Sunday, April 24, 2016


In an effort to settle this question once and for all, I suggest a nationwide, week long holiday we will call Adolphest.   We will devise a series of contests in which contestants are tracked to see who is the ultimate Hitler.  So many people get compared to him, but can they all really be worthy of the title, neo-Hitler?  No, only the very most truly Adolf-like.

I have an advantage because I have German blood and don't eat meat.  But I am not in power, or seeking it at this time.  However, if drafted by public mandate, I will reconsider.

So, we should have this fest and determine who gets to be compared to Hitler for a year.  This would, hopefully, reduce the abundance of very weak comparisons, and maybe get rid of some confusion.  Then I'll know just who to oppose for being most like Hitler.

As it is, I cannot be sure.  Is Bush the real Hitler?  Obama?  Trump?  I have seen pictures where they have the mustache.   I haven't seen it on Hillary, I don't think.  That would be a pretty good one, so I suggest the professional Hitler revisionists and comparers get busy to include Hillary--the first American woman to be publicly and regularly compared to Adolf.  History in the making.  The mustache would totally work in her case.

At the end of the fest we will see who is crowned our new Faux Fuhrer for the year.  Then it will be just bad form to start comparing others to Adolf as well.  If you say Trump is the new Hitler, you cannot also label Bush or Obama or Hillary.  See?  Easy rules, and it is time we got this thing under control.

And what a fun holiday!!

We'll have parties all week, do medical experiments upon our enemies while comparing them to the SS, the whole shebang.  Fun Fun Fun.

So write your elected representatives and tell 'em we want Adolfest!

He'll Tell "Em

So, outside the VFW, where I played a last minute show with Valor and Lace, I hear some possibly tipsy people talking politics.  Loudly.   "Hell yea, I'm for Trump!  I like people who will tell it like it is.  He ain't afraid to look across the aisle and say, 'You're a dumbass!'."

It gave me pause.  Then I thought to myself, democrats have been looking across the aisle and telling third parties worldwide that the across the aisle person is a dumbass or worse for as long as I can remember.

The things said when Bush was president were mostly more hostile than the insults thrown at Obama.  No one wants to admit it because, if republicans and others used the same rhetoric and vitriol that was used on Bush, the racism accusations would be even louder, more pervasive and shrill than they are now.  So, in the spirit of the Big Pretense, people tiptoe around, even when being hostile, due to all the racial, tribal political dynamics that have been cultivated the last eight years.

The politics of ethnicity and condition of birth have been played for a long time.  But the progress toward peaceful coexistence reversed under Obama.  Blame him or guilty crackers, awful republicans, black panthers, or Trump.  No matter.  Racial issues have been made worse and, in many cases, fabricated to further the aims of that political faction.  Or so it seems.  I'm not sure who all calls the shots.  I don't think it is Barack, or even Michele.

Those who said things that even I hesitate to repeat regarding Bush and his family are outraged at the lack of respect for the office, etc. by opponents of Obama.  It happens.  My president is a victim.  Yours is the anti-Christ.  And, of course, your guy is Just Like Hitler!

I consider the Obama administration to be one the most racially divisive and inflammatory ever.  Some of that is natural because he is part black.  But mostly it is a ploy to cement all alleged minority groups, even if they aren't a minority, like women.  Any wedge that can be driven to pit groups against one another, especially against white men,  is used to keep the turmoil alive.  Black against white.  Hispanic (a made up race) against white (also kind of made up?), women against men (especially if the men are white); these are all tools of the trade.

Look across the aisle and say, "You are a dumbass!!".  First let us have the black females do this.  Then hispanics.  The women of all sorts.  Then white men.  My bet is that the latter will immediately be showered with accusations of racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia (which I suffer from, and will continue until that cult ceases to creep me out), homophobia (which I mostly only suffer from because it is not a political philosophy and I am sick of it), etc.  The point is that we have double and triple standards, at least.

Whether a Trump in power calling the other side dumbass will actually sooth my disgust with the oligarchy is another question.  I doubt it.  Half truths on any side of a question are still less that full truth.  And that is what we have ruling the day.  Partial truth and half baked solutions and descriptions of what needs solving.  That is how people get played and special interests, (those who pull the puppet strings), get their way.  And people really do not see it.  Even when they think they do.

Just listen to them.  They tell you they see all this corruption, "follow the money", blablabla, but then they jump on some half baked, only partially true bandwagon.  Because it is easier than not jumping on a satisfactory bandwagon which would win approval of dimwitted friends who can't hold a complete thought.  Acceptance is the reward, and that is all that matters.

I'm heading off to a Bernie rally to see if I can pick up chicks by agreeing with everything and expressing my white guilt as eloquently as possible.

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