Monday, March 14, 2016

The Over the Top Moral Blather

Now I have relatives reposting facebook letters explaining why they can't be friends with anyone who supports Trump because those people are all hateful racist whatnots by definition.  I wonder if they have really scrutinized the world of politics in this country over the last fifty or a hundred years.  Remember the cost of Vietnam?

Anyway, I think the assumption that anyone who supports the guy they think is Hitler Jr., is evil, is over the top and smacks of the sort of jack boot attitude they claim is Trump's M.O.

I tend to think we have a serious problem with who has power and the incredible dishonesty, corruption and outright theft that is rampant in all corners of government.   I am not following every word, but I pay enough attention to know that we have but one reasonable candidate remotely in the mix.  And no one even knows of this person.  That would be the Libertarian candidate.  Gary Johnson.

No chance of him getting any votes.  The media has done its job to protect the two parties.  You rarely hear about others, and when you do they are painted as kooks for not being the same old cattle-to-the-slaughter outfits the republican and democratic parties are.

Anyway.  I may think the entire premise of the democratic party is immoral.  Or much of it.  I have no idea what the republican party stands for.  Democrats still like to pander and pretend to rob the rich while screwing those to whom they pander.  Bizarre, but it works.

Anyway, for me to assume that all who disagree with me are evil thieves, racists, sexists, and thugs would be over the top.  You can be heavily misguided in politics and be my friend.   If you are one of the jackboots who kicks in doors without a warrant, and for stupid reasons, then I probably have no desire to be your friend, and I don't like you.

I just find it surprising how people tend to stretch their moral outrage to justify radical judgement and condemnation of people who see the path to Utopia as something other that what they envision.

The older I get, the more I wonder if I haven't been misguided in many ways for much of my life.   It certainly is not due to my core evilness or a desire to do evil or harm anyone.   And I assume the same for most of my misguided friends.

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