less than us.

That is how they think.  Sad.  But it does bring rewards, and some of us are just not wired that way.  We cannot begin to relate.  In bewilderment we watch the self-congratulatory, self-styled smarty pants steal their way to fortunes while we self destruct in confused wonder.  We never even knew there was a competition on.

It is all very subtle, and much of the reward in life is well placed and well deserved.  Much is veiled in a bit of skullduggery and deceit.  I know it, and so do most of the ones who stepped on others in some way to boost themselves up.

The trick is to let that go, find one's own right path, and forgive and forget.  Chances are people like me have done as much harm, or more, than those who managed to use me as a footstool to lift themselves to a better level.  I can't say I had no choice in the matter.  Just not sense enough to play a more satisfying role at the time.

11.  Role is like a part you play.  Roll is what a ball does if you push it downhill.  Roll is also a blob of bread which is best served hot, with butter.

Role model, not roll model.  A roll model would be like a toy tire or something.  A role model would be a human example of how to live a good life.

Overall, the idea and definition of role model is over rated and mostly garbage.  To believe that a person worth learning from and whose character qualities are worth emulating has to look like you, is to miss the entire definition of character and virtue.  That is an idiotic idea promoted by guilt laden racists, sexists and opportunists.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mr.Tank Man, Sing Me a Song

How quickly people forget. Either that or they just miss the point. Whatever they do, this guy was OK. The symbol of his act goes beyond China. It is universal. The state vs the individual. Over and over again people try to justify the state as the highest value, as God. It never seems to bring peace or cultural sanity. Many intelligent people still try. Often those who are very impressed with their own IQ and mastery of esoteric, irrelevant trivia which seems to substitute for moral justice in their push for involuntary collectivism. I don't get it, but the majority seem to.

I put this on facebook too so if you saw that, don't hate me.

Part of it is actually a very subtle response to all the Pete Seeger worship and eulogy.  Whereas I think he was right to refuse to answer the Congressional committees back in the fifties, I am no fan of the unions or the communist philosophy he embraced.

Typical of today's democrats and others who either cannot think, or merely hate it when others do, it is assumed that if you don't worship the Pete Seeger - Woodie Guthrie outlook, then you must be a police state type of person.  That is ironic because I see their way as a path to that very thing.

The best of all Pete's views and philosophy was that defiance of an intrusive government, behaving much like the NSA and Homeland Security advocates of present day (under BOTH Bush and Obama).

That's the whole scheme here; two roads which lead to the same place.  We hear both parties thanking military people "for their service" over and over.  An untouchable sentiment, yet both parties abuse and misuse the military force of this country in ways so far beyond criminal that few care to admit it.

Not only is the military not used for defense, its proper role, but increasingly it is gearing up for domestic action against citizens.  Joint exercises between military and local law enforcement have become somewhat commonplace.   For that service, I cannot honestly thank anyone.  I admire the skill, discipline, training and intelligence that many military functions require.  I do not admire how they are being used, and where they are deployed in most cases.  Do I thank them for their service when I think they are used for bad purpose?   For doing their job?  For obeying idiots or thinly veiled corporate crony fascists like the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas?

I guess they mean well.  But I have trouble with this, just as I have trouble supporting police who hide in the bushes, entrap people in "sting" operations, set up roadblocks because someone may be committing a crime, bully people in any number of ways merely to show power, or for fun.  Usually we see the military as a cut above the bully cop, but if the cops cop out by claiming they are "just doing their job", and the military is teaming up with them for "national security" and they too are just doing their job, doesn't that put the soldier over the line to the point where they too become enemies of their own people?

Police have treated the public as enemy for quite some time.  You don't hide out and ambush friends "for their own safety", or conduct random stops and searches without cause if you don't view those people as enemies.  Bring in the army and it becomes clear that citizens are viewed as subjects and enemies by the state.

How many people are abused by police over non-violent, non-property related offenses?  Most cases are unrelated to people endangering others or violating rights of others.  I don't consider tazing prostitutes for being defiant, or motorists over alleged traffic violations as a service deserving of thanks.

I'm not a fan of drugs, but consider the laws and agencies related to them an absurd blight on our society.  Anyone who thinks armed bullies of the state are more to be trusted with drugs and weapons than non-violent neighbors has a naive outlook.  One day he will be under the random search and harassment, and may find it less gentle than he likes.  Abuse and use of authority is far more arbitrary and ugly than most people care to believe or admit.  People just like you are ruined or harassed or killed by the police and governments of this nation every day.  This is wrong.

So be careful how blind your allegiance is, and how blindly you support your local police or our troops.  It can seem a good and holy thing, but it can be a deadly trap.

They say it is becoming easier to start a business, particularly manufacturing, in China than in the USA.  That is crazy.  I guess many in both places want the state to be the religion of the people. Government as God is the new religion, complete with human sacrifice and ritual torture.

I'm one of the growing number of infidels in this context, and proud of it.  I do not think the state or the collective is more holy and valid than the individual.

Neither the state nor any group or person has the right to force sacrifices of an individual's natural rights.  Rights of people are equal and the only limit is that the exercise of rights can't abridge the rights of others.  Rights are not material entitlements, and to believe they are necessitates the violation of the rights of another, or the theft of his time, labor or property.

Democrats do not see this.  Republicans do not see this. Nazis and other socialists do not see this.  No use turning to the bloods, the crips, the communists, Castro or most of Hollywood's finest.

They don't get it either.  Few people in this 'hood or others around the world understand rights, equal rights, or the value in respecting the sanctity of the individual in this regard.

Even here, they love entitlement, royalty and other such nonsense.   Ever notice how the celebrity press and others love to put the Sir in front of Paul McCartney and other knighted entertainers.  We don't do titles of nobility for a reason,  but they are too dumb to get it.  They love royalty, the entitled elite.

A title bestowed by another entitled person whose position and authority come not from merit or public vote, but by caste of birth.  I refuse to call anyone "Sir" whatever.  Perhaps if I ever meet Paul that will be a point of contention, or maybe he'll get it.

Surprisingly, many Christians and others who would love a religious state, including nutcase Muslims, are actually very useful idiots in the quest of the statists to establish the collective as the holiest of values and the governing class as infallible priests of the faith.  They think they can use the state to enforce their own view of holy.  Still, it ultimately empowers the state and implies that the state is the ultimate authority and holiest of holies.

Why do I bother?   I don't know.  It just comes out and is the easiest stuff to write.  I'm not all worked up or obsessed.  I think about life and love and sex and all that is, more than I do about public affairs.  But those things are personal, confusing, different, none of anyone's business, or just harder to discuss.

I've rarely found quitting a bad habit or life threatening addiction as uncomfortable as not smoking is this time.  But I will not be a smoker.  Not today.  It won't fix anything.  For it to be this uncomfortable, I must have really needed to quit.  The worst problems and habits are the ones that call for the biggest changes of attitude, outlook, and behavior to cure them.

Wild and crazy, but that is good.  Makes me feel like I'm making progress again, and I need that.

Friday, January 24, 2014

All Natural

I've got important things to write which I promised to for someone, even though it wasn't requested.  That is because I am a sap.  All natural sappola.  I'll do that later when I feel up to it.  For now, I'll just do this public service information thought.

So when they say "all natural", what does it mean?  Everything in the universe is somewhat natural, isn't it?  Crude oil is all natural.

Lots of leeway for claiming all natural.  I would stop short of calling certain human body enhancements, "all natural", or even enhancements in most cases.  I'm drifting off point, if ever a point there was.

Oh yea.  Your cereal or bread may say, "all natural ingredients"  but that doesn't mean it isn't made out of crude oil or uranium.

Do No Evil? No, google will simply watch over your shoulder making suggestions FOREVER

Every time I do anything on youtube, there is google offering helpful suggestions, like an old fashioned peddlar sticking his foot in the door, not wanting to take no for an answer.   "Hey, would you like to use another name?  Maybe include your address and phone number?  Tie it all in with facebook?  Make it easy for friends, employers, government officials and creditors to track your every internet whim?"

