Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pacific Crest Trail; who knew?

All this time I have been going up to Kwymaii--forgot how to spell it--road on Mt. Laguna, not realizing that the Pacific Crest Trail goes right through that spot.  It is one of the major hiking trails in the US.

You can take it from Mexico up into Canada somewhere.  If I had some people to go with who knew what they were doing, and who weren't as scared of bears as I am, I might be motivated to get into shape.  I can be at the trailhead in Campo in about an hour.

If the right woman knew this stuff and wanted to go, I could do that.  Someone else would have to be the brains of this endeavor.  I could do OK because I can make things work and use resources at hand.  I don't know much about the whole long hike deal though.  And I'm a little skittish when it comes to some animals.  I know.  Wimpy for such an otherwise macho man.

The other afternoon I saw four or five hikers with substantial packs cruising through.  They better hope the fires up in Riverside county go away before they get there.  It will take them a few more days, I think.

I'm not sure I'd even care about starting at Campo.  People who want to be official have to do that.  Lots of uphill hiking, and twists and turns.

I toyed with the idea of taking solo journeys out there for a few days at a shot.  But I think I'd rather just table it unless the right situation came about.  I don't know.  I could escape every now and then, but I hate to leave my car anywhere like at a trailhead.  I suppose I could hike for a long long day to get to a trailhead from home.

Maybe later.  Besides I don't own a backpack or any of the proper stuff for long hikes.

Did I Miss It Already?

Being the conscientious, gung-ho, law loving citizen that I am, I try to keep up with the basics of what is happening in the world of governments.  That covers 99% of what is called news.  Tales of government.

So, while I spent a week sleeping under my bed in a lead blanket, awaiting attack from N. Korea, the story suddenly vanished.  Instead, I get to read that a second rate, yet pro, basketball player decided to become famous by announcing he's gay.  It was a shock to his ex-girlfriend.  Now he's famous.

But what happened to N. Korea?  Any word about that Libyan thing when an ambassador got killed, along with some others?  Benghazi.  No more news there.

Maybe, they had a quick war of some kind and I missed it.  That was a very peculiar buildup considering it just vanished.

Not sure what's up here in CA, other than the bullet rain to nowhere, from nowhere, awarded the contract to one of our senator's husband.  No conflict of interest.  Diane Feinstein only does what's best.  I know because she says so.  She knows best and it is coincidence if her office tends to bring her and her cronies financial windfalls.

Are they smarter for knowing how to play the system and the serf mentality of the public?  Am I a fool for never figuring out how to do that?  Would I be happier if I played the game so I could get my slice of public money?  Not really public--they had to take it off of someone.

Today, I think I've been all wrong about everything, for as long as I remember, almost.   Still, I can't help wondering what's up with being threatened with nukes, then no more news about it.

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