Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Few seconds from last Sat Night

It is rare that I meet someone I like as much as this singer.  I'm about to believe in angels.   A positive influence on me, but like most such influences, not something that would ever cross that line.  Still there is an element of the supernatural at play here.

They Still Call

So, I emailed people, and mentioned on facebook that my phone was not working, so best to email me, and what happens?   They text and leave voice mail.

My phone has somewhat come back to life; enough to know I have texts or voice mail, but not enough to get at these things.

I think it may be a conspiracy, and they are all in on it.  Well, they can send me a letter if it is important.   Or maybe I'll give up and see if I get a replacement phone.
I want to go back to a time when one or two misguided moves, undone, would have changed my life.

Just a moment in time.

Can't do it.  All I can do is play some music with those who play stuff that I'm capable of enhancing, or whatever I do.  I should have been a physicist, or a pilot.  Believe me, most of the science world is so wrapped in very undeveloped, dysfunctional egos that possibilities are delayed decades as a matter of course.  And those ego bound creeps feel power in marrying up with the political world.

They get to be treated as mystics, seeing things mere mortals wouldn't understand, and politicians then pretend that they "have to DO something"  based upon the science and opinions of *gasp, bow, scrape*  SCIENTISTS!!  "Scientists say..."   Only those who really are, or think they are,  incapable of ever learning any hard science or math really buy that priestly facade that many science types cultivate.  It is highly annoying.  Always has been, even since grade school.

It is the stuff of population control, culture shaping for power of the few.  Seriously, the whole pretense and self serving atmosphere surrounding "science" has become nauseating.  The part I find most troubling is that for every dire prediction regarding earth, ice, food, etc, the assumed solution is more governmental oversight and control; less individual choice, autonomy and mobility.  They go for your money and your ability to travel easily and freely.

Have people really checked out the greedy bastards they so willing bestow with such power?   Probably not, because people enjoy seeing others harassed, believing they are exempt.

Somehow this all relates to my phone which fell in the swimming pool at work.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rice and Phoning it In

It all started because I thought I could do a little work.   But yesterday was one of those days when the whole attack issue raised its wily head as I sweated out of proportion to the exertion.

So, I tried to extend my time getting stuff done before it became too much and I had to find heavy sedative or scalding shower.  I've actually bumped up the water heater temperature there because this is a regular deal.

I was taking off the outer shirt, and my phone fell, and battery came out. The rest slid into the pool.  I just peeled off the rest of everything and jumped in to get it.  I worried about modesty later at some point.   Fortunately no landscapers or delivery people or housekeepers were there so no worry.  Not sure it would have made any difference.

Then I hear that putting the phone in a ziplock bag full of rice for a day will help it come back to life. I had set it in the sun, rag-dried it, used a blow dryer, etc.  Nothing.  After a long night in the rice, it at least appears to turn on, but it is still wacko.

The phone has been acting up for awhile.  I think they owe me one anyway--I suckered for all kinds of dumb person phone insurance when I bought it.   I rarely do that sort of thing, but I know I am not easy on things like phones and watches.  That is why I wear no watch and didn't for much of my life, even back in the other century before they built the "Bridge to the 21st Century".

Believe it or not, the only jewelry type item I very much miss wearing is a wedding ring.  I wonder if I'm ever going to be the right one and have sense enough to know I landed in the right place.  Doubtful, and that sucks.  What offbeat chick wants a vegetarian who doesn't drink and is domestically challenged when it comes to making a good home?  Or even keeping the stupid clutter at bay?  I would scrub the floor every day under the right motivation I think.  But I also hate to argue but I require a lot of education in many ways.  It's tricky, and possibly worth it to the next Ms X

Saturday, October 18, 2014

If It Wasn't Real, It Would Be Fiction, And That Would Be A Better Thing

I'm pretty sure Fin called this.  Not positive.  But now we actually have an Ebola Czar.

