Friday, June 3, 2011

Haircuts, Salt Water, and deadly blood suckers

There is no water and beach on the planet that has the feel of home like where the Atlantic Ocean meets the outer banks of North Carolina. It is the perfect beach in so many ways; waves big enough to be interesting but not overwhelming (though rip tides can get you if you are unwary), very broad white sand beach with dunes lining the back, warm enough water to be bracing but not chilling wet suit swimming.

You can imagine feeling energized enough to raise the Jolly Roger and have your way with the world. The place does have that magic.

Oh yea, you can drive on the beaches for miles. I did not because I thought the salt and sand not the best ticket for my car. The four wheel drive would do it, but the clearance could be a little iffy in areas.

The thing is, one should either make a day trip of it, or have decent lodging secured. It is not a poor man's venture for long. Even camping you need a big tall tropical style shelter--or you will swelter. And be sure it has fool proof mosquito netting. Soak it in repellant chemicals. That is what I eventually did to my tent, the tarp, and my clothes and myself. Frisco is really a little better for the minimally equipped camper. I had no mosquito issue there which was surprising.

Another hint: if you decide to go over a sand dune path to get to the beach, at noon, and your flip flops seem to be bogging down in the soft deep sand, DO NOT remove them, thinking you can make a run for it barefoot. You will find yourself ankle deep in sand just two degrees below the point at which it turns to molten glass.

Holy smoke!!! Talk about a hot foot! I threw those flipflops back down and jumped on them, then went the rest of the way with left flop on right foot, etc. HOT. I found another less treacherous route back.

Before the Banks, I spent time with Joel in Greensboro. I think I mentioned staying in Hagan Stone park. I don't recall.

I decided I can't go way up to Mass. or NY or New Hampshire. I'm heading back west.

Had I the means for good lodging, and all the fun toys that lend themselves to the Outer Banks, I might have stayed there another decade. Lacking that, and finding absolutely no shade in the federal campground, and suspecting not much better at the private ones, and because of the unbelievably inconsiderate mosquitoes, I had to hit the road, Jack.

Good advice from Ocracoke; not sure if you can see it but this is a cemetery with a sign pleading for you to keep out. Ironic, I think. "PLEASE KEEP OUT"--takes less persuasion some days than others, in my case

After an all nighter, which included 4 hours of dozing in a rest stop, I wound my way down to Peiffer University, my last full time institute of higher learning. It is still as great as ever. I was saddened to think of my confused and horrifically wasteful ways at the time. But then it occurred to me some of the reasons and the fact that you cannot change these things. I love that area; quiet, pretty, lots of home grown culture.

Headquarters, home of master barber MR ?

I took a chance and got a haircut at Headquarters, the only barber in Misenheimer, NC. Too bad this guy is not ocated in Alpine. He was damned good, and his pals came in talking it up, almost like Floyd's in Mayberry, except this guy wasn't spooky like Floyd.

He did seem to repeat key phrases from his friends though.
Pal-"So, them Highway Patrols is out there an I ain't kidding, they're taking pictures and pulling em over"
Barber-"Taking pictures"
Pal-"It 'as so hot, I near laid out yestiddy"
Barber-"Near laid out"

These guys aren't old and ancient by any means. Just the way of it. That guy had every document known to the world of haircutting on his wall, and about ten billiards trophies. He sure did better than that Viet Namese chick in Alpine.

I miss having long hair. I like it long, but am not too thrilled with the look of it. I just like having it. Is that gay? Probably. Oh well.

Speaking of gay, my trusty Subaru, TourMobile#2, is getting very close to 30 mpg lately, even with a/c running. At times, it is down to 26 or 28, but that is because of all the 20 mph towns and erratic NC speed limits on highways---55, 45, 65, 70 50, 60, and not always in any logical place.

Pics aren't too good. I have some video but brought no electronics down to the beach.

Man, I forgot how much I love salt water, and none more than this stretch of the Atlantic.

I believe this is Frisco, just above the bottom of Hatteras, I guess, where you take the ferry to Ocracoke. I enjoyed that 40 min ride, and it is free.

This is probably from the top of the dunes since I know I brought no phone further than that

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