NO NO NO!!!!  Oh?  Not now?  That's OK, we'll harass you some more later, or maybe we'll screw around with your gmail until you give up.

Really.  Google is a lot like that spooky doll, Chuckie.  Or was it with a Y?  I'd look it up but then google will start targeting chucky ads and other creepiness my way.  I learned my lesson when I had a question about Hitler and nazi swastika something---purely an intellectual inquiry.  Next thing I see are advertisements - "best deal on nazi swastika hitler goods on the internet!!  Nazi stores in your area!!  Nazis on sale, just in time for Christmas!!!"

They have programs that take whatever the search topic and try to direct you to some retailer which claims to have the best deal.  Facebook throws all kinds of weirdness in the margins.

I can't believe google and youtube decided to badger me because I like to have my account under a user name.  It is really pushy.  And the email is getting pushy too.  They do not like it that I won't give them my phone number--"for my protection".

The new and wonderful gmail features which can further extend my social circles and somehow include more fake virtual friends in all my activities are hard to refuse.  I have no doubt that if they could, google would put a gun to my head to make me opt in on every feature and suggestion.  They have become such over reaching micro managers of all things, I wonder why they even need me.

They want to finish my sentences push me to name myself how they see fit, make new friends suggested by them; google is like an evil spirit out to possess the innocent.  If this keeps up, I'm going to organize mass exorcisms to cast this demon out of as much of the internet as can be reached with holy water and prayer.

Seriously, I know nothing online is secure or sacred, but can't they just let me pretend instead of chasing me around with intrusive questions like "wouldn't you rather be known as John T%&& S#$%^
of xyz yourtreet, yourcity, yourstate, yourzipcode, home phone, cell phone, emergency contact, bank account number, credit card, hobby, sexual preferences, etc.?"   No, I want to be called Mr Ballistic on youtube; no town, no phone, no nothing. Dammit!!!

 "OK, you can think about it and we'll just make it tougher and tougher to say no and get back to the page you need, because we are google and we're creepier than the creepiest homicidal clown, creepier than Charles Manson, creepier than the creepiest cop or prison guard.  Creepier than the gangs in Oakland and Watts and Miami.  Creepier than the NSA or the IRS or the TSA.  Creepier than the woman stoning, head cutting, clergy of the 'religion of peace'. Creepy!"

I don't know the answers.  I can't define God, and I don't even go along with most of the key tenets of the religions which abound in America.  But I do know the devil when I see it.  Facebook, authoritarianism, statism, dishonesty in business and elsewhere, government-business(or corporate) partnerships, and GOOGLE prying into my life, and insinuating itself into every decision and choice I make when connected to whatever it is; internet, cloud, boogieman, blabla.   Next they'll be throwing up the hypothetical "social contract" (which I never signed).

Even with so little to go on, I think there is more to life and all existence than meets the eye.  My atheist nephew argues that there are only four dimensions; length, width, height, time.   I think time is not constant, and that there are many more dimensions.  It is not something I can prove easily. But I have visited other dimensions, I'm sure of it.  But I don't care if others see or not, to a point.

Dimension may be the wrong word for it, but I know of no other.  It strikes me that those who are most violently insistent about matters involving belief in God, or lack thereof, seem to be doubtful of their own beliefs, and out to prove their convictions, even if they have to beat you up to prove themselves.

I know google is the devil because it makes me want to go smoke in their offices and make trouble.  But I do not smoke for them or any other devil.  If they'd quit with being so pushy I might like them OK.  We could even be friends on facebook or somewhere.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Slogans to Live By and Ignore

Whatever it was that caught my attention got lost along the way, as my mind drifted off into the contemplation of slogans.  Many of them are propaganda techniques applied for purposes of controlling others.   But there are other slogans, the origin and meaning of which elude me completely.

I've probably mentioned many times the absolute wisdom of , "Never trust  man who doesn't drink".  Absolutely not.  If anyone is doing brain surgery on me, first thing I ask is "You do drink alcohol regularly, don't you?"  "You drink and get drunk like  manly man?"  If not, no way would I allow you to operate.   And I know, of all people, the drunk guy won't try to put the moves on my wife/sister/mother/girlfriend, etc.   Only trust your women to men who drink.

Simple enough. If the man doesn't drink, just don't trust him in any way.

And that is because, "If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem".

Please tell me people know that statement is pure nonsense.

No one wants to be part of the problem.  Imagine the finger pointing and dirty looks from the people doing the talking and defining of the problem.  The person making the statement usually has a way out for you.  Just do what this leader tells you to do.   It may be as simple as buying carbon credits to offset that carbon footprint we used to hear so much about.  Or maybe you need to donate to the outfit that claims it is fighting for a bug-free Africa.

You better do something!!  Otherwise people will think you don't care, and worse, they could blame you for being part of the problem, because you aren't part of the solution.  Lots of things have no real solution at this moment.

For example, they have not cured cancer, or learned to fix spinal injuries of the most debilitating type.   So no one is part of the solution, because it hasn't been solved.  There are people actually doing first hand research,  presumably.  No one else is very close to being part of the solution.  They just aren't.  They are part of the PR which gives them exposure and pushes money around.  It may be that just giving Dr Waldo what is needed for his/her/its research time and materials would do the trick.

But we're too busy fundraising to even see this possibility.  Dr W needs to be pushed and badgered so we can have a flash of glitz to tease the dollars out of the rich people who benefit from throwing money at approved charities.  They even make Dr W attend those little charity events where the money people like to get their pictures taken, and get kudos for being so wonderful.

Every hour thusly spent sets Dr W's research and mental health back 3 months.  This is not getting the problem solved.  Dr W is probably part of the problem---I see no solution.  A guilty verdict in the court of slogan justice is a foregone conclusion.

All because they had to make a panhandler out of Dr Waldo in their efforts to woo donors and be bigger than ever!!  Dr Waldo is not the stuff of a panhandler.  Mental discord ensues.  Cures get pushed even further away.

I don't know if there is a Dr Waldo or not.  It doesn't matter, because whatever the problem Dr W is trying to fix, I don't care.  I am neither  part of that problem nor of the solution.

Some slogans do work out.  But they do not involve messing with other people.   Does me good to remember I have nothing to prove to anyone.  Let others think what they will.   And Don't Give Up.
It's got a negative in it, but it still sounds better than, Always Persevere!
A good slogan to follow.

Expecting all the best for Mr R.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

If You're Smart... probably wouldn't forget to replace the oil filler cap on your car, somewhere back in Arizona, most likely.

If you are like me, then you may not be smart.  The good news is that I discovered it, and it may be possible that I left it off or loose after Arizona.  I keep thinking  I looked at everything when I got back, and was all ready to add oil, but it didn't need any.  I bet I left the cap off because I was so sure the oil would be low that I did everything getting ready to add, before checking the oil level.

Tomorrow I'll find a new cap.  In the mean time I cut a red solo cup to make it short enough.  It needed some custom modifications.  Along with a bunch of duct tape, the cup turned out to be a fine temporary cap.

That sort of thing is not my usual behavior.  I normally double check things like that a lot before closing the hood, or whatever indicates time for obsessive compulsive second guessing is over.  I have to force myself not to over check things. I already know the score, you just did item X.  Don't go back to see if you did item x. You already know.  You locked the door, now go.

I'll bet I was trying to be less double track, but picked a bad time to go on faith.  Got to pay attention.

I wonder if there are generic oil caps at the parts place.

Really? Maybe People Were Always Nuts

On that pseudo-intellectual facebook page, the one which includes french phrases or latin, for no apparent reason, and which touts any limousine liberal talking point, no matter how unfounded or absurd, the profound comment, "The major cause of poverty is excessive wealth" appeared.

Really?  They believe that?  Keep in mind, these are people with pensions, money for world travel, grants, and various perks from the public purse and university system.

