Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Protest Tip

If an election didn't go your way, and there is no present evidence that all the necessary votes were illegitimate,  grin and bear it.  Protesting makes zero sense.  Your vote contrary to the majority is your protest.  What, you think you have a right to make the rest of the world conform to your choices?  That's my objection to the current power structure.  It would be hypocritical of me to protest.

I guess there hasn't been much of it.  A bunch of drunks at U of Mississippi.   Then that spwned a bigger protest which was supposed to be a "let's all get along" demonstration to protest protest #1.  The reportedly drew 700 people and the first one drew 400.

If you are going to protest, protest something that has a chance greater than zero out of infinity of being changed.

It is so rare that I can support a demonstration.  For one thing it is rare that I'm in agreement with the effort, and for another, it is rare that they don't block roads and doorways and generally inconvenience strangers.

Protests of this nature cause people to think the opposite of what you are saying must be right.  And it gives a pass to the myriad of groups and individuals who threatened worse mob action had things gone otherwise.  No one from Ol' Miss will read this so once again, I'm relieving myself in the wind.

Geez, I could protest half the stuff, and almost all the elected officials that Californians voted in.   They suckered for the tax the rich scheme which doesn't require you be all that rich, but it will retard the hiring process with small businesses.  They suckered for all kinds of things.

Here, they always claim it is for the schools, but they spend money on so much fluff and garbage that they'll never be solvent.  They are definitely crazy.  Not everyone, of course, but obviously a majority of the voters, dead and alive, are not thinking of long term good.  Just short term payback in corrupt little schemes.

I may end up having to run from CA before running from the feds.   It's so nice here, though, so as long as I can find a way to keep this deal going, I'm staying put.   At this rate it is possible that they may make it illegal for people of my ilk to be of my ilk, but that hasn't happened yet.  I am getting fed up with harassment from border patrol and highway patrol when I decide to chill out at one or another scenic overlook.  It is happening regularly, lately.


Fake Oil

OK.  So I'm wondering why different brands of full synthetic oil vary in price so much.  They all say it meets the specs of a bunch of initials that probably stand for something.  And it's synthetic.  It all looks alike, and I bet it tastes alike.

I've gone with the bargain brand a couple of times and it seems OK.  I think fake oil is probably not much different from container to container, no matter what the label says.  I hope so.  If I am wrong on this, I'd rather be told now so I don't feel compelled to do oil fake oil research.

Comrade comrade Comrade

Just practicing.

Yes, I'm one of the wackos who really thinks America has itself almost fully installed in the straightjacket of over-regulation, and creeping totalitarianism.   Even the arguments are mostly about things that ought not even be on the table.

When one group can control another's wealth, no good results.  What does result is bankruptcy,  precedent setting rights erosion, and divisive unreasoned attitudes of class hatred.

To say I'm happy to have a guy who strikes me as very much a top down sort of power monger in for four more years would be a lie.  I don't think the other one would have been as prone to skirt the law with executive order, and to push the collectivist view of life.  But that side does have some stupid causes, most of which have no business being discussed on the federal level, and probably not local by my thinking.  Not on federal because it isn't the job of federal government--ideally, and in non-creative constitutional application.  It has been applied very creatively to justify power creep for quite some time.

Discussions of gay marriage and any number of things which are not the proper functions of government, especially at federal level, dominate these campaigns.  It provides just the cover needed to put you in chains while smiling and claiming to set you free.  Ha. A Biden line, but I'm referring to everyone not one race.  Of course the worst hit think the are reaping the greatest benefit.

When you see how grubby, greedy and moronic that people can be, it is no surprise that things as they are and that we let whoever conducts the best circus to control our military.

But people actually believed the election had to do with birth control products and other things not actually relevant or within the true scope of the job.

This does not bode well for me, as I am not very close to the mainstream.  When I can afford to live and be insured both, I will.  In the mean time I will ignore all directives which claim to have authority to force me.  I see that as one example of the tyranny the American people have welcomed, and for which they seem to thirst.  Well half of them, anyway.

Half of America is philosophically OK with Marxism--ends justifies means. To each according to need, from each according to ability.   Of the other half, probably half of them are just as far from accepting freedom in any real sense.  And 70% of people are simply very dimwitted.  But they often make enough money or have any number of government jobs and/or pensions.

