Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seeking Solidarinosc

So, I was in the coffee aisle trying to organize some grassroots action to protest the higher price they started charging for Cafe Bustelo. It jumped $2 all at once a couple of months ago. Now it is the same price the other stores in this area charge. For awhile there it was selling for South Florida prices. Down there many brands of Cuban coffee are available and perhaps competition does benefit the consumer.

But never mind that, I seek solidarinosc from my fellow oppressed grocery shoppers. What response do I get? "Well, Folgers is on sale."

Folgers? Madam, you insult my aesthetic integrity!! Have you never heard of solidarinosc? "Oh, I think I saw that on aisle six, next to the sugar."

Holy smoke, this online place where I got the photo wants over a buck more than Daniel's outrageous price. Bustelo consumers of the world unite!!! Solidarinosc, y'all.

What is the world coming to? I try to organize some collective bargaining to protect my right, as a consumer, not to go broke buying Cuban coffee and the masses are blind to their plight!! Try as I may, they just don't see how their right to food and beverage is being violated. Not a solidarinosc bone in their bodies.

Perhaps I should bring a bullhorn next time, and pen some catchy slogans designed to be chanted with group participation:
call:"What's highway robbery and red and yellow?"
response: "The overpriced can of Cafe Bustelo!!!"

Call: "Who's the racist with a heart of ice?"
Response: "The fascist manager who raised the price!!!"

Call: "What do we want?"
Response: "two bucks a can!!"
Call: "when do we want it?"
response: "yesterday!!"
Call: "If we don't get it?"
Response: "the racist manager dies dies dies!!"

It is all peaceful of course.

Maybe that will bring out the inner solidarinosc in the apathetic, downtrodden shoppers at the Alpine Daniel's Market.

I'm pretty sure my mistake was neglecting to bring in the megaphone. You have to have the megaphone guy at any protest if you want your brothers and sisters in pain to take you seriously and indulge that need to belong to a group; jump on the bandwagon.

Taking The Role Of Underdog Without The Fleas and such

I remember when the whole Solidarinosc thing got started. In Poland they have some letters than vary a bit from the ones in the English alphabet, so the closest thing I can write is spelled like that--solidarinosc.

The birth of that movement had a bit more in the way of actual oppression and lack of freedom to contend with than the latter day usurpers who took on the slogan. I think that was actually the name of the union Lech Walesa formed. It wasn't a public employee outfit but a trade union for people in the shipyard, if memory serves.

They had some tough times in Poland. Many many years of weird things. Germany, USSR, unkind jokes, etc. So, Lech names his club Solidarity, but uses the Polish word, and it caught on as well as Che T-shirts at Berkley. Compared to his risks, and the conditions he experienced, the current wave of solidarity fans live in luxury.

It is funny how a word or phrase will catch on. Or how one group of people tries to ride the coattails of another group, especially when being a victim is essential. It can work, but it often trivializes those who really knew hardship and tyranny. You can probably think of examples on your own if so inclined.

Ah, what do I know. I'm just a singer in a rock and roll band*, a rockstar.

*line from a Moody Blues song. It was Moody Blues wasn't it? Yea, I think it was

Let Wesley Snipes know, I am with you in solidarinosc, bro. And all the dissidents in Cuba and Iceland, got your back, my brothers and sisters. Solidarity out the yingyang

new spelling trap just caught; roll vs role

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