Who decides what is excessive is unknown to me.   As they enjoy the things a little extra wealth can bring,  they seem to hate industrial and manufacturing type enterprises, even as they complain about outsourcing.  There is an abundance of hypocrisy in that sort.   "I don't want to be second guessed, and under the thumb of the state, but I'll fight to the death for your right, and obligation to do so, for your own good.  So you can have health insurance and subsidies".

Sorry, but those people are not making it easier for anyone.  But wealth causing poverty?  I think this may be simply wrong.  Or maybe it is only that too much wealth makes poverty.  I've never received a paycheck from a pauper.  And when people were "excessively wealthy", I sometimes made it a point to get paid even closer to what I'm worth.  I don't think I've ever been paid as much as I'm worth, but the actual job was only worth so much, so what can you do.

People must be thinking along these lines lately.  One side will scream and yell about Koch brothers, and the other about George Soros.  The real problem is that people are being told things that aren't true regarding race, privilege and every other worthless idea in the world.  And they'll believe anything, especially if you convince them they are victims and/or give them  person or group to hate.

I'm at a loss to understand how people who are living really, really well can claim that poverty is due to wealth.  It is fashionable to be somewhat of a neo-marxist, and even smart people will tie themselves in nonsensical and contradictory knots just to be in vogue.

 Well, I found it a stupid and crazy thing to say.  But I think I need to embark upon a plan of no news, no looking at the country club Obama worship, wealth is bad, you must be a racist if you disagree, page.  I need to avoid it all.  Not that I'm all that emotional about it.  I like many limousine liberals and defenders of, and fighters of, things they've never seen in person.  Guess many of my friends and family are hypocrites an misguided neo fascists and bolsheviks in my book.  They don't care.  They rarely want to hear my viewpoint.  Maybe never in most cases.

All that kind of thing can deflect one's attention from what is important.  I forgot what that is.  See what I mean?

I will say that it is worth considering that continually allowing the same people who waged the war on poverty and the war on drugs to control power and policy may be a little self defeating.  They did nothing to reduce poverty, and they promoted drug use more than anything.  Might not be the best people to handle your money, education, etc.

This is what happens.  I forget that everything else is more important than that stupid government related nonsense.  Then I forget what is there that isn't illegal, and doesn't require a prohibitive fee or license.

I think I'm restless.  OK.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Poor Seattle

Until that mouthy guy went off on hi punk, redneck, lowlife gibberish, I was unsure who my super bowl preference would be.  No question now.   I must withdraw the secret mojo I bestowed upon Seattle.  I will transfer it to Denver, who probably doesn't even need it.  Seattle does, but they blew it by letting that guy get near a microphone.

Each team should be able to designate certain players as DMs (designated morons).  These players would be forbidden from saying anything to anyone with a camera or microphone.  If they do, they lose big money somehow.  It would all be in the contract.

That would save us all from those moments of unbearable pessimism which follow viewing something like that interview with the Seattle corner, whatisname.  Upon viewing such a spectacle, many people instantly lose hope, thinking to themselves, "the human race is doomed.  We're toast.  We are evolving into an unsustainable wreck in which incoherent shittalkers reap gigantic rewards.".

Causing such negativity is not a thing to be proud of.  But a DM does not know that.  And in most cases will never know that, no matter how many times and ways it is explained.  With luck we'll get through the year without someone shooting that guy or vice versa.

Trust me, Seattle, he got lucky and saved you at the last second tonight.  He's going to be more trouble than he's worth in the long run.

Makes me sorry I didn't pull for San Francisco.  Not that sorry.  Kind of a hypothetical sorry.

You wonder why I didn't do mojo on San Diego if it's o powerful, don't you?  It doesn't work on all teams.  San Diego is impervious to mojo.  That's their charm.  I guess.  You could give SD the crank to the scoreboard, let them crank it any way they choose, and they'd still not make it to the super bowl.

Get rid of that creep, or publicly muzzle him and I'll one day pull for Seattle again.  It is improper to show disrespect to worthy adversaries, and it is supremely bad form to do so while praising yourself and drooling.

That's my in depth analysis of the pro football situation.  We probably are not doomed, so erase that embarrassing spectacle from your mind.  Imagine how much fun it is to screw up one of the happiest moments of your career, and that of your colleagues, as well.   That is a bad way to feel.  Sometimes justice works best without people trying to work it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Never think people don't find and read your blog.  You may think, "oh [person X] would never make the effort to come read this.  That requires hitting a link somewhere or something."  Oh boy would you be wrong to think that.  Possibly, embarrassingly wrong.

What can you do?  Life's short.  Shorter for some than others, and how do you know?  So what do you do?  Own up.  sort of.  No more than you have to though.  Then again, what's the truth?  What's right, kind, and whatever else principled people dream up to prevent trouble?

I'm not sure.  I only know what I know.

Today was a music day, and some people sounded great.  I almost got a piece of paper because of all the obvious triggers that I used to use to go outside and smoke.  I don't like to sit there for too long so rather than just walk out and enjoy the sun, I used to smoke.  Or if I played well I'd get self conscious and go smoke when I was done.  Or if I played poorly.  Or if blablabla.

I did not want to smoke today.  It was a little freaky witnessing my own reflexes to certain stimuli.  It was the sort of thing you notice when you are changing a behavior.  Especially a behavior that involves reacting to things.

But today started out very well.  By midday, pacific time, I received a boost of the spirits that left me in a great frame of mind all day.

I'm almost in disbelief over how much better my lungs seem to work.

This was such a good day.

What's The Point of Conspiracy Talk re smokes n junk?

I'm glad you asked.  This is something that applies to smoking, drinking, or any other activity one voluntary does which is known by that person and others to be detrimental.

It is a false rationalization placing the responsibility for your actions onto others.  If you look for it, you'll find a conspiracy of enemies out to make you do any stupid thing you can imagine.  The enemy is largely created and organized in your own mind.  It is fiction.

Obviously no one can make me start smoking again.  If I want to I will, and any other explanation is total garbage.  If I do, it will be because I am not thinking straight.  Most, probably all addictions feed on a person's ability to lie to himself.  Or her/it/they self.

Sometimes people see odd things I write and wonder.  I guess I don't blame them.  Of course I don't.  They took time to notice.  But I play around a bit and rarely feel emotionally all that angry when ranting.  When I get all sappy and sentimental, I'm probably coming from a more heartfelt emotion that I let completely out.  I'm a lover not a fighter.  Wonder if I've forgotten how to do either one?  Probably not...

By not letting life's triggers, which are all part of the conspiracy to make me do what is not what I should do, dictate my behavior, I win.  See?  I beat Them, even if there actually is no Them.
Never mind.

You probably couldn't see the other dimension friends and things, that float all around me, if I introduced you to each and every one by name, and they all tweaked your nose.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Better Lay Low; facebook is the devil-part01172014

Don't even try to tell me there is no conspiracy trying to make me smoke.  Obviously, there is.  I'll give one example, provided I don't get carried away and give five or ten.

They have a page for the regular saturday open mic thing.  Actually many very experienced and good players attend this.  It is more like a big social club where most of the people play some kind of music.  Not everyone is all that good, but most are experienced and have played good paying things at some point.

Anyway, there is a violin player who used to come around.  He's played everything from classical to bluegrass, and is very good.  He had to move away for whatever reasons, somewhere north of here, so he only gets down this way once every several months.  Everyone is happy when he shows.

Well, he posted on the page that he'd be here tomorrow, and said he looks forward to playing, then he said "and I have been practicing so please...bring your A game."

Slowly I turned...
Needless to say, this struck a nerve.  Really.  You announce you are coming into town and tell everyone what amounts to, "you better play at the top of your game because I, the creme de la creme fiddle del mundo am making an appearance."   I know he is in on the let's-anger-John-and-make-him-smoke bandwagon.

It won't work.  I did the mature reasonable thing.  I posted a reply to his egotistical announcement which says, "Screw off.  I'm bringing my B game".  