How to say it without using expletives, over and over and over.  Are you kidding me?
I actually busted out laughing when they first said his strangeness was considering appointing an Ebola Czar.  Of course, plenty of people aren't old enough to have experienced life when there were no czars at all in the government of the USA.  It was not paradise, but I do feel that the lack of czars was a preferable condition.

I can just hear the discussion:   "Ebola is really scary.  Just the thought of it, or saying the word out loud, generates enough fear to constitute a crisis.  Hey!!! I know!!  I'll appoint a lawyer to be the big
wahoo of Ebola.  King of this particular lethal disease.  What could go wrong?   Besides, if we can keep this thing rolling we can do better at controlling people and modifying behavior."

Do we have a breast cancer czar yet?  And an erectile dysfunction czar.  Czars galore, yet I don't think we have a surgeon general at this time.  I remember Dr E something Coop.  He was a busy body, trying to screw with smokers.  He was kind of an act with his affected image and Amish style, old sailing captain looking, beard.  He was a know-it-all.

But, you knew who was attorney general.  And they did not have SWAT teams at his disposal.  So now we have the SWAT teams but no surgeon general.  The CDC guys have it under control.

People don't get that all this costs money.  Their money, one way or another.

We should have a One Way or Another Czar.  The extent to which the majority of humanity are philosophical, political suckers is amazing.  People are attracted to puzzles and to having power over others, so they will rationalize like crazy trying satisfy their lust for making others pay or act a certain way.


An Ebola Czar.  Rumor has it this guy is going to face off against this virus by filing a restraining order and some sort of punitive tort claims on behalf of "the American People".

I happened to catch Real Time with Bill Maher for the first and maybe last time.  He really is a sleaze. But he didn't make me as ideologically angry as I expected.  I just thought his material was unbelievably lame, unoriginal, banal,  and childish.

Either his writers are so bloated on the progressive koolaid they can't think or they just had a really bad day.

But then I see some allegedly right wing stuff that is embarrassing.  The idea is not to "put God back in government".  It is to so limit government that it can do but minimal damage, precisely because it and it's officers are not God, yet they are likely to imply that they are.  And they love it when the public goes along.

Hey!  I know!  Here's how each side can "reach across the aisle" and fondle the other's ego in a bi-partisan manner.  Instead of an Ebola Czar, appoint an Ebola God.  Or a government-clergy task force for Ebola Strategies and Faith.

That's the kind of thing that makes everyone happy.   Or the majority.  Actually the way authority creep works is off of a floating majority.  The percentage of the population who support or go along with the state remains relatively constant, but the actual make up of the numbers will vary according to who is being robbed or scapegoated at any given time.

I would never accept a job called Ebola Czar.  Maybe if I were a confident and curious doctor, but someone who wants it as a stepping stone or political tool.  No, that is creepy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Sure Do Want To Smoke

But then I'd be burning clothes, messing up my car, smelling like smokey stuff, and probably less healthy, and it costs too much.  That's how I have to talk to myself when my mind starts making assumptions like, "We'll just go now to buy a pack of smokes and smoke just one."

Whoa, there, not so fast.  I think I stopped doing that for a reason; can't recall what that was but it'll come back to me.  People with the combination of serious lapses in judgement and addictive natures tend to lose track of reality like that.  It often yields poor results.  So, in periods of relative lucidity it is good to find ways to install reminders and safeguards against one's own stupidity and tendency toward self annihilation.

Now the urge to smoke has again abated.  The store where I used to buy them, last year, quit stocking tobacco products anyway.  And I did not like the other close place to buy them.

Maybe I'll make another day.  The good news is, despite some very very stressful occurrences lately, and some very stupid lapses in judgement and recognition of reality, I did not, smoke, drink, or disappear into an opium den or heroin boutique.

I'll immediately find the down side, the half empty perspective, in that, but for this second, that is the upside and I should recognize that this is all positive.  It will all be OK.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Must Be Sleep Writing

I glanced at previous post and find I do not want to read it.  Can't believe I wrote it.  When things are extra tough I talk gibberish, and off any real topic of import to me.  Because the things of most concern are too troubling to discuss.  That is because I have no sense of where reality is until I have ignored it once too often.  I do not like most laws and government entities, and I think they are wrong, and what they do is wrong.  But to think you don't need to observe their power and such is idiotic, even if they are evil, dimwitted creeps.

