Saturday, January 14, 2017

Repeal It To See What It Is

The ACA has been both vilified and praised.   Trying to find actual facts to back up either force is tough.  There are people whose deductibles are prohibitive; they would do better out of pocket and no premiums.  Then you hear about people who have coverage which otherwise would not have happened.

In reality, many people don't know what this Obamacare thing is or is not.  Pre-existing conditions is apparently in there.  But pre-existing doctors of choice, not so much.  And it was a lie that if you liked what you had you could keep it.  That is where lots of high deductibles came in.

Of course if you are in a government job or on a government or military pension, you really have little clue how the thing works in the real world.  If you are in Congress, you are special, so all this is for the "masses", not you.

The term, "the masses" is messed up.  I think it came from one of the communist thugs of early 20th century.  Both a telling and a demeaning term, I think.  There are those who like being part of the masses.  The oozing jelly of solidarinosc folk who blanket the streets, harassing the disinterested among the other masses while screaming at some power or another; their idea of God--government.

Anyway, blanket repeal of something no one actually fully understood to begin with is another move in the dark.  It could get weirder than ever.

I know from my own efforts in trying to find and read the affordable care act that it is incredibly obscure and complex and covers thousands of pages of confusion.  Most of it comes down to a clerk's judgment somewhere in the bowels of the federal government.  Surprising how many threads end there in trying to follow that bill.

I do not really know what to make of it.  In principle, the buy or die approach is not what I consider right.  Opting out seems to be a basic right.  But be prepared to die should you get ill rather than expect the good treatment.

By being forced to show coverage, semi poor folk are forced to take your generous subsidies, or else. I know I appreciate it.  But I don't know if what I am doing is really part of that act or not.  I know I pay more than what it would cost out of pocket with no insurance.  But if I progressed to the next phase of this condition, just one month worth of drugs might be 10k or more.  And I could conceivably want some stem cells to go.  That has to be costly.

In no time I'd cost thousands, tens of thousands of dollars more than I pay.  I actually couldn't pay more, and barely swing the bit I do.  If you are so indigent that you pay zip, your choices are very limited, and sometimes the only options available to you are not the best ones, and you will die.  I believe that is the point; make it look like compassion, but really it is just a pretense at care while you die off and shut up.

So, I hate to think of some of these goof balls grand standing over health care while making it worse. They have nothing to lose.  I'm too lazy to follow any money to see who gains.  I just do not think I trust any of them, demo or repub, to do anything sane and useful.

One thing for sure, do not do anything until you know the big picture and know what will work out better.

I believe they figured out the cost of this overly centralized system represented by the ACA was such that they could have just direct paid for people's health care 100% for a long long time, eliminating numerous middle men.

Corruption is a nervy vocation and it is astounding how it is conducted in plain view, yet "the masses" seem to be content to go alng with all pretenses that these people and things they do are not totally engineered and implemented according to corrupt motives and practices.

For God's sake, for my sake, for everyone's sake, will we quit having government by twitter, immediately, please?

Well, Nancy lied.  We did pass the Affordable Care Act, but still do not really know what is in it.  I suspect repealing it will not shed any light on it.  Especially considering the players involved.  Please save me from the Schumers and Warrens and Ryans and McConnells and other grandstanders reaping the spoils of power.

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