Now I'm thinking, "cool comment. Wish someone else had thought of it first.".    This guy is somewhat of an icon I think.  You know, the type who many put in that class of people who enjoy a different set of standards and expectations than the average peon in a given group.  I know this syndrome both from being in that spot a time or two, and from experienced observation.

So, maybe someone will get a kick out of it.  Or maybe not.  Either way I can see the trouble I am prone to if I read things and comment.  

The Obamabot posted one of those half true talking point pictures which gave all these figures about when the big O took office as compared to now.  I know of many things that would shoot some of the figures down, but even in my somewhat agitated condition I'm not going to get into a skewed statistics pissing contest with dedicated statists.  

So, I just commented "Utopia!!!"

The reply was, "hell no, but it beats Romneytopia!"   Slowly I turned...

What I replied is too long unless I cut and paste.  The first line says, "A kick in the nads beats having an eye poked out, but I've never experienced the latter.", then it goes on and on, and who knows what I said.  How the hell did Romney get in there?  

Obviously the conspirators are laying traps to get me so fed up with humanity, so mad at everything that I'll decide I have to smoke or else I'll drink.  And I walked right into the traps.  But they can not 
win.  This is bigger than me now, and I have to do it for God, Freedom, and all that is holy, and whatever it is that makes women so powerfully irresistible.   And, I'm doing it for the children!

I'll have to go into camouflage mode for awhile.  This is war.  And war requires strategy, patience, and stealth.  If I were to light up, they'd spot my position and shoot me.  Sneaky infidels!  I'll not do that today!

??????????? comments, we're doomed

Just a quick WTF.  I was reading a little article about Obama telling democratic lawmakers that he planned to do things with or without congressional cooperation in the coming year.   What is new?  He's saying he'll use executive tricks, directives and the usual moves to push the envelope of executive power.

Presidents have been doing this for some time.  Each one seems to step it a little further beyond legitimate constitutional authority, and they get away with it.
Their own party is always ok with it.  I'm not.  Big deal.

In the comments some character was listing all the flaws of this president; narcissist, messiah complex, etc.  He wrote well enough, and spelling was OK--rare for political commenters.  Then he says at the end of the list, "and a severe edifice complex".

What is an edifice complex?  Is it something to do with buildings?  Maybe he thinks he's a building or ..I don't know.  If the guy meant Oedipus complex, I'm still not sure I get it.  And he said severe, so I guess he really wants to do his mom, and maybe kill his dad?  Oh well, too late on both counts.

It could be he actually meant edifice complex.

Finally, I found it in the urban dictionary:

(n.)An Edifice Complex is a serious budget-busting illness that typically manifests itself on modern college and university campuses. Soon after their inauguration, an incoming university president will frantically and feverishly fall all over themselves to relentlessly badger wealthy donors and students for the purposes of leaving a mark with their name on it on the campus by constructing a new, over-priced, prime parking lot removing, ten-story structure post-modern eyesore whose purpose is solely to house administration, their support staff, and grace the cover of university brochures and websites. Faculty and students then are given the vacated, broken down, second and third string buildings for use as classes and offices.
So, maybe that is what he meant.  Budget busting, ego-centric policies.  

Still, I wonder.  I'm no fan, but it takes support of congress for a president to get away with madness.  Unless of course you are G.W. Bush.  In that case you are so powerful you can make hurricanes, and do anything, even hypnotize the democrats to vote for your wars and wipe out their memories so they forget they did it. 

A severe edifice complex.  I think it would be more fun if he had a severe Oedipus complex.
Either way, if you read comments on news stories, you may find them even scarier than the news.

Review of Lone Survivor; maybe review of the reviews

First let me address the idea that this flick in any way promotes the thrill of touring Afghanistan via the US military.  If anything, it does the opposite.  Especially because it highlights the unrealistic practice of placing soldiers into war zones under ill conceived rules of engagement.  And it also casts a casual light on the typical difficulties bureaucratic arrogance precipitate.

That anyone escaped alive is nothing short of a miracle.  There is good reason that so few qualify and make it through SEAL training.  That aspect, I can see wanting to do.  Perhaps if I had been exposed to that branch of military at an age prior to 16, maybe I'd have tried to prepare myself and sought that as a goal.  Probably not, but I do see how a young guy might do that.  Maybe girls do, but I don't get that.  Sorry.

Anyway, I was prepared for gratuitous blood and gore.  It wasn't like that.  Highly intense battle scenes were well filmed and effective.  Keeping in mind that this was a real mission, and it is based on the book which details the account of the only survivor, it is mind blowing.  When the realization sinks in that this stuff happens, this is what we actually send people out to do, it makes me angry and more convinced than ever that politics attracts sociopaths.

No one else would conduct such a foreign policy and place such valuable, incredibly bright, disciplined, well trained people into such situations which do not have more direct connection with the defense of our country.  They essentially use the integrity of these teams for their own political gain.  It is maddening.

I'd definitely say this movie highlights the very best of what a soldier can be, and the extremes of mental and physical toughness a human being can achieve.  It reflects well on the best of the best in special military forces.  But it in no way glorifies the context in which they have to do their job in modern times.

Another point to counter some of the lies from critics; the Afghanis were not presented in a bad light.  Taliban  were portrayed as badass brutal lunatics, which is probably pretty accurate for any islamic extremists.  Other Afghanis had a code of honor, and a compassion, without which we wouldn't be having this discussion because Marcus Luttrell would not have survived, so no one would be around to tell the tale.

Now I have to read the book.  My impression is that the movie is not too much over the top, like some. How there could be any controversy, or why some think they are taking the liberal line by downplaying this story, or a conservative line in promoting it, I have no idea.  People are idiots and willing to hijack or demean anything to further their stupid agendas.

If you want to see an amazing, edge-of-your-seat, almost incomprehensible survival story, see this.  You leave thinking, "Holy smoke, how did that guy manage to live?"  How did any of them survive as long as they did?

And for all the redneck tough guys out there, black white, or whatever, you think you could do one tenth what these guys did?  I seriously doubt it.  Most wouldn't have the brains or education to operate the equipment.  And you would never make it through training, providing you have the smarts to even qualify for training.  (Sorry, I hate gangs and thugs and punks with a passion)

Score 1 for the elite of the military and minus 1 for the political elite who decide where we go to war and how the war is conducted.  That is how it goes down in this movie from my perspective.

I'd class this as an anti-war film, but not one of the in your face bullshit ones written by naive dolts.  It's an anti-stupid-war film.   Good movie.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Casting Pearls Before Swine

Seriously, I wonder what I should do about this.  The last 3 or 4 posts here are as good as anything since the stories of Tito Bandito and his perpetual McDonald's soda cup.

The world just keeps going, paying no notice of it.  Probably trying to make me smoke.  Is there no one who is not part of this conspiracy?

I'm going to go see Lone Survivor.  I read some reviews and a few reminded me of a time long ago when Once Upon a Time In the West came out.  It was during a period when it was hip to decry anything slightly violent, unless the violence involved mobs storming administration buildings or snarling and stopping traffic in the name of peace.

So it is bad if a politician screws with traffic because someone is not in his camp---could be dangerous and cost lives---but ok when unions or others do it in the name of some self righteous zealotry?  Let's think about one set of standards someday.

Anyway, the film critic at the Miami Herald made such a complaint of the opening scenes of that movie, admittedly walked out in the first 10 minutes,  slammed the flick so hard that it was pulled after just a few days.  It was one of the best of westerns--spaghetti western with Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda and others.  Pure classic.

But it was the pretense of the critics that they were giving original viewpoints, when they were merely echoing the hipster intellectual party line of the time, that was obvious to me.  That kind of trendy pseudo-intellectualism has always made me want to rebel or punch someone.  I see similar idiocy in the language of many of Lone Survivor's reviews.

My response to pandering critics is, I'll see the flick, even though I think our mideast involvement has been insane since probably the 1950s.  Certainly since the 70s.  But that is not the point of the thing.  I do not dislike our policy because I think the cultures and people there are marvelous and wonderful.  I think they are examples of the mass insanity typical of religious fanaticism, and religious states in general.  Especially Islamic states.  Very brutal and backward and impossible.

