Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GOP C C in Pictures-2; Who'd have guessed?

In a dramatic and surprising turn of events, the nominees for President and Vice President of these 57 or so United States are...

Top Democratic National Committee advisers pay close attention as they plan their campaign strategy to combat these formidable challengers.

Such excitement is in the air. Who will be the next to be labeled a racist? Who will say the most idiotic thing for no good reason?
I can't wait for more drama to unfold.

Will Chris Matthews figure a way to at least get to first base with Barack Obama?

Will Ron Paul supporters finally give up on procedure and just beat up the establishment jackboots in a vicious brawl on the convention floor?

*****JUST IN!!!! A politician from deep South Florida, in a startling turn of events, gave Obama an enthusiastic endorsement, accompanied by a leader from the Northeast.

GOP Convention Coverage in Pictures

Mitt and Ryan arrive into town for the convention

Hey, why don't we change the rules so we don't have any pesky disagreements?

Internal RNC battle ensues.

Order restored

This is so exciting. I can't wait for the next chapter in this thrilling example of the two party system. I think the key word here is "party".

Just an aside; is Chris Matthews insane? Or is he so absolutely infatuated and in love with Obama that his passion has fooled him into not realizing that Barack is never going to have sex with him. I think Photo-Lady has that same delusion.

According to Chris Matthews the term birth certificate is racist, and any mention of food stamps is racist. Actually any hint of questioning anything Obama, his imaginary love master, says or does is racist. Also Chris knows what "African-Americans are thinking". I'm afraid Chris' over the top infatuation, coupled with his own racist notion that he needs to protect Black people, has pushed him dangerously close to a chronic state of delusional psychosis.

Damage Report; libertarian inside extortion lobbyist retreat

So, the good news is: they didn't stuff entire rolls of toilet paper in the toilets or break any lavatory fixtures this time.
They only broke one tray which was a part of a teak lounge chair. No apology or mention of such discrepancies is ever offered. These things are just left for others to discover and deal with. Cool. That's how Chicago insiders roll.

Only one table suffered from the massive spillage of unknown liquid which dried like lacquer, and also dripped, and dried, on six chair cushions. It was clear not even slight effort was made to wipe up the mess whenever it happened.

The big blotches of sunscreen or whatever it is on the lounge cushions is bound to come out with some kind of solvent, yet to be determined.

Just another episode in the lives of those benevolent people who are fighting for you poor peons. A lobbyist in the Jesse organization.

Obama's pals.

Oh well, I guess the best way to have reliable, conscientious caretakers is for them to hire the dirty capitalist, freedom seeking enemies. Who else is fool enough to trade without looking for an angle to suck it out of a government entity of some kind?

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