Friday, April 24, 2015

This is Working Out

The poison pill is doing its job.  The count for the main culprit dropped by almost half.  It is just about in the range of normalcy.  This means I probably take some poison forever, but other things will reappear, like iron, and energy will against visit me.

Next solve the swallowing issue and life is grand.

Played the wounded warrior CD event with Chris Hamilton and band.  It was an interesting time.  There are people from 30 to 70 years old in that band.  It was a little rough from lack of everyone practicing together, but it wasn't bad.  The musicians are all really good.

The number one enemy, until you reach a level beyond my imagining, is the friggin sound system and set up. Why places get it so wrong, I am not sure.  Tonight I think the resonator player and I could hear one another but the room couldn't.  Monitors not in line with the mains.  So, we enjoyed the show more than anyone because we heard everything.

I am thinking that there is a chance of a real bounce-back within a month or two.   The JAK2 gene mutation is unlikely to un-mutate.   As a result of the mutated gene, the off switch in the bone marrow  malfunctions.  Enter the pusher man, saying, "Take a pill!".

The pill kills something which halts much of the cell production.   A makeshift off switch, which one learns to control properly through dosage experimentation and adjustment. Doing so well that we just keep doing what we're doing for another 3 months.  I bet the dosage gets cut in half then.

It is kind of cool, however it seems to me that the whole stem cell situation could be manipulated on a molecular scale,   Un-mutation seems possible to me.

Crazy world.  Some physicians resent it mightily if you dare not have  a primary care doctor.  The think everyone has the time and money to work it out as they see fit.

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