You cannot deal with religious states, and we should mind our own business, and define "our interests"  little more narrowly.  As it is, we could go to war anywhere in the name of national security and "US interests abroad".  This crap about bringing democracy to everyone in the world is improper on various levels.  For one thing democracy and liberty are not one and same.  For another, if those societies wanted something different they've had many centuries to change things.

So there.  And you can't make me smoke today, so quit trying.

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Junkies

This damned keyboard is driving me to sniff glue or point toy guns at the ground while cops shoot me down.  The s and d aren't printing on the screen much of the time.  They know when I'm not watching. That's when they lay out.

It is the keyboard of the laptop.  I have one that plugs in to usb or other port.  I guess I have to break it out finally.  What a pain.

I should not be going through withdrawal at this point but it is monumental today.  And it is making me have to fight myself not to fly into an unfocussed rage.  I tell you, it is the curse of my people; the ones of high cheek bones cursing my light eyes side.

For that reason I do not give in.  The bastards want me to fail.   I am sick of them winning.  They are as obnoxious as the one sided, half truth Obama worship that guy keeps posting on facebook.  Republican this and republican that.  They are all posted from other fanatic sites.  And then they claim, oh look, a 53 billion dollar surplus in dec.  Thank you obama.  Then all the comments go back to republican this and republican that.  Explain how you have a surplus if your debt is in the trillions and not going down?

And leave republicans out of it.  They do not hold the major power, and don't do much to counter the shysters that do.  And that is on the page where everyone plays Mr and Ms Ultra intellectual.  They really do pretty much go off in the vein of angel dancing on the head of a pin, except they always mange to spin it as something regarding republicans; either outright or implied.

So you hate republicans.  I'm not arguing.  But I do think, since we never nailed Bush for things like prosecutor Johnny Sutton's criminal acts and pandering to Mexican crooks, we can avoid the same mistake and hold this group accountable for their gun running fiascos, both in Mexico and, in another context, in Benghazi.  And IRS and NSA abuse; just to scratch the surface.

But nooo. Any mention of any of it and here we go with republican this and republican that and opponents just want to take Obama down because he is black.  What part of bullshit do these sycophants not understand?   It is annoying me to no end today.  It is like a bunch of automatons programmed to parrot the same thing over and over, no matter what facts or questions lie before them.

They want me to smoke.  You think I'm going to do what they want me to do?  No!  They can probably turn that into some republican this and that nonsense.  Obviously they refuse to hold the two teams they think cover the entire gamut of human discourse and thought to equal standards.   A republican can sneeze in a closet and it is some evil racist plot, most likely involving the Koch brothers.  But Pelosi or Feinstein can be making millions off of government favors and any mention is back to republicans this and that and furthermore fox news is bad.

I've never seen anything like it.  And it is all a plot to make people smoke cigarettes, sniff glue and give up.  And you better buy insurance or they'll mess you up so you have to go to the hospital, and then you got some 'splainin' to do.  But they aren't republicans, so that makes it all OK.  That is, apparently, the whole democratic platform; we aren't republicans and every screwed up, corrupt, crony ridden act we make is not our fault.  It is all because republicans hate women, puppies, old people ("seniors" barf), the children, education, art, and they love mass murder.

These are people who probably do well at scrabble and other smarty pants contests, yet they continually pump out this one sided, half true or totally false nonsense.  They sincerely believe that you can run the US like a small european state and that making everyone but them pay for it is going to be utopia.  They must be on grants.

I want a grant to research how not to smoke when the Man and his herd of elitist sheep drive you over the edge.

Been reading Roxanne's dad's books about the airlines and his life.  What a cool guy.  A movie should be made without a doubt.  Really something, I think.  Most WWII veteran airline pilots were 1st class jerks.  Heroes, sometimes, but total ego-swelled pricks.  I knew many, including my own dear dad, pbuh.  Facts are facts.  Papa of Roxanne was not like that.
I don't know why Roxanne isn't putting the full court press on me.  She really should.  If she isn't totally nuts we'd be good.  If I had a game, I'd step it up.  Friggin subliminal attack is not yielding any obvious results.  She's probably in on the make-John-smoke conspiracy.  Not sure if she has high cheek bones.  I only know I do because some people said so.  I don't even know what that means.

In any case, papa Roxanne is an excellent example of how to live your life.  I'm sure it hasn't all been roses, but I think he's kept his end of every bargain, and been gentle and forgiving of those who may have fallen short.  Although he probably held a hard line at times.  He married someone who never quit being ultra attractive, and probably hasn't spent a boring moment since birth.  And he has good looking daughters, and a son that did quite well.

So, the ones who can't address an envelope without going off on republican this and that, the ones who want a king, Roxanne, the Cherokee nation, and maybe the Sioux, are all trying to make me smoke.  This is now a battle of wits, and I think it inconceivable that I will lose.  Been taking DHA to make my brain optimal.  They have no chance.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dancing on the Head of a Pin

Back in the good old days, maybe during the medieval period or similar era, supposedly intellectuals and philosophers of the day debated topics like "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?".

Later the topic arose as indication of the superiority of more modern intellectuals as a form of derision toward their predecessors.  Don't be fooled.  The self appointed elite never ceased in such egocentric dialog.

{People forget just how rare freedom to improve one's lot in life was back in the pre-automobile, pre-electric, and pre-American Revolution times.  You could probably get away with more in many ways because technology of official control and oversight was rather weak and ineffective.  They couldn't afford to have government agents hiding in the woods hoping to catch speeding buggies, or horses with a missing shoe.

It has taken us a long time, but much of the ideology which switched us from being considered subservient subjects to being autonomous individual citizens did influence world thought, including ending slavery in most places.  Though it is still prevalent in parts of Africa, the mideast and asia.  Unfortunately, the basic premises of individual liberty have been lost or convoluted under the power structure which evolved in spite of the Constitution. (not because of, as some nincompoops claim)}

But we don't hear much about the people who accomplished the mundane things of life, like market the first toilet paper.  We hear about the geniuses who could take a topic, like angels dancing on a pin, and employ very deep, complicated analysis to it, so that a normal person happening upon such a discussion would conclude that he was too ignorant and devoid of intelligence to even understand the topic, let alone venture an opinion.  The topics may not be the same, but lawyers and doctors and academicians, among others, built much of their industries upon such linguistic and philosophical tactics.

And that has been the trick employed by manipulators of people and public principle, as well as academia, ever since.  Had I not undergone extensive testing, for simple yet complex reasons, I would have forever believed that such people were far more intelligent than I.   I always found the ones who convolute the issue at hand with a myriad of obscure, and often irrelevant bits of information highly annoying.  Now I know why.  They are annoying, and not as smart as they'd have you believe.

It is the vanity of many in academia, and people all over the internet, to swamp a discussion with alleged facts which avoid the principle at hand, and are half truths which really require a separate analysis on their own.  Throw in some LOL, and reference to unhip political opponents, and bammo, you've won the day without making a single legitimate point.

Sometimes I see academic types who have to reference obscure literary works or other esoteric references when discussing things with which they personally have little knowledge;  blue collar jobs, being poor, hazards of racial violence, running a small business, etc.  But they know the answers, and how others feel.  Their nonsense is so steeped in rhetoric that only masters of the expert level of Trivia would know, it tends to cause one to shrink away from commenting or disputing their marxian conclusions.

I have a lot of trouble using what intelligence I have.  Maybe I'm too stupid to know how.  It did open my eyes a bit when two separate, unaffiliated shrinks tested me about a year apart and exclaimed the same thing, which would indicate that these annoying academic types, insulated from real life, have absolutely nothing on me in capacity to know or learn.   I do have my glitches, but that is another story.

The point is that much of the world is run by purveyors of fine print, and coded language which only serves to dupe others, feed egos, and generally steal and mislead.  I observed a thread discussing the war on poverty, and why are there so many poor people?

