Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daydreaming 61012

It is a good sign when I find myself, once again, daydreaming, mind wandering and in a place not quite given to normal space and time. Now if only I can find a design for something which I haven't been able to find in the marketplace.

I need a sander, or better yet, an attachment for a normal finish sander which will sand cylindrical things like the round legs of teak furniture. There must be something out there that conforms to varying diameter cylinder shapes. I guess if it just spun around you'd be sanding cross grain. I'm after the tiny orbital vibrations a finish sander relies upon.

It is easier to have the paper on the outside of a drum, from the point of view of the sander. I get that. But I thought a handy device would be on the market. Maybe no one has come up with a good design.

You can get the job done if you are good with a regular flat 1/4 sheet device, but I want better. And I don't like having to resort to doing so much by hand.

I've learned a lot about the world of teak frustration, and I figured out that the high end stuff, if people want it to look like it did new, which is unnatural, you go about it a little differently than I have. What I did was not bad, but the sun and elements take a toll. Plus there are some things which do not work well at all, even if various literature, manufacturer suggestions, etc. lead in those directions.

I'm all for epoxy paint. Choose a color and forget it looking like wood. I'm alone in that so here we go again. It was clever to get a quote from a specialty outfit. The house manager decided that maybe there was more to this stuff than she thought.

Money is money, and unless the Mormons want to pay me big money for playing Johnny B Goode, I'd better take work as it presents itself. I thought maybe I could make some dough in Obama's Venezuela presidency bid, but I'd probably just vote for the upstart guy and get caught. He'll have to deal with that campaign, and this one without much help from me. Maybe I could get paid to remake Mitt. If I could radicalize him in my image, I'd vote for him. Big if. But I am probably not getting paid by any of those people, except in my daydream schemes.

Mitt is Mormon, and I do have the inside line there. And with the Lutherans. Maybe some Jews and Catholics will insist I play for their rituals and festivities. You never know, I may expand into Buddhist or Hindu festivities. I must admit, I like the sound of the music and language in some of the Bollywood productions. Hindi. Very pretty for singing the love song.

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