Friday, November 21, 2014

Sometimes I'd Rather Be A Mental Case

If it is all in your head, a result of a defective attitude or personality, you can change it if you really care to do that.  If it is not like that, then this may be about as good as it will ever be.

So, you tell yourself that at least you aren't crazy or making stuff up.  Then you say, "I wish I was a bigger liar than I am".  You may say "were" instead of was.  I'd probably go the 'were' route.  No idea why.

Nothing is carved in stone.  But it is becoming increasingly evident, or narrowed down.  Good time for an improved attitude.

My main anchor in most ways, at the moment, is playing music with my Blue Sky friends and Sande.
Get it while the gettin's good.  That could be fifty years, or maybe way fewer.

So, I may be seeking that parasail, and some guidance regarding how it works, sooner than later.

Almost a year with no cigarettes.  I'm losing the tendency to have frequent desires for one.  It smells nice to get just the first whiff of fresh cigarette smoke, but not that nice.  I like being free of that, and anything else I'm free of that would own me if it could.

In some ways, maybe these are simpler times.  All in how it is viewed and approached, I suppose.

What I don't know is a lot.  As is what I have yet to learn.

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