Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Horizons Broadened

Westy of Westy's world tried to throw me from cliffs on the edge of the world. Somehow I survived. I think she was trying to cash in on the contract I placed on my life back in the HarpO blog days.

It's OK. Refund not necessary

Although, in principle, I think things should be done differently, even if difficult, I understand the difficulties and don't really care. This is in reference to the implosion of JS.

I'd like to see the format revived somehow because those guys did have the best setup. I'm not so sure how this auctioning of the name, but not the software, then considerations of turning the software over to open source bla bla bla works, and I'm in no position to undertake the administration of such a thing, but it could very well be an opportunity just waiting for an energetic entrepreneur.

So, it is what it is, and people who like to write and liked being in contact with others on JS will continue to write and stay in contact. Use Dorrie's forum, link on JS page, or at Westy link here and through links on various journals.

In short, I don't sincerely care about no steenkeeng refund.

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