Sunday, July 14, 2013

Didn't take Al Long


I deleted the rest which described his antics in response to Zimmerman not being stoned to death.

I realized it was not a fun read.  Really, look at the record, and the name Sharpton is enough to tell the story.   What a sleaze bag hypocrite.

There are times when people put themselves is troublesome places, but that isn't illegal.  Of all the people who do that I'd think Al would get it.  Mayhem follows him like a dog on a leash.

Send people up the river for being stupid and we'd have more people off the streets than running free.  Memphis and a few other places would be ghost towns.


Mob rule.  Self righteous acting thugs.  Life is full of things that don't go how you want them to and there are plenty of situations which end badly. There is not always a way to legitimately punish and take out frustrations on people.

It is that way to protect everyone from taking out their hate and prejudice on those who aren't malicious criminals, but find themselves in a scrape.   To guard against sending someone up who is not deserving.
No lessons learned from all the people released on charges of rape and murder, after years inside, due to  new DNA technology?   Maybe there was reasonable doubt but those juries didn't think that was enough. Too many people are idiots.  

That doesn't stop the mob from roaming the streets looking for someone to lynch.  With Al Sharpton and Jesse pretending to be holy victims as they feed their egos leading the mob.

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