Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sounds Good, But Watch Out--electoral hoax

Few people grasp why the president is actually elected by the Electoral College rather than by straight popular vote. Of course, some of those people are wondering who the EC plays in sports; do they have a football team, how do they stand on supporting women's athletics?

Those afore mentioned people tend to swing elections. Show them something shiny and they will follow anyone anywhere. I'd venture to say they are basically good people. Most people are, until you tempt their greed for material things, power, recognition etc. Greed and envy can be easily triggered and then all bets are off, especially if you can rationalize the result.

Now we have states oddly voting to by-pass the electoral process in presidential elections. I'm not exactly sure why, except they may resent states like South Dakota or Texas having a say. The main incentive I see for by-passing or eliminating the present electoral system is to further strengthen and centralize federal power over the states and people.

Some have complained that laws vary from state to state. Those same people have often touted various european countries for one custom or another, ignoring the fact that many states are as large or larger than most european countries. You do not expect France and Germany to be identical in law and character.

The system we have was designed to give some weighted influence to smaller state, and limit the possibility of a majority tyranny over the minority. States were considered just short of being countries. By throwing all electoral votes toward the candidate with most popular vote you guarantee that a very limited and un-diverse set of voting blocks can carry the day.

The present system is designed as one of those checks and balances which were put in place to make it tougher for megalomaniacs to have their way with us. "Us" being individuals. The way of power is supposed to be #1--the individual, #2--the states #3-the federal government. It has flipflopped completely, and because so many people now look to european models for leadership[, they don't even realize the implications of this or why it is not a good plan.

I attribute the emergence of gang mentality, insane public school culture, general environment of fear, inability to let kids have the run of the neighborhood, all of that, to the shift in power out of the hands of the individual and family, to the state, to the feds. What blinds people is that secret pretense we have been perfecting for at least 40 or 50 years. It is such a sacred pretense (like all those which serve as the cornerstone of a dysfunctional system) that you just can't name or expose the truth of it.

But make no mistake, pretense has been key in the surrender of local and individual power, responsibility, and even thought.

For those who do not want a few large population centers to dictate their fate, removing the thorn in the side of those who would love to control you from afar is a bad idea. Of course, president is only one part of the mix, or used to be. It does appear that executive power has run amok for many years at a geometrically increasing rate. And other representatives have managed to create a system by which we are somehow told of our choices by those who own and buy the officials. But, how many really resisted the government - corporate partnerships when they saw some benefit for themselves?
Don't lie.

I've known many people who voted a certain way because some favorable government act was going to enrich their employer their union, themselves. Did the taxpayers footing the bill owe you that favor, or benefit from it? Irrelevant to those who stood to benefit, although they would often disingenuously spout off platitudes in support of the ridiculous like hawkers at a fair.

So, if your state for some reason votes overwhelmingly in favor of the candidate favored by people in other states or other regions, if you are CO, Mass, NC, or some others, California, I guess, all your electors will be required to support the guy you do not want. It is a bad move, as were other moves which eroded sovereignty of states, and consequently individuals. The things ensuring individual liberty and rights are good, but rarely the items pushed by those who see centralization as progress. Quite the opposite.

In school a lot of teachers who were actually not very independent in their thinking, used to push us to think the electoral college was a fool's scheme. They also seemed to see the office of president as akin to king or supreme ruler, so what can you expect.

No wonder people think in those terms today, rather than wondering why Congress allowed or encouraged Bush, since the same people had a majority for much of his reign. The same general players and power camps secured more executive authority under Bush as are doing so under Obama. The 911 report was merely a plan to usurp power from people and localities. Obama could not do what he's done without cooperation. Congress has been giving over much power to executive discretion for a long long time.

The Bush crowd, with democratic congress and help, set the stage for the current power grab. First it is in thew name of keeping us safe, then to prevent certain financial meltdown, next who knows what. We aren't safer and definitely losing economic freedom and power.

Maybe people want a king, absolute and final, a total dictator. Someone to worship, and if it all goes sour, someone to fight against. I don't get it.

What could have motivated those states? Anger that Bush won the election with a possible sliver of more popular votes going to Al? That part seems debatable, but I still think it is a good idea that some geographic weighting is in place. Pure majority vote on everything is not a good plan. Got to put limits on anyone's power over others.

Once again, back off the federal government to its proper limits, back off the executive branch to its proper limits, and maybe people would come to see president as something other than supreme czar. And for the love of Pete, quit calling these damned agency heads, "czar". What the hell is that about? I do not answer to royalty. Sorry. I do not recognize nobility, and I don't subject myself to its arrogant assumption of authority. What a sick thing that we accept all these soulless clerks as supreme authority over finances, industries, health, etc.

Friday, July 30, 2010

On A Los Lonely Boys kick

I've bee looking up acoustic versions they did of some songs on Tv or wherever. They have videos on youtube. Some great stuff.
Also some good jams plugged in, too.

