Thursday, November 26, 2015

Matters of State; of mind

It is strange how the political scene can swallow your mind like a drug.  There have been times when I felt it necessary to follow it all closely, even tossing $10 here and there for one campaign or another.   I even felt a little guilty for not doing more; felt I was honor bound to stand with the true freedom fighters.  [Hint: Che was not a freedom fighter]

Lately I have backed off considerably.  Enough to know that stuff is being debated with very little good information.  Also enough to know that once you pull away, the narcotic effect of the political game wears off and you wonder how you ever were affected by it. It seems foreign, unattractive and mostly fictitious once you step back.  I guess it is no surprise that it seems to be all those things, because that is what it is.

Political matters are important because that is the process creeps use to create a police state.  It is a pandering type of a game.  Even so, I can barely stand to even acknowledge the existence of such an intrusive amoral entity.   It has not always been so vile, I don't think, and I am sure it does not have to be like this.

But seriously, I cannot teach people to quit riding the bumper of the car in front.  How do I expect to influence the way they conduct wars and such?   Or make them give up power over almost everything.

I confess, I would feel better if there was someone worth voting for who would garner more than just my vote.  I don't know of a candidate who meets both those conditions.   The Republicans have to try to make Hilary look good.  They are doing it.  Here she is getting caught in one dirty trick after another yet the repubs look like the bad guys just because they are nuts.  And because they actually do play into the media's hands.  Bias is obvious, but the pattern of complaints is not useful.  They make themselves look stupid and goofy quite often.   I'm not sure why.

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