Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Cannot Help It: IQ and Hearts fit in with Obesity CRISIS!!!

Earlier I skimmed some stories about Michelle Obama and her discussion of the dangers of childhood obesity. It has become her cause, like Jackie O redecorating the white house, Lady Bird beautifying America, etc. (what was Hillary's? Laura Bush--was her gig, ironically, literacy?) {it's a risky business when you stray from simple government into the realm of knowing what's best for the dumb ass masses]
You can't fault that. They always have to have some trademark. Hers is children's health and I guess she zeroed in on the fat ones. That's been a big thing of government people for awhile.

Maybe it is a prelude to cutting school lunch in half to save money.

Anyway, while pondering people who often use the sound, "sh" in place of S, like Michelle, Geo. W. Bush, and I think one of those old time actresses, maybe Judy Garland, I stumbled upon this gem:
LONDON (Reuters) - Intelligence comes second only to smoking as a predictor of heart disease, scientists said on Wednesday, suggesting public health campaigns may need to be designed for people with lower IQs if they are to work.

If you ask me, most public service ads and government programs aimed at personal behavior have long targeted the brain dead. How would anyone else not find them so annoying that they just tune the idiotic, condescending, big brother noise out?
Of course they did not consider the fact that even some high IQ people love the excuse to look at and judge the behavior of others. The less it is their business the more they like it. It is a bonus if they get the excuse to actually influence the personal life of others.

That must be why they don't see that their advertisements for the public good already target the intelligence level they are after. Due to the flaw in intelligence that doesn't guarantee the willingness to let others be free of unnecessary control, it catches their blind side. They, being smart enough but not willing to resist running the lives of others.

So, if you have fat kids, dress them in dark colors and do not let them wear horizontal stripes. Otherwise they may get flagged by the state as health risks, and for their own good be placed under some sort of protective care. You could be cited as a Bad Parent by concerned professionals in their school. It will go on their Permanent Record and one day when you get a divorce (maybe you'll have to get married first--doesn't matter) it will be a matter of conflict in the custody battle. You, the parent who carted those tubby kids from place to place will now be blamed because the kids would have starved and never gone anywhere had you not taken responsibility.

But they are fat, and that means You Did It.

If you are accused of something you did not do, you'll be found guilty because Johnny Sutton will use your kids' permanent records against you, and your defense attorney will be caught off guard. They will pay the cafeteria lady to tell lies about you.

Keep your fat kids disguised as not too fat.

I suggest taking up smoking and dumbing down. It could mercifully shorten your life. And God knows, you aren't the only one who has considered the fast track option to the exit.

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