Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coyote 2, research yields brilliance

My search for things related to vile coyotes brought me to this picture. It pretty much speaks for itself, I guess.
He's feeding the coyote. Very sweet. Brilliant!

I'd not have felt bad had this guy been feeding it poison or pointing a crossbow at the sneaky coyote.

The guy who took the shot chased the critter away and tried to explain to the people both the danger of feeding coyotes and the law. It is a federal crime. But so is killing a bear in many places. Being law doesn't mean it is wrong or not.

A kid who somehow killed a bear with a rock because his scout pack was surprised and scared when the bear came into their camp was actually prosecuted. We live in a world run by unabridged fuquits. Seriously, what a freak shot that must have been, like hitting a basket from half court at the buzzer. They say it is better to make noise than throw things at bears. You may just annoy the bastard and get mauled. To me that kid is a hero, and possibly a great future pitcher or quarterback.

****story of possible coyote shooting in the night, which just occurred down the hill, at my keep connected live sometimes mirror blog, sometimes not.

Coyotes conspire in the shadows

They have been laughing and taunting me--the coyotes. I think they may be reading my mind. They are more cruel than bratty young kids born of nitwits. Their eyes glow yellow.

They wait until I am almost asleep, then they laugh and yelp and howl, just out of sight. It is dark enough up here that ten feet away is plenty enough to be hidden from view. But I hear them. They laugh arrogantly, smugly and with malice.

Just wait until I get a fresh load of marbles for the slingshot. Throwing larger stones has yet to yield a hit. All I can do is throw toward the sound. The cowards generally tone it down until I return inside from the deck. I'll bet they are forming some kind of animal union with the bears. Soon we'll have an Obnoxious Animal Czar to ensure that no one hurts their feelings or turns them into ugly hats and coats.

I hope to find a way to nail one, knock it dead, then laugh maniacally as its comrades have it for dinner without the slightest hint of conscience. But they will know I have drawn the line. I will at last be respected by these heartless bullies. I will have revenge.

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