Thursday, April 12, 2012

Change, or lack of it, that you can believe in--over and over

Perhaps when a hip foreigner points out the fragility of the emperor's cloak, it could wake up the loyal drones.   No, I doubt it.
Even so, this is funny.  The foreign aspect makes it funnier.  When Scandinavians aren't drunk or committing suicide, they can be witty.

PS: to Critic #1, I do not care if I can change it, or if it has any deeper meaning or reflects any thought. Sometimes I simply enjoy a thing, or have some sick desire to observe the real life theater of the absurd. It's the ongoing reality show which sometimes recruits by touting the dubious value of "getting involved to make a difference!".

I, of course, would put out public service ads encouraging people to resist getting involved. I would admonish them to mind their own business whenever possible, unless they can find ways to reduce the power of government and those who use it for their own devious ends. But then I am not in the majority here or over there.

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