Friday, February 12, 2010

Random memories

A day from last big road trip. Montana, playing a little music with a bluegrass ace. Not bad on blues either. I liked playing with Bob.

Did I ever tell you about the phys ed coach at South Miami Junior High who took sips of Aqua Velva throughout the day? I suspect he substituted something in there for the after shave, or else he figured he'd smell good inside and out and no one would suspect he was a little drunk. I think half the faculty and administration of that school were perverts and un-convicted felons. They'd fry quickly in today's world, and should have probably fried back then.

There is a story my brother recently brought to my attention. Years ago in Miami, I was at a wedding and some strange girl decided I was approachable. She beamed as she announced, "I might be pregnant". I forgot my response, byt reportedly I replied that I may be happy for her. The girl was not quite right. I used to attract weirdos like a super charged magnet. I still do but not as powerfully. They used to travel miles, I'm convinced, just to drop little gems like that on me. It was supernatural.

I had a "67 MG sometime toward the last months or year of my drinking. That last couple of years was a blur. I do not have the slightest idea what happened to it. No clue whatsoever. I think I may have forgotten where it was parked, then forgot I owned it. That may have been when I ended up in the home for wayward musicians, siphoning heating oil from the abandoned house of the Cat Lady, who'd been institutionalized some month's prior to that. We had a big oil fired heater which I fixed so it would work We did not freeze. That is where I learned to wash clothes in a sink.

If you know what happened to my burgandy MGB, please advise. It ran well and the top did not leak. I remember putting new batteries in--two 6 volt batteries in tandem under that panel behind the seats. So, I know where I put the batteries but not the car.

This is not a story but I will advise with convinction that if any third parties ever try to interfere mediate or otherwise serve as some sort of agent between you and a love interest, boot them out, ignore them, do not explain anything to them, and if possible kick them within an inch of their lives.

Comedians often annoy me. Cheap shots on personalities which are borderline cruel get old quick, like years ago. I think the art of lampoon, satire, and that sort of thing has turned into something different. Sometimes it is still done cleverly and with style, but too often it is just thinly veiled cruelty or sadism. No examples given. It just happens.

A good combo for some entertaining ad lib is Rickles and Greg Ferguson.

A friend of mine was once murdered by a gangster and everyone knew who did it and that it was not self defense but he never even stood trial. Clearly much of Miami's law enforcement community and the attorney general of the state of Florida were corrupt. later the news caught that A.G. taking bribes on film, and he still did not suffer so much as a forced resignation. There was enough evidence and eye witness info that I wrote a letter to the state attorney general. Representatives came to the house while I was in school and grilled my mother about irrelevant info on me, assured her they'd 'look into it" and that was that. They knew I'd be in school. The letter included enough info on me and my relationship to the 17 year old that got shot on Christmas eve that past year.

A lot of people dream up reasons to support their belief that they are superior to the majority of the people they know. Unfortunately, I have had to listen to this while one of those sucked a relative into that conversation. They both concluded they were simply more evolved than losers like me. They did not mention me by name but every plus they analyzed was an achievement or outward reward that I did not possess. I felt like dirt that day, and I was visiting, and had flown in, broke, so there was no immediate escape. First time we came within spitting distance of the airport, I bolted. I took the earliest flight out. That visit still haunts me.

I don't know if one ever comes to grips with the lack of respect felt from flesh and blood, especially when it is not directly stated, just demonstrated. That is extremely difficult because it can't be hidden and probably not helped. But it would never be admitted. Lack of respect is pretty hard to hide and it stings in a way few things do. I suppose the source is what gives it weight or not. I regularly soak myself in motor oil hoping things like that will roll off, like water off a duck's back. No wonder some of my kin silently think I'm an idiot.

I probably think I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier myself. Or is it brightest bulb in the shed, or on the tree? See how this works?

Andy Roddick has one damned good looking wife.

I wish I did not have to do paperwork in order to live life. I'm behind on a lot of it. and I lose important documents regularly. It used to be that I was always losing my shoes somewhere in my dwelling or car. Now it is document loss. The trouble is I'll know there is some doc that needs attention but I'll forget which one or what it pertained to.

I'm going to save up so I can take another long winding road trip. Life keeps getting shorter. I'm pretty friggin old to be as young as I am. You can take that 2 ways. Only one is real. I want to parasail across the fruited plains. maybe catch some thermals and make it last for a hundred miles or so.

Astral projection

You have to wonder how I know it is snowing in Dallas and was able to bring back a picture of this snowman in that city without leaving home. I did not search and find it on the internet.

I put myself into a trance, tucked a camera in my shirt then mentally left my body, flying straight across the desert and other terrain until I reached Love Field. Dodging aircraft I made my way to the other side of town where I caught this snowman. By then it was time to come back home.

You can travel faster than planes when astral projecting. No sonic boom or anything because you don't actually bring that much mass along.
So, here's proof of the adventure, in case you doubt my story.

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