Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TV and Cinema Dramatic Device Suspect

Have you ever just dropped a bowl full of spaghetti, or your highly breakable coffee mug, in reaction to unexpected shocking news?   I have never reacted that way.

Many people on the screen react by dropping breakable things which will make a big mess.   Unless I was directing a spoof or satire I would not be found directing in such a camp manor.  You won't see that absurd dramatic device used in any of my serious dramatic efforts.

Tales from the Oddball Work of Me

the epic garage doors with the santeria wax.  Hard to tell from this but they are textured so that power sanding is out of the question.  Had to hand sand 100% of  this to remove the disaster that happened when stripping.   Now they are doing well, and holding up as intended

This clown lives on that bench just beyond the end of the basketball court at the place where I do most of my odd work, for the wealthy, odd, and peculiarly messy elite of our country and world.  This is definitely a life size clown.  Why is it there?   Don't know.  Maybe the product of a charity auction, and one person connected to this place may be a player on the McBoard.

Other than that I am trying to find some reason for, or value in, my life, but I can't find any.   Maybe I'll table that and try again later.  You catch hell when you win, have good fortune, excel, produce, etc., and that is sick.  Despite those barbs from greedy, jealous types who blame people for success of any sort, it is far better to spend a life building something of worth than to spend it wondering why you are here.

I know many people who are sure their state of being is totally out of their control, and that those who prevail are all either cheaters, evil, or only the beneficiaries of blind luck.  They never really deserve it.  I do not agree.  

The people I know whose lives are very good, and who have built great families did it by making decent choices and working toward it.  They've done more than their "fair share" in life.  Luck is useless if you can't maintain the momentum, or even recognize it when you have it.

Penn And Teller; Sign Water Banning Petition

The mention of hippies in the video title is a little off point.  I'm not sure what the term means in modern life.

What is illustrated is how easily people join causes without any idea what it is they are supporting or opposing.  This happens on every square foot of the public policy playing field; pro-gun control, anti gun control, occupy this or that, don't occupy this or that, everything.

The critical mass may be weighted a little toward the neo-luddite movement, but it is everywhere.  Throw in various religious slants to various issues and non-issues and what we have are people hopping on whichever activist bus flies their preferred colors.

Where it is going is rarely questioned.
All they know is that you will get labelled as being part of the purple bus brigade if you don't hop on the yellow bus.  Either you are with us or you are with them.

So, far too often, people vote, picket and scream about matters of which they know very little, and ignore any facts which might make them question their loyalty to a chosen mob.  It is too bad.  The end result is a very tangled web of regulation, prohibition and other tools which have been the hallmark of human authoritarian constructs for as long as anyone figured out people are easily herded.

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