Wednesday, May 6, 2009

S. FL.

Perhaps it is just me but I find the Fort Lauderdale area to be a lot more tense and petty than SoCal. Maybe they act like that in L.A.

Others don't seem to feel like I do about the place. I've long considered FLL the jerkiest part of Florida outside Miami Beach. I like Miami proper and Dade county a little better than the Lauderdale scene. Hard to say why. This visit has not been too bad for rudeness. Except when driving; if you put your signal on to change lanes, the car a block back will gun it to try to prevent you from moving over. They hate for others to get their way in traffic even if it doesn't affect them at all. That won't stop me in the Olds low rider wagon.

Obviously the theory in the late 80's was; if we build it real close to the road, it will get good gas milage and people won't mind that they have to lay down and squirm through the door to get in. No matter to me, I can handle it. I know these vehicles. It didn't even fool me that they keep the latch for the rear hatch in the glove box. A little yellow button resides there. It opens the back if you push it just right.

I am pretty sure a new Godzilla is growing here. It was the wildest, largest lizard I ever saw. They claim it must be an iguana. It casts a shadow which darkens a city block at high noon. It eats flowers by the bushel. Golfers at the course by the pond and canal it inhabits have gone missing. No trace.

It's Godzilla all over again, I tell you.

Most things cost less here, but produce generally costs more. Probably due to shortages resulting from Godzilla's inconsiderate raids on the produce of the area. So, I don't hear those pretenders in DC acknowledging anything about This crisis. Cowards.

There are more creatures here than in the average zoo.

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