They went into all kinds of mumbo jumbo, analysis of the lack of apprenticeship opportunities due to manufacturing moving overseas, and using words like "vector" and on and on.  I envisioned a pompous pipe smoker, mumbling in a country club voice, sipping scotch, chilling out in the smoking jacket.

Obviously, these guys had never worked where I've worked, closely examined public schools, or been stranded in pockets of either white or black redneck areas.  They never tried to legally go from homeless to self sufficient with their own transportation only to discover that fees and taxes and official hoops doubled the initial cost of existence.   They, like most people, never considered those who really want to better their lot, but do not want to go to a government agency and be humiliated, second guessed, treated like a truant child, and lose what shred of self respect they have left.

How many programs and initiatives have to be lost in bureaucratic insanity before the dancing pin analysts figure out that their theories and misuse of the wealth of others has contributed, and still contributes to the problems they decry, and characterize as "somehow Kafkaesque", all the while maintaining a condescending, if not disdainful attitude toward those who attempt "pedestrian" enterprises like building a business, owning a gun, working without joining a union, speaking or writing in ways that most people can understand, raising a decent family, building a lifelong marriage, minding one's own business...things beneath the self appointed arbiters of social cost and greater good.

Funny how running a hardware store is considered somehow less elevated than being in advertising if one observes Hollywood's take on it.  And, oddly, Hollywood and academia are largely on the same page, as far as what is revered and what is shunned.  And being in acting or politics even trumps advertising.  Some jerk spending public money in a way in which 49% disapprove gets labelled as a "great American"; great man or great woman.  Give me a friggin break.

Let those leeches dance on a pin.  The guy who used to run Miller Road Hardware in southwest Miami was a great man.  And he didn't do it on money taken at gunpoint.  You can have your huckster heroes posing as "public servants".  I'll take a good hardware person over them any time.

I think much of what ails our country, and many others, is that they let the debate regarding angels dancing on the head of a pin serve as the model for making laws and reasoning through various problems as they've arisen.  (Of course, behind the scenes, the unscrupulous make fortunes off the madness)

This explains why the more effort on the official level that has gone toward solving "crises", the more the crises have grown and multiplied.  But we pretend it makes sense because they sound smart, and they claim all who disagree are idiots, bigots, fools, unAmerican, xenophobic, baby killers, warring against women, mean to old folks, for poisoning the children, racist, stoopitt, etc., and then they lol .  Or even roflmao, and worse!

The emperor has no clothes and, it appears, he/she/it/they has undergone a sex change.
Aloha, you peasants and peons.  Let's move, you obese subjects. 

 First spouses shouldn't be seen or heard.  Nothing but fodder for lazy journalists and a waste of tax dollars.   You want royalty and nobility?  Move to a goddam kingdom!!!

update: the native part of me has still been successful in resisting the white devil's firewater.
The white devil in me is still resisting the red devil's evil killing smoke.
One, or two, must be ever vigilant, and it can be trying at times.
I'm repulsed by firewater most of the time, so that is good.
I'm hoping to find the evil tobacco as repulsive someday soon.  We are getting there.
This inner conflict caused by my multi-cultural genes is tricky and potentially volatile.
Just imagine the foolishness of thinking it isn't equally volatile and dangerous in the outer world on the macro scale in society.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sitting Bull's revenge

Ever think the revenge of the red man might be cigarettes?   I guess it is ok to say red man.  God only knows.

I was thinking about it because I cannot understand why I have a desire to murder myself with smoke.  It is not only the nicotine that is craved, but the harsh feel of the smoke which is undoubtedly the sensation of throat tissue undergoing abusive irritation.  Like ripping fingernails into an open sore that tends to itch.  No good can come of it.

So why would anyone be compelled to such self mutilation?  It goes good with coffee, must be the definitive answer.  Chicks do not tend to dig it, so there isn't that.

Seriously, this thing of having an addictive personality and physiology is not as cool as I'm sure everyone thinks.  It's like having a free pass on a railway that only travels between here and hell, and you hop on because you want out of the house, and it is the only option.  Or something.

This is the first time I've suspended the smoking habit and actually noticed that I felt better in any way. Previously, I couldn't tell much difference in physical feeling of well being.  This time I feel a physical improvement to a small degree.  Enough to notice, and I've not done without for long.

I blame it on Hiawatha and the gang.  Probably my own ancestors, since I have high cheek bones like that Indian princess from Harvard who is now a senator, Running Compost aka Liz Warren.  So my own people may be getting revenge on my other people, and the war was waged in me.  "Smoke and die, you white devil!!!"  "Live free and don't smoke.  Let pale face with forked tongue die like dog, not you".

This is what wannabes don't get; life is full of conflict and confusion for the truly multi-cultural.  And the wannabe hucksters actually make it worse with their white guilt, and support of ethnic and racial jingoism.  All these internal factions drinking the kool aid and warring with one another as a result.  Stop it!! I say.  You are driving parts of me to smoke and die badly.

But not today.

So, when waxing poetic and lamenting the abused perfection of the native American, (of which I am one--born here and raised here through no fault of my own) rest easy knowing that an effective long term curse did, and does still, plague the evil pale intruders.  And many of their not so pale brethren.

Was this an intentional plot?  Could they have known the many directions in which this would pull the multi-cultural generations of the future?  Like me.  They launched a scheme which is dividing my spirit and awakening the Jones within.  The ready-rolled jones.

I'll try not to be their puppet by refusing to do what they want me to do.  They want me to smoke so I won't.  I'll blow smokeless air in their face.

I can get nicotine any time I want, from a lozenge.  But I tell you, nicotine is a small part of this conspiracy.  Obama smokes.  That indicates that the American Indians aka Native Americans have him right where they want him.  They own him.  He's their bitch.

That's what I'm trying to avoid, especially now that I've uncovered their dastardly plan.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Income Inequality

Oh my God!!  Not everyone's income is equal.  Thankfully, Obama and the latest NYC annoyance are "fighting" to solve this problem.  That sort is always "fighting for you".  They don't mean it.  They aren't actually fighting.

They are making conspicuous rules and directives to please large blocks of morons who vote, while including inconspicuous perks for companies and interests which fund campaigns and help keep them in power and luxury.  You'd think they were out on a battlefield somewhere slaying dragons to hear them talk.  No.  They are cruising in limos and jets and doing "important" stuff that we're to common to comprehend.

One thing on which you can depend:  when wealthy people in government pretend to care that people are not all rich, another sliver of honest opportunity is about to go out the window, chances to scam the system are going to increase, and crony capitalists(that part is really a misnomer) are preparing for a windfall of one type or another.

It is a waste of time to discuss minimum wage laws with the hard core.  It doesn't work, won't work, and can't work.  If every bit of wealth is centrally controlled, and the population so under the thumb, dumb, or drugged that no private initiative is possible, then you may have a shot for success.  But you have to be able to make everyone do exactly the right amount of work, according to ability, as well.  And you have to be a damned good planner.

Otherwise, forcing a minimum wage merely inflates the money, and sometimes contributes to contraction of an economy due to less hiring and other reductions in business expansion.  Eventually the new minimum wage is worth the same or less than the old one.  If you are lucky, technology advances allow one to survive with little wealth. Mostly it is another front for power grabbing by forcing more dependence upon lovely government programs which enrich the cronies through contracts and blatant theft--like the outfit which produced the healthcare website.

I refuse to call it obamacare--too orwellian, patriarchal, and totalitarian in it implications.  Besides, he has no idea what is in it, only who it benefits in terms of paying off those who put him in office and keep him there.

One reason I want to find a way to make money is so my income will not be equal to what it is now.  We seek greater numbers in that realm.

I've worked more than one job which paid people according to job title and time of employment.  No exceptions.  Both union and non-union.  And I can say this without even a shadow of a doubt,  in those situations the problem was that there wasn't MORE INCOME INEQUALITY.   Many, often most, of the workers were worth about half what they were paid, while the rest were worth their pay, or double or triple what they were paid.