I'm just about done with it.  I don't think anything has changed.  It is just now a confirmed sure shot that I am screwed under the laws of the land.  I already was, but there was a chance things would ease up, or even that laws would get repealed.

Health mandates are just the tip of the iceberg.  I don't think people will be happy until we are truly third world in standard of living and quality of life.  But that has been coming forever.

In the mean time, people will continue to worry about abortion which has nothing to do with them, about getting free contraception--which someone pays for.  I used to just use a garbage bag.  Or I would merely annoy all women until they ran away.  And not once did I experience and unplanned pregnancy.

But who cares?   Goddam contraception is not my concern, and not my obligation.  The big problem with benevolence when someone else is paying at gunpoint, is that someone else is paying whether they like it or not.   The line between true social need and theft is certainly crossed easily.  We crossed that line long ago.  And at least half the people revere and canonize the creep(s) who pushed us the furthest past that line.

They all have a point and I see it, but they don't quite accept that the social democrats of the world roped in the dopes as they actually padded the pockets of special interests and many of the fat cats they pretended to assail.

Prices for food a gas out here have gone up steadily and rather quickly.  I can't wait until they start in with carbon taxes.  Dumb idiot, obamaphone toting morons will actually believe it somehow puts the filthy rich in their place while enriching the useless little morons who think of themselves as the holy little people.

So, maybe I'll move to an anyone-can-buy-it marijuana state and numb myself to this beehive, ant farm society that those in power appear to want.

I wasn't going to say anything, but I had to rant.  If only I had a Che shirt to ceremoniously burn in pubic.  If I burned an Obama poster or a hope and change logo, I'd be accused of being racist and maybe a threat.  If wanting to fire the guy and never wanting to hire him in the first place makes me racist, OK.  Of course it doesn't.  I think he coddles and encourages racists himself.

I'm grateful he is president and not his wife, and not Joe Biden.  He chose his VP wisely--gave detractors a motive to keep him healthy.  Oh God, please don't tell me we have four more years of Michele at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables.  Maybe she'll come up with a new cause.  Perhaps she can go on a crusade against circumcision or something equally not her business.

I don't find royalty in America appealing.  I think that sums that up.

On the up side, we aren't arguing over hanging chads, and Romney conceded in a classy way.  We don't have to deal with the promised riots by those who think force is good if it deals with the resources of others.

And I know from the obvious trend that I need to adjust things in my life or I'll be crushed by the state in next few years.

I wonder what will be the next riot excuse.  The Great Pretense is alive and well.  Chris Matthews thinks the storm was a godsend, and that it has all been handled admirably.  People are nuts.  I knew that but for some reason this brought me to accept that knowledge.

Obama represents what has been in play for more years than I have.  He isn't the sudden embodiment of some new oppression and scam on the people.

Ever notice he doesn't like to call people "people" or "individuals"?  It's always "folks".  Everyone is a folk.   We've been folked.

People fear freedom and love the edge they perceive is offered by government; from the phone whores to businesses in "partnership" with government.  All the same thing--living large on what comes out of the pockets of others.

Maybe when I get my life running right I'll view all this differently.  Half, or more, of my friends support some or all of the current bolshevik trend.  Maybe they are right and I'm in another dimension--out in left or right field.


No Riots?

Well, at least I didn't see people come out with Che shirts.  Maybe that is because I didn't watch.  

So far I guess riots have not ensued.  I don't think republicans are prone to it, but you never know.  The way things split it seems that the two big parties got together and divvied up which rights each would abuse.  So, I decide which way I think I can hold on to most freedom.  That is not the thinking of the majority.

It may actually be evolution.  Maybe some deep force has decided that survival of our species requires us to be more like ants, toiling under a ruling hierarchy with all for the good of the queen and the colony as a whole.  It does not sound like fun to me, but it does to some.

In any case,  I still haven't learned or even listened to Orange Blossom Special, but I guess I will.  My ego demands vindication.

How I manage to feel guilty for not playing something that doesn't motivate me, I don't know.  As well as the ego issue, I feel as if I've committed some sort of infraction by not ever learning and loving that tune.

If only I could get the tune labeled an affront to the Prophet, pbuh, then others would riot and no one would play it or expect me to.


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