Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh No, Not the Turkey

Besides the twist to make Europeans out to be the spoilers of humanity, destroyers of the innocent, pristine perfect world, and defilers of the human spirit,  is that turkey thing.  Both of these annoy me greatly.

The annual presidential pardon for the turkey is upon us.  I barf more this year than I did last so I am ready.  It is the most un-American tradition ever.  It smacks of monarchy, totalitarianism, and just pure obnoxious nonsense.

Oh giver and taker of lives, please free this mutant bird who can't even walk because it is basically just a frame for growing meat.  Master of all, show mercy. And make it funny so news hacks can banter with their ethnically and sexually correct colleagues.   Haha, looks like that turkey is safe!  hahahahaha.

Looks like that turkey was grown in a research lab where they grow tissue for burn patients or skin grafts.
Fun times.  People have no idea how much they are manipulated.  None.  Just as they don't feel weird or not cool or normal.  All most people want is to fit in.

I can only hope I miss the event.  What a ridiculous bunch of nonsense.  I have to wonder how it started and why, and why we still do it.  The effect is a bigger image of omniscience.   And I think that is the goal, either consciously or subconsciously.  These are smart people, they know. They have to know.

People go right along, news creeps banter, then next thing you know they have a story about "seniors" cutting the grass or something.  The condescending tone and drippy condescending attitude ought to be legal grounds for beating them silly with suitable blunt instruments. Or just casting them off seaside cliffs into the pounding surf.   Their babbling could not be heard over the roar of the sea, which makes this a desirable spot, because he can think a bit, uninterrupted, here.

CMC; why abortion should be legal up to age 25 years

CMC is the abbreviation of some college near L.A..  Clare-MacLunacy College or something close to that.  Lucky me, I watched their student protest video for awhile.

The shutoff point for me was the guy in the Che T-shirt demanding that they make people get schooled in what constitutes islamaphobia, and how harmful it is, etc.  He wears the likeness of a mass murderer and he complains about people who think of islam as the religion of beheadings, rape,
stonings, draconian dress code, honor killing, suicide vests, indiscriminate murder, etc.

Some people think it has to do with the religion.  And some say no, those people hijacked the religion and the yelling of islamic slogans right when death occurs is just an example of it.  Not a thing you find much of.  Unless that figure of one in four muslims approving of the activities of terrorists who claim to be serving islam is correct.

I never believe that protestors wearing Che shirts have a clue about compassion, peace, rights or anything but force.  The protests going on are made up grievances for the most part.  Address the number of violent crimes blacks commit against everyone if you are going to play that race game. We know the numbers look bad if you actually find them.

But the truth is that everyone is and is not a victim.  You can over do the effort to find offences and end up persecuting innocent people.  When you introduce a false premise and then throw out everything that does not fit it, trouble will follow.  You have convinced a large number of people that they are oppressed victims and it is time to stand up.  That mentality then thinks any retaliation, violent or not is OK.  And lying cheating and stealing are also OK for the cause and because the oppressor or people who look like the imaginary oppressor deserves whatever they get.

Really.  These people are serious.  It is theater of the absurd once again..WTF nation.

Of color.  What does that mean?  Where do you draw the line?  If you are not of color, what are you of?  Students of transparency.  Has a ring to it; almost like Sons of Anarchy.

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