Saturday, October 31, 2015

Packed House

What a surprise.  When it cm time to play the Kaffe Meister coffee shop--really good espresso--the place was getting crowded.  By the time we played a couple of songs, it was packed, and remained so until the end.  What an enthusiastic crowd.  Some familiar faces.

This was a good outing.  I think we did well.  The reception was certainly remarkable.  In a place that serves food and various beverages, you are doing well if there is not a lot of chatter.  I'm not one who gets too worked up if people talk, but it is cool to notice their rapt attention.

Maybe that look I saw on some faces was the kind of interest one shows when watching a train derail.  Who knows?  In any case, they were definitely paying attention. My chiropractor and his wife show up, too.  That was cool.

They reacted enthusiastically.  Having Alberto on bass is a crowd pleaser, too.  They like it when he climbs up on the stand up bass.  People go for those things.  It worked out well.

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