One day I will learn, and perhaps that day has come.  Let's hope this knowledge will not come with too high a price.  Time will tell.

All should be going great.  I have a friend that posted a story on FB about how great everything is under Obama---as if he is king.  He is not king and master of the realm, therefore not all powerful and responsible for all that goes on.  Also my life and expenses, the price of gas and groceries, have not been easier to manage.  I try to avoid taking the bait because I don't think anyone or anything ought to have the power people like my friend thinks makes sense.  It is the collectivist and statist view as opposed to the freedom loving individual's view.   Authoritarians.

They say we'll be bullied if we don't pay for government protection.  And I say we are paying to be bullied.  There you have that.

People my age are supposed to be much more worthwhile.  No kids, no family that I built, not much of anything.  I owe life, the world, my ancestors, relatives and myself a big apology.  Doesn't mean we'll get that apology though.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Amazes me that people actually ask me to play

Despite the rest of the shambles that passes for my life, I end up playing music with some people I find extraordinary.

This group with Sande Lollis is shaping into something quite unique and I like the music.  It is rare that I like anyone else's creative efforts as well as my own.  I guess in the realm of ideas and inventions I eventually learned that a lot of good things are not my idea, so just go for the good stuff and don't fret because I didn't create it.

I think I used to feel like a slacker if I didn't generate the idea.  Foolish lad.  But I've covered my lack of sense, judgement, timing, awareness, etc. enough.

We have easily 2 hours, plus some, of her songs, many of which are new to me.  We played about an hour's worth a time or two.  The new stuff is every bit as appealing to me.  I love the lyrics, and the feel, and the fact that I'm able to play with a violin without the sounds conflicting.  It is an art and not one generally required of most blues harp players.

I'm proud and flattered that the company I am in sought me out.  And I very much like them as people.  What else would I like them as?  They are good friends like K and L.  Except I am enough in love with her songs that were she not married I might confuse the object of my affection. And that would be disaster, so this is the way it is supposed to be.

So, the OCT 25th show will be good.  I hope lots of people see it.  We're playing a tavern which is not very crowded at night.  And I am pimping the gig and threatening all my facebook "friends" and others with eternal damnation if they don't show.  The appeal of this project falls in the intangible realm.  I can't say exactly what it is, but there is something special here.  I think so anyway.

So, from now on, I will be cleaning up stuff, working, and doing the musical things. And then maybe I'll vanish.  For now what is important is meeting obligations and being of some use or encouragement to others.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Once It Is All Neat

I'm pretty sure that, once I get it all cleaned up and filtered, I'm out of here.  Not feeling in touch with anything.
Oh, and I have to play those upcoming events I committed to play.
Wind down commitments, leave no mess, and go.
To continually use poor judgement which results in trouble, even though no one has been harmed hurt or done wrong, I don't know.  I just do not get along with the civil structure as it is.  Damn, one oversight and uh oh.  Trouble.  And they use guns and cages.
It's wrong, but I figured out, much too late, that right and wrong are fine, and should guide one's life, but being right has zero to do with surviving in civilization or whether it brings trouble.  Do what works and keeps you out of harm's way.  Play the game or be nailed to the wall.  And I regularly demonstrate that I don't have very good sense.  I'll do things that baffle even me. Just self defeating oddness.
And in my case, if I see it coming,  running is not likely to work out, so best approach is to shift dimensions, and poof.  He was never here.
When every bridge has burned, no going back if you are in a hurry.  If you're good maybe you can rebuild the bridges.  I don't know. Bridges are not so easy to build, and what if you are a lousy engineer and builder?  Didn't have to be so, but probably no changing the essentials now.  I'll try to figure that out before any big decision.
Just wanted to stop those itch attacks.  That's all.  But then it took on a life of its own

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