But they couldn't pay by merit.  That wouldn't be fair. And what about the over paid worker's kids, and child support?  The slackers tend to multiply as if they haven't a clue how it happens.  Too lazy to figure out the fine points of birth control I think.  Not the people that need to be multiplying, that's for sure.  But I'm definitely not in favor of some official agency making that decision.

The problem is created because government does not do its job--protect against force and fraud, maximize individual freedom.  It cannot do that while maintaining "business-government partnerships".  Such alliances merely allow elect firms and organizations to avail themselves of tax money while ruining competition.  Not that complicated, and they do it in plain sight.

Corporations, as such are not evil or bad.  When they write laws, own politicians, start wars and generally usurp the military and police for their own ends, then you have what we have now. I consider modern trade unions, as well, to be modern corporations which employ a very similar scheme.  They are even more transparent but people have an emotional attachment that causes them to ignore the scams, the violence, and outright thuggery.  It is always justified with "what about that evil thing...", never addressing the real problems.

So, income inequality is nonsense when being touted as some new issue by a guy who is OK with the IRS enforcing the buy or die insurance scam.   He's just pandering, trying cement further ignorant voting blocks for the democratic party, while those who oppose him are suckered into the republican party, and the real infrastructure of oppression, and un-constitutional madness continues to grow.

Whenever they had power to do it, I didn't see republicans reshaping foreign policy into what it should be.  They did not can the IRS or many other agencies which have no business existing in the federal government.  Democrats clearly believe socialism and centrally controlled wealth works.  They don't like to be called socialists, usually, but that is pretty much where it is.  They also love to think that condition of birth amounts to varying degrees of virtue and philosophy.  Politics of race, genitalia, and ethnicity.  I don't get it, but they do.

So, at least I know what they represent.  I despise that plan, but that is the way it goes.

Republicans on the other hand, baffle me.   They claim a variety of economic suggestions that often sound right, yet they are not that different from democrats on foreign policy or being intrusive.  And they go along with the snowball from hell spending and power grabbing of the central government.  Enough get all religious that the the group has been painted with the zealot image.

Too many diversion issues in the republican world, and too easily bullied.  Benghazi actually was an atrocity and a scandal, but republicans are so easily bullied that now it is used in the press by dem puppets as a joke on those NOT in power to cement the position of the party who committed the lies and negligence in this case.

It doesn't help that some New Jersey issue comes up and the reaction is "what about Benghazi?"  That's like Obama blaming Bush for his crony motivated stimulus, ill fated foreign policy and polar bears drowning.  I don't care about new jersey.  I care about the USA and have a vote on that.

They will not win that way.  Or maybe so, and then we'll have the same over reaching police state we have now with a little different twist.

The news is trying to pretend that Chris Christie was the big hope of those who don't want Hillary--another Obama, except allegedly white and female.  

AS if Christie is significantly any different or less self serving and corrupt than the democrats who hold power now? Hillary may be less of a race demagogue than Obama and Holder, and so may Christie.  She serves the politics of birth condition--being female.  That's the difference.  He's fat and male.  She's less fat and female.  Not much choice, except I think she's more experienced in being ruthless and corrupt, but he could have held his own.  Substantively they aren't much different.  They just pander a little differently.

Someone in power must have feared Christie.  They are frying him early.

Oh yea.  Income inequality.  If you let those whose policies have done much to contribute to opportunity inequality convince you that idiots should get paid more, and that it is not they who made the corrupt obscenely wealthy, then embrace the results of your foolishness, again.  How many half assed wars have to be waged, how many unqualified people put in schools and jobs ahead of the more qualified, how many crazy economic bubbles must burst leaving people broke with wiped out savings, how much pretense can people take before they admit this nonsense of the last hundred years ha been a progression of lies and doesn't work?

Never happen.  Good enough for Woodie Guthrie, by God, must be the right way to think.  Lots of fine people mean well, and have charisma, brains, and they are good in bed.  That doesn't mean they aren't a little misguided when it comes to law, order, international conduct and the public purse.

Some of the misguided have no brains or charisma, and are a celebrated blight on humanity.  I won't mention names, but I hope they never leave N. Korea.  Somewhere along the way ugly became chic and insanity grew to be dubbed genius.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Like the Attitude

and I like the idea that this picture might annoy hand wringing, white supremacist, PC police cadets.  They think they are so much better than everyone else that they have to defend and protect those they see as victim by condition of birth for not being like themselves (whether the group wants their condescending protection or not) even from things like this mascot, which the Seminoles officially support and endorse. 
This guy expresses my feelings on a number of fronts...screw it, this is war!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Can't Shake It

The "unproductive lives" discussion just won't go away.  Worse still, I can't argue with the basic premise which defines me as a waste of space.  I try to have little hopes of something or someone to help make that view fade away, but the somethings or someones are not going to materialize, and I know it.  That makes me angry, almost to the point of rage.

No point in being mad about it.  It is how life is.  Not everyone has sense enough to make sense of it, which usually requires ignoring the views of peers, authority, and pop culture, while pretending otherwise.

Things are different, and I'm glad, and I'm disappointed I can't make it all more different.  As much as I decry the practiced stupidity of various cultures we are supposed to embrace, celebrate, or even respect,    I hope never again to hear people patting themselves on the back for being superior.  Some of those people are real creeps.  But they must be productive, they have a creepy wife, kids, and career.

Maybe it is time to give up, but often the time not to give up is when it seems the thing to do.  Alone in paradise is not the smart way to get the most out of the experience.  I doubt it will change.

One relative's view of what constitutes productive and not productive carries a lot of weight with me, I guess.  Even though I think it is a flawed and arrogant view, only now allowed full expression because both his kids are finally married with offspring, and both have great jobs-careers--that they like.  And each has a house.  Now we can pronounce our true views without condemning our own.  I am not "our own" anymore.

Be careful about protecting those who don't even know you are looking out for them, and who never asked your protection.  You'll realize you sacrificed yourself to create your own most influential detractor, and no one but you will ever realize it.  An you'll never live long enough to change it, because it is etched too deeply in every thought path and cell in your body.

This is a challenging time, once again.  If I were on the outside looking in, I'd say, "What an idiot!", so I guess I must know better, and can do just fine acting another way, reacting other than how I always do.   You live, you die, and it is as if you were never here.  My overall footprint is like that of a ninja.  The ninja of existence.

Never believe anything.  That is the best chance.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Milestone of Sorts

Time will tell why this feels like a turning point.  I hope the change sticks.  Everyone goes on trips, but I seem to make a bigger deal of them, even though I fail to plan much.

Still, for me this was a borderline spiritual experience.  Those come and go, too.

What a shocker when I arrived home.  I forgot about all the work I did prior to departure.  The place looked shockingly neat and inviting.  Now I recall that being my goal. I didn't want walking in the door to be depressing and tiring.

Not the most hideous structures ever built, but even so, windmill farms tend to screw up the landscape.   There are better ways to get power without screwing up large tracts of land 

I really have my work cut out for me if I am going to ... can't think of how to say it without saying too much.  Whatnot.   That covers it.

There were guitar hangers on the wall when I moved here, so that is covered.

The hospitality extended in both Mississippi and Texas was more than I'd expect, and it set the bar high for me if I am ever a host.

My cousins apparently raised extraordinary children while I was inommunicado, or otherwise not paying attention.  They are gown up now with their own families.  I tried to impress upon them that we share blood.  We are genetically linked to some degree.  Hopefully I can claim some of their awesomeness by pulling the blood relative card.  And they are Texans on top of it all.

I wonder at some people who can't wait to get home "to their own bed."  I can think of beds or bed other than my own I'd rather occupy.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just Some Stuff

Hanging for the night in Benson, AZ.   My old friend, El Gato Loco, drove up from Sierra Vista for conversation and supper.  I must have been hungry.  For once in my life I may have beat the house on an all you can eat buffet.

