Thursday, December 22, 2016

What Triggers the Relatively Quiet Anger

Whether the anger is at myself or at the official world of the state and all the people who go along, thinking they are clever and smart, I am not sure.  Probably both; everyone.

Don't get me wrong, I love systems that remove salt from sea water, harvest energy from sun, wind and waves.   I tend to think much of it is nonsense and pure 100% crony/political theft wrapped in "green".

I seriously doubt that the monstrosities being put in the ocean to catch wind in the northeast are anywhere close to the most elegant, efficient, non-intrusive system possible and available.  But that's another story.  Feats of engineering in their own way, and splendidly grandiose, but a boondoggle of sorts.  I will just leave that.   Not going to argue the pros and cons of such monopoly and state efforts.

What does hit a nerve with me is when I see some video or meme on facebook cheering in amazement that someone has an idea or system that uses waves to produce the power to purify the sea water.  I argued with people in the seventies about just such systems.  I noted the inevitable doom that centralized water and power production can bring.  I met people involved in all sorts of energy saving, or sustainable fuel efforts.  They gave up due to government intractability.  Bullying and ridiculous action by agencies.

People still think that politicians with "vision" are the answer.  They are just too goddamed stupid and ego-bound to see that those are the ones queering the danged deal.  They are the ones who made it illegal to generate your own power.  Yes that is true.

The real bottom line is, in some ways I am truly an idiot.  Obviously, or I'd have an adoring, adorable wife and better handle on day to day life in civilization.  But in other ways, I am no idiot.  And that can be very frustrating.  Like those people who read and talk about science, but have no clue what equations are or how any of that bears on results.  But they pretend to be all scientific and intellectual. Talk show lab geniuses.  And then they go on and on about "believing" in science.   Do you realize how idiotic that actually sounds?

A subset of the group I referred to, decades ago, as Johnny Carson intellectuals.  Either you get that or you don't.  No judgement or reflection on anyone.

Obviously people who are clueless about what science even is.  Believe in it.  Yea, I believed in elves and science, and the Druid faith, pbut, and the holy trees therein.

Those are usually people who think it is great for government to promote some business over others, which the whole "sustainable energy" prank by the state is totally designed to do.

But the idea that only now do people want alternatives to expensive electricity and gasoline is bunk.  Edison, Ford, Firestone, even Lindberg were obsessed with discovering renewable fuels and other resources.  They actually were.  This is where the majority can be trouble.  The public has suckered for every nonsensical insult to their humanity.  I would say intelligence but I am not certain there is enough there to insult.

Look how the auto world developed.  Most makes changing the chrome and fins and stupid looks every year.   If people had been out for reliability and savings, etc., the companies may have done things differently.  People wanted schmaltz and glitz and some bizarre assurance that they, too, could be studs and sirens.

Some cool stuff went into it, but look at the design.  They should be easy to repair and set up in modules, for quick interchange and ease of trouble shooting.  Cars are a pain to work on.  Planes are less frustrating because that is life or death.  So they aren't all nonsense.

Anyway, people are idiots.  All worked up now about energy, the end of the world and on and on.  But I tell you they are out of the same idiot factory as those who let it be damned near illegal to experiment with fuels or energy on your own.

OK. People are just weak and confused and maybe a little insecure.  Not really idiots, but maybe they act as if a lot.

I know, someone will say I have provided no for instance. No nothing.  I realize that.  I just don't want to get all tied up in it.  The real point is, the state needs to back off, and protect the independent manufacturer who may rankle the industry hotshots.  Protect instead of propose crony written legislation which helps the hot shots in the field gain an advantage over the upstarts.  This is why we aren't almost all energy independent.  Every dwelling or small group of dwellings should be independent.  But not by government mandate.

They got gung ho about the time certain large energy interests bought up solar cell and battery technology and the state of the art was such that it worked.  Oil companies mostly own that stuff.  I think they are just messing with each other--especially small interlopers trying to compete.  And they are doing like textiles did before the major players of that industry destroyed the manufacturing in the US.  It is a game played by amoral people who apparently want limits on the average standard of living.

It's incoherent.  Oh well.  I am just so stunned how dimwitted so many people are.  Their way around it is to fit in and hang with the mob.  The mob will turn on anyone who doesn't accept the mob's convoluted rationale for vandalism or murder.

Any time ever that you hear politicians talking about any particular energy system or saying we must support this one or not that one, just know they are playing you right then and there.

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