Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quick Sanding Hint

If one were to be running a power sander for hours at a time, and he had the wherewithal to figure out the advantages of ear plugs early in this project, you'd think he'd have known that it would behoove him to employ the services of the dusk masks, which are easily found in the modern marketplace, before completing 9/10 of the power sanding which the project entails.

However, even if only one hour out of twenty was worked using the dusk mask, one glance at the thing after an hour or two of sanding would confirm its value.

I'm out of breath just typing this. And the sanding is done for now. Two hours out of more than I'm willing to admit. Only two hours of not breathing finely ground teak and who knows what mixed in. I will say the balance of unprotected sanding was less than 100 hours.

I'm an idiot.

--still pleased with the 1/4 sheet sander made by Ridgid

Quick Reminder

It is rarely noted, but none of the TSA bans on toothpaste, nail clippers, etc., and the searches and pat downs initiated as the result of 911 would have prevented 911. Box cutters are not such a big deal. For all the purpose they served, a well honed credit card would have done the same thing.

We knew who Bin Laden and many other players were. It was odd that people were paying to learn to fly, but did not care about learning to land. There was much intelligence which was neither applied, nor shared with flight crews.

Prevention is often more complicated and has something to do with culture, the nature of what people see, read, hear, etc. Rarely is it to be found in politically motivated band aids and power grabs.

Never Let Someone Else's Suffering Go To Waste

Hey, sorry for your loss, mind if I borrow the tragic death of your loved ones to kind of boost my image? Thanks, I knew you'd understand. You can go back to being numb and in shock now. In no time at all, I'll be out of here and you won't have to worry about roads being blocked and such.

But before I leave, I'd like some M&Ms, and none of them had better be blue. Or else! I feel your pain, now get lost while I psyche myself into my cool, calm, yet compassionate leader/and/or celebrity persona. I need that mirror to make sure my concerned face is tuned up. Photo ops await. Another few minutes in the lime light. This is about me. Your job is to be a good prop.

So sorry for whatever it is that has you folks down; but this is an opportunity for my campaign or news story or power grab or another chance to play Papa to New York City or to spin something unfounded against my philosophical rivals, or bolster my entertainment career. Matters not what you may call it, I call it pay day.

Of course many of us have our spots reserved in the VIP tent for whatever vigil. What's this town called?

Oh, look! Michael Moore is here with his crew to make a documentary. He says rich fat white guys are to blame--except not him, of course. Wow, this party is sure to last awhile. I can put on a real performance, get some publicity, and all the while pretend to just be in somber mourning solidarity with the people who are actually suffering.

How many people were killed in Afghanistan and Chicago over the weekend? What's it matter? No percentage in that angle. Nope, Pay Day is right here.

PS: Dear El Presidente del Mejico, Senor Calderon
How about you figure out how to run your own country and quit pretending you know how to run ours. I dislike you more and more every time you express your illogical bizarre itch to play US politics. You suck. other than the guns Eric Holder made sure went down there, I think the notion of US gun stores supplying your gangs which have killed 55000 or so in the last five years has been found to be a somewhat erroneous assertion. You still suck.

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