My educational trip is nearly at a close.  I was in a hurry to get home, but now I'd like to turn around and do it all again.  Efforts to improve diction and grammar have paid off; so far, no more "check english" lights have illuminated.
in this part of New Mexico, they cultivate groves of dead trees.  They produce more dead fruit than any other place in the country.  It is what drives the economy in boom towns such as Deming

It really does appear to me that Texas by and large contains the highest percentage of civilized and pleasant people of any state between California and Florida, inclusive.  Sure, the Mexicans in Dallas shoot guns in the air, disregarding gravitational consequences, but most of them will at least return a greeting.  Culturally, Texans have some advantages over the rest of us.  Doesn't mean they aren't crazy too.  All cultures and populations appear to be somewhat psychotic.

And they generally drive better in Texas.  That is hard to deny if you drive from state to state, and the path carries you through Texas. Unless, of course, you are one of those who has no clue what lanes ae for, compulsively speed up when being passed, and/or compulsively slow down and pace a car or truck you are supposed to be passing.  You know who you are.

That being said, if you must top for the night, avoid Pecos.  Lodging costs a fortune and the place smells like oil.  It is not pleasant.

What I learned on this journey: I can avoiding reacting when being cut to the quick as only family can do, I can still feel things I haven't felt that give me a glimmer of hope.  That will likely lea to disappointment and rejection, but at least I know.  Babies can keep people entertained for hours without trying.  The government may be piking the water in Louisiana with LSD or other psychedelic additives.

The neighborhood of my youth has turned into a tropical paradise.  It looks the way naive activists picture a rain forest.  Quite impressive.  S.Florida is one rude place, but the Keys are still petty good and must never be lumped in with Broward and Dade county culture.

I still prefer Miami to Ft. Lauderdale.  The Quality Inn in Live Oak is a good place with the nicest desk lady in Florida.   Friends along the way are more tolerant of me than I would be.  Southern hospitality is alive and thriving.  I guess I mostly experienced it with a Texas influence, even outside that state.

In general, I was troubled or confused or stunned or surprised, yet was treated as if I had value, especially en route to and from the target destination.  There, I was treated as well as could be hoped, considering I've lived a useless, unproductive life.  Even there, certain infidels appeared unaware of my glaring deficiencies.

Already I have work lined up for Monday.  Money would be good.  I have stories to write.  Already I wonder if my pursuit of Trouble Lady is hopeless.  I'm most likely too pedestrian.  Lack of fortune, title, acceptable degree, etc. has been an embarrassment to a couple of flame in the past.  I'll not tolerate that again.  One can sense these things.  I'd have scored the degrees while they were in reach and money available for it had I known.   Who knew it would queer the deal on woo.   To be snobbed, when once I was the snob.  It is just wrong.  But, you snooze, you lose.

It may not happen, the thing of not fitting the status required, but I suspect it will.  Only this time, I do not care in the same way.  And I am more prepared should a suitable candidate actually want the fabled "nice guy" who would be dedicated, true and a hopeless sap.

One fact of life is that, as much as you hear females bemoan the alleged scarcity of nice guys, I have observed very few who actually want one.  Rare is the woman who could spot a nice guy, even if he bit her in the butt.  What can you do...

I need a kayak, particularly a hobie with mirage drive.  It is the perfect thing for the legs without screwing up knees and feet.  It is a healthy item, but too costly.  One day, we'll figure it out.

It must be the approaching the end of the trip blues.  When I get home, I'll start working on guitar, and continue streamlining and organizing my life's junk.  I may not see the group I drove down to see for quite some time, if ever.  If I manage to make significant money, I may visit, but not stay with them.  I guess I'm enthused and shattered at the same time.  It happens.

So, maybe it is time to do it on my terms and quit letting myself be defined by those whose definitions are no fun.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Imaginary Family...or are they?

So, I was conducted in the cousin-mobiles (they suspiciously switched cars at some point) to the GQ couple's house in a nearby town; where everyone is clean, polite, well to do, and, oddly, youth doesn't appear to be wasted on the young---they seem to use it well.

The GQ couple has two GQ children, ages 13 and 10.  OK, 10 1/2.   If you know nicer, more gentle and polite children of that age, I'm certain you are lying.  A girl and a boy.   The cool thing is that we are blood relatives, not too distantly diluted.

I have a calendar with their picture on it, and who in SD county can prove that Mrs. GQ is not my daughter, and the sweet children not my favorite grandchildren?  Who wouldn't sympathize with me because her mother, my late wife, died in an unfortunate lab accident while on the verge of discovering a sure fire cure for the common cold?

I lost her when Mrs GQ was only three years old.  We made it through and have always been close.  It wasn't always easy protecting her from the bitter truth that the fatal explosion was undoubtedly not an accident.  Believe me, many of the outfits which peddle remedies for cold symptoms do not want a cure to emerge.   And they have plenty of political clout.  Tragic.

When you are raising a child under such circumstances you find courage you never knew was in you.  Anything to protect the child and ensure that she thrives.  I'm so proud of the woman she's become.  A forty year old mother of two who looks to be a healthy twenty five.  Her husband is clearly her soul mate.  And no one could ask for better parents.  Her mom must be very gratified.  I can feel her joy in the after life.

Those kids are encouraging me to find someone special, and maybe I will.  My late sweetheart, Willowanne, would kick my butt for waiting so long.  She was always the pragmatic one, and sincerely concerned for my happiness and well being.

I try not to brag on my daughter's family too much.  It only makes others feel inferior.  What a joy, though, to visit, to have the grandkids jump for joy when I enter the room.  They've all won so many awards for everything from science projects to tennis tournaments to saving lives back in the big flood of '07 that a separate room is required to hold all the plaques, diplomas, trophies and certificates.

Great way to start the new year.  I'll take their advice when I return home.

It's Diverse and Multi-cultural!!! Yay

My cousin lives in a neighborhood with all the flavor and benefits of multi-culturalism.   We are, of course, tolerant because all cultures are equal, except the one we won't mention.

The vibrancy of diversity is clearly evident on New Year's eve in some cities.  It is tradition, allegedly, in some people's old countries to fire guns into the air at midnight on New Year's eve for some reason.  Maybe they are trying to kill either the old year or the new, or both.  Perhaps they think they can shoot out a star as one would a street light.

They seemed OK during the day.  But at midnight, it was like urban warfare.   The one on this side fires off a few rounds.  Pretty soon the one on the other side fires off a few rounds plus some.  The the one in back fires.  Then one of the others fires a clearly more powerful weapon.  "My gun is bigger, therefore better and much more macho."

I need to get the paper to see if anyone reaped the benefit of a falling bullet.  This is a big city.  But then so is Miami and many fine folks there have been known to do the same thing.  I'm thinking maybe a titanium hat business could thrive on such holidays in these cities.

Apparently it is a Latin American thing.  It may be that gravity is taught to about the same extent in their schools as logic and history are taught in ours.  So many immigrants have the advantage of not having to clutter their mind with any of those things if they get here at the right age.  All in the timing.

For some reason I found myself shocked as multiple rounds were rapid fired into the air.  I thought anyone would be aware that death to innocents could result.  And that anyone would categorize that as a thing to be avoided.

I think they believe the bullets go way up into the sky and the saints catch them, turn them into gold, and if they are very good little muchachos then sometime in the new year their patron saints will put gold nuggets under their pillows.  It never happens but that can be explained because they haven't been good enough.  They failed to do confession right.

Miserable sinners full of Catholic guilt.  "Maybe next year if I give los santos 40 bullets instead of 20 they will bless me with gold under my pillow."   I'm good at reading the thoughts of such people.

So, what are they doing today?  Raking leaves.  Ay, dios mio, if only these leaves had been raked, maybe I would have been blessed for the new year.  I think it was an act of penance.  Maybe next year will be better and finally I get the gold under the pillow. Never mind no one knows of anyone who has had such fortune first hand.  But there are stories and rumors of pious peasants in far away towns who were blessed.  And this is how we all benefit from embracing the facets of the culture which made the third world what it is today.

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