Saturday, May 14, 2016

Aptly Named, Target

I'm not much for boycotts.  Although my life often appears to be one big boycott.  Those are either the good times when I don't spend money, or the bad times when I am too broke to pay attention.

Here we are now with another Target boycott.  This time, according to the chance article I read, it is lead by Christian groups who disapprove of how they operate their restrooms.  I doubt people really investigate these things before reacting.

Somehow it has really become the item du jour to distract people from reality.  I keep thinking all kinds of mischief must be happening in real life, and that is why they keep tweaking an absurd yet emotional issue that they know will get everyone on their high horse.

Soliloquy after soliloquy with poetic homage paid to the convoluted philosophical position of each alleged side in this odd controversy.

Here is the good news:  If enough people boycott Target, stuff is going to start going on sale and killer bargains can be had.

My impression is that the boycott idea is considered right wing.  Last time I remember them being boycotted was something to do with unions.  I can't believe that veil still stands up.  But I think people view unions and their tactics like people view the Mob.  If they are the recipients of generosity or financial gain due to the actions of the thugs, well, then, they aren't thugs, they are just people fighting for rights and dignity, etc.  

It is the victim mentality.  If you or those you protect enjoy victim status, then all normal restraint and humanity of conscience are suspended, because you can't have a victim without an assailant of some sort.  And you do anything to survive so it is OK to do rotten things to the bad guys.  Both sides may be bad guys.  In this context, both sides generally play victim.  It is a game, and it is a sham on the large scale.  Of course government is heavily involved.  That keeps the right interests on top.  Unions are right there with Monsanto or any large multi-national.

Unions are big business.  They basically sell votes and government worker unions very transparently launder union dues into campaign support for purchasing politicians of their choice.  From one standpoint, it is brilliant.  If anyone questions tax paid worker unions, and their heavy political activism, they are called anti-worker, duped by corporations, etc.

Be that as it may.  The point is that Target experienced a more left wing organized boycott the last time.  Everyone boycotts Target, so it seems.  And mostly over stuff that probably doesn't even concern them.

I wonder if there will be sales now, or maybe wait a few days before heading out to Target.  I will make a point Not to use the bathroom before I go.  I want to use theirs.

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