Friday, September 16, 2016

It Is A Stage Play, Sorry

Maybe the man was right about the whole life experience being a play blablabla...tale told by an idiot, yadayadayada.

I only know so much of the quote, and I am too lazy to try to remember and write down all of it I do know.  I know the main thrust of the assertion.

But this political thing is pure theater and a great deal of half truth, no truth, deception and trickery.  Latest one is Hillary and now she's all forthcoming.  I think her organization is lying concerning her health.  Not that it matters unless she has something highly contagious or a condition that makes her mentally unfit. 

On second thought, I don't think being mentally unfit is a deal killer for the presidency, so scratch that idea.

Anyway.  Her camp is spinning like crazy.  Rumpelstiltskin all up in there, trying to spin gold from straw.  They may do it.  The rabidly faithful buy the spin.  Can't a girl get a day off?  All that stuff.  

As if it is only because this candidate is a woman that we find face diving during an early exit from an event interesting and worth some investigation.  If Trump could not stop coughing and had to be carried into his limo,  as he was free falling straight forward, unable to even use his arms to break his own fall, no one would have noticed.

She should use it to her advantage.  The next time she is at a rally and starts feeling like she's losing it, stage dive into the crowd and ride of the sea of people holding you up and transporting you all over the room.  Strategically place secret service personnel so that they can steer where the crowd sends Hillary.  

I've been having that same coughing thing, sort of, so I sympathize with Hillary on that.  

Why would anyone run for president?  Oh, that's right, the company airplane is the most pimped out company vehicle in the world.  And it comes with the job.   They could fit it with a really rad slide/ramp for Hillary. No daunting steps or nose dive worries.

Trump already has a plane, but it is not the same.   I wonder if he will resent that the plane at the job is better than his company's plane. Will he try to one up White House?   He'll already be used to the flying on demand part so that should be easy.  

It is a crazy world.   People in this country just will not get it through their heads that this is not a monarchy.  In any form.  Take that however.  That pretty much sums up a lot concerning this election.

I get why Hillary runs; she has been drinking from the public trough forever, like so many others, telling those who fill it that she's "fighting for them".  They all say that; "fighting for you!"  because you, apparently, are too dimwitted to fight for yourself, or even know you need to fight at all.

Professional politicians are just very high paid, powerful carnival barkers.  Total sham.  But people sucker for it.  Because they are greedy.  Really, "the little guy" is greedy and stupid, and emotionally insecure enough to jump at any chance to play victim.  I think I may hate "the little guy".  Their stupidity and predictable greed for the crumbs offered by the con artist politicians are why things are better, less crime ridden, and even more affordable than they are today.

Due to a family swimming in the blue koolaid, I will not state my intentions as far as voting.  And I won't argue it.  It is like geographical phenomena, climate change and such.  We may agree that things do change, but I amy not agree that legislation and a hatred for industry is the way to confront it.  They think government is responsible for all.  And they think it makes sense.  I think government has caused us to not be as advanced as we could be, especially in the fields of energy and transportation.

Koolaid drinkers believe curbing the standard of living is the way to all good things.

They are so wrong.  The climate hysteria is just a ruse so that even more deeply entrenched cronyism can have its way.  They subsidize their pet companies like Solyndra and such, pretending that government knows all possible alternatives, and that it is up to them to throw money at those they consider worthy.   Wide open for cronyism.  What if I just want to produce but do not want government involved?   Too bad.  They won't allow it without much red tape and nonsense.

And the blue koolaid people think that is the intelligent approach.

I am not trusting the red koolaid people, either.   However they are less given to wild eyed racism and misandry.  And complete irrational hatred of any human endeavor that is useful or just amazing--like jet airplanes, SUVs, etc.   Red Koolaid people tend to not express hatred for their own species to the same degree as the blue koolaid folks.

All the time you hear progressives act like they are ashamed to be American, ashamed to be white (other races OK), just ashamed that mankind has done such incredible things like go to the moon, invent glass, make cars that are highly dependable, create climate controlled dwellings, etc.  If people like it, or it really celebrates the genius and imagination of humans, they hate it.  "What about the blablabla worm, or moth or.... puke"

One thing is almost certain, I will not vote for Hillary, and most likely will never vote for a democrat again.  They are the same people who almost convinced me I was no good and not smart enough growing up.  Turns out they were only half right.  I am smart enough, but I hate the collectivist blinders with which they view life and those under their power.

And the republicans needs to purge their party of the McConnells and the like.  He is a Harry Reid clone.  Crooked, and worthless.

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