Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Real Things amid the Biggest Mass Mind Control Ever

Last few days have yielded more road furniture and useful building materials right there on the highway for the taking. One report mentioned large boxes, so I count that as a grab bag special. No telling what was inside. It could be nothing or it could be dancing girls and a marching band. Wood and steel were in the road, in different places, and the ever popular couch. California is a different kind of place. But I like it, other than the ever growing volume of taxes and rules which only apply to citizens.

That should not be construed as a xenophobic outburst. I like Mexicans and tend to get along with the ones working in the area where I work. I'm one of the few Americanos who do labor intensive jobs there. There are a couple of others but they are more official and do things of slightly different nature. Foreign and domestic criminals I do not like. And I'm cold enough to think tax money ought not go to feed clothe educate or heal those who aren't citizens or at least here legally. Overall I think that whole issue is probably sort of a smokescreen for more diabolical mischief in power circles.

There is so much to do and experience out West. Freedom to do it is the real treasure. More and more that can mean you need money. Right now, you just need enough to have and hold a vehicle and put fuel in the tank. Lots of places to camp for free if you wind up homeless. Or if you want to escape.

That is a new way of thinking for me, to even consider where to pitch a tent. I learned it on the Ballistic Tour. It seems that people are far more serious about recreation out here. In the west, in general. I don't recall people on the east coast in such numbers just enjoying the nature of the place.

It is important to maintain mobility I think. That is not so easy to do, but so far it seems like it can be done. Easier to stay mobile than to get mobile. That's where having a cross country bike may pay off. If they make driving impossible, put on that pterodactyl looking hat tie the essentials to you back and go pedal across the mountains.

Hell of a thing that I'd even think that way in the 21st century. We should be floating around in 3D, flying cars or some such. But no, we're headed back before horses. You could get in trouble if you start riding a horse everywhere--only a matter of time before the horses-are-people-too people bring a class action suit or something. I bet people wouldn't be throwing furniture all over the road if it came to horses and bicycles.

A lady on George Noory's show claims she was taken to Mars, back in time, several million years. I couldn't follow the whole thing. Sounds like a good idea anyway. Maybe. It could be I found myself in another universe. This could be Mars. It's all adventure wherever it is. It takes some time to make sense of the customs and language. I've been wrestling with that all my life so that's no excuse to complain.

Money Saving

In case I find the irresistible Mrs Me; one big money saver is if she buys into the whole blood diamond thing. How in Hell can anyone ever buy a ring like I see on fingers everywhere in SoCal? Really, that item worries me and has for years. I just don't have the dough. I was watching a good looking news chick tonight and noticed a friggin ring that must have contained an once of gold and a forty carat diamond. I could be over estimating a tad, but even the news chick sets a bad example. So, to save money, ban diamonds.

To save on the cost of water I consider the entire world my urinal. It's a public service as much as anything, especially in an area that pumps water in from places like Colorado. Confuses the coyotes, too.

Don't do credit cards. They can end up charging a lot of money.

Figure out unit cost rather than suckering for the grocery store excitement sale labels. Often it is cheaper to buy 2 18oz jars of peanut butter than the 36oz economy size which has some hooplah tag on it. This is where mental division and accurate estimating pay off. They purposely price things in order to make it hard to quickly break down per unit. Some places have the unit cost in fine print on the price label, but not on the sale label.

Usually generic or store brand is cheaper than famous name brand.

Don't buy Marlboro.

Claim multiple personality disorder and list 2 or 3 of the distinct personalities as dependents.

Keep only pets that can be let outside, and which can find or hunt food on their own. Something like a badger, alley cat, raccoon, squirrel, wolf, owl, mountain lion, or wharf rat. If the animal has no health insurance, treat it as you would yourself, let it get well naturally or die.

Read your neighbor's newspaper

Forget cable, or watch it next door. Or, run a splitter from your neighbor's cable.

Carry a siphon hose at all times.

If you want to give flowers, visit the cemetery for a wide selection at no cost. Weekends and holidays are the best times. Hospitals can be a good source for fresh flowers as well.

Get my new piggy back green machine, a device designed to hook under the frame of the car in front of you. Throw 'er in neutral and experience the joy of extremely high gas mileage. Device comes with easy eject button should your unwitting benefactor turn off.

Run an extension cord from the outside outlet of your neighbor's house, or from nearby businesses to power lamps refrigerator and other electric hungry appliances.

Eat jalapeno peppers in winter to reduce the need for heating.

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