Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Weekend

Valor and Lace--the country band with the ex marines and Emily, and JRod--and with me---played Laguna Hills today.
Holy smoke.  What a cool event.

This neighborhood, or maybe the town adopted the Team Dark Horse, 3rd battalion, 5th Marines.  They did adopt them with the purpose of helping them out in various ways.  The houses around the park/ranch where the event took place were like small high end hotels.  You could fit a village in just one house.  Maybe just one of their multi car garages.

And then you were lucky if there was 10 feet between dwellings.  Weird.  These were very high end dwellings.  I prefer a little more rustic.  Rustic is forgiving.  If I do something clumsy,  most likely nothing will be damaged.  Whether it is wipe up a spill or whatever else might fit that bill.

Great outdoor event, lights on towers, nice stage.  We were one of four groups.  With the lights all you could see from the stage was the spotlights and the blue lights up and down the light towers out in front of us.  All else was a sea of black.  I could not see the people.  But I could hear them.

People like this bunch.  Richard the resonator player saw whatever it is with these two first.  Chris was the Marine and went through a music therapy program they started for PTSD, and I think he got off all the meds they were feeding him.  His mother a sister were in from TX for this and he and Em getting married on Sunday.  And I am in it. Along for the ride.  These people are having an impact on me.

That may be good.  I always enjoy being alive when I am around them.  Strange. but good

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