It always drives me nuts when some performer or group, who are clearly not copies of something get compared to others as if people have to try to put them in a box. A lot of Santana comparison. I think because they have some latin beat and progressions going. They're Texican rockers. I suppose some people would think any electric guitar with a Mexican flair would have to go in the Santana box.

Some comparison is natural, but it really gets overdone. I wonder who they offer up as "sounds like" for Santana or Stevie Ray Vaughn?

These guys were brought up on Beatles and all the stuff like that. They even have an EP out called 1969 as a tribute to music from that year, including Doors Roadhouse blues and a bunch of others.

Anyway, they definitely can hit the spot. The Song Heaven was written by the guitar player when his infant son died of SIDS. It won them fame and a grammy.

It may be the best band name ever. I think Los Lonely Boys is a perfect name. Texas has some of the best music if you are a sucker for Latin influenced rock, country, etc, like I am. It may be my favorite kind of music. Texican.

I saw that Jojo the bass player has some sort of vocal cord lesions and they cancelled concerts the last few months. I hope they get it worked out. A very tight family they have. I saw an interview in which the typical news woman asked the guitar player if the three brothers get sick of each other, being on the road together so much. He answered, "I would have to say, absolutely not!".

Just did not fit the mold for that airheaded news person.

And they wonder why meeting one anthropologist has poisoned previously peaceful cultures. Imagine if they'd met a news man as their first introduction to the outside world. It would have been even worse.

There's another Tex/Mex band that I keep trying to remember. They have about 20 people on stage. It's like they found a spot for all their family and friends, even if they just clap their hands now and then.

I like this song.

Here's one a little more recent from a jazz festival in Yankeeland. It's a 26 minute jam. Bobby ought to like this one. I've always been disappointed that bands I played with did not regularly turn a good song into a set long jam.
I like this sort of thing. Good free spirited creative guitar pleases me. I know, me, the one who fears those with guitar player syndrome disease. If you can play and have some creativity, that usually fixes it. Knowing when to be somewhat layered re volume helps. Full scream 100% of the time robs you of any drama, feel, or soul that you may have had to offer. Dynamics, rarer than one would think.

The drummer looks like that guy from LOST. Either it is a nickname or his father named him after Ringo Starr, because his name is Ringo. Henry is the only one with a non-nick name sounding name.

forgot to include an acoustic one---here it is

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Things I don't Believe; and maybe some I do

If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem. No, not necessarily. I am not in any way solving the problem of AIDS, yet I am in no way contributing to the spread, creation, or any thing else to do with it. Same for the problem of psychotic gang members. I don't create them, I don't take them out---I'm not there--not a part of the problem or the solution.

That one is just a way to encourage people not to mind their own business.

If you want to get to heaven, you have to raise a little hell. Guess that one depends upon the individual, his/her/its view of heaven and hell, etc. Makes no sense to me. How can someone tell me what I have to do to go somewhere they've never been?

Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all---jury's still out on that one. I'd say better to have loved and won than to have got dumped when you'd have preferred a different outcome. But who knows, you often come out ahead. Still, what sticks in the memory is not the loved part but the lost part, so it sucks and doesn't seem better than much.

Any number of platitudes regarding unity and doing things together usually send the BS meter way up. I don't think unity and togetherness are what is lacking. Minding your own business and being honest about it is what is lacking. Go talk solidarity to someone else. I'm not the stuff of any people's movement or republic.

It is interesting that under our tax code you are only rewarded if you inform the authorities of your charitable acts, which must be to approved charities or organizations. Just selecting a person, animal, or family to assist, then doing it gets you no tax break. It shows that the tax system is wrong. In any case it is not their business who I help. Perhaps if tax were fair, constitutional and not an obvious tool for control and evil doing, this would be a non issue.

If you've suckered for letting your labor be brokered, you probably like middle men so most of what I say sounds nuts. You like being controlled. And you like getting what may not legitimately be yours, as long as it is official so you can pretend it is honest. Perfect fodder for the people's republic. One hint: Unions are businesses, and huge lobby groups. Why is it so much of their management seems to be somewhat gangster culture oriented? Does that make sense at this point in time? I don't know. Have at it.

Those who've never been a "working man", or down and out, often have lofty ideas regarding how society can be compassionate and help all the dumbass people like that out.

I can tell you from experience that the policies designed for such purpose over the last several decades have generally exacerbated the problem, rewarded idiocy and dishonesty, while making it tougher for a person to start from scratch. Especially hard for those who in no way want to wait in government lines or jump through government hoops to get assistance.

Those who have unlimited compassion using public resources to express it actually have zero compassion and are fooling themselves. I can be generous as hell with your bank account. I am willing even to decide how much is enough when it comes to your wealth. Isn't that my right? I decide then I come with guns and take the "excess". How can that be wrong if I do it for a good cause, or the better good of society?

The stuff about dealing with anger by hitting pillows or screaming has never been something I was sure made sense. The more I expressed my rage, the more rage there was, and I hate the way pounding pillows feels. I find the best way to get rid of the anger is to throw small children and animals as far as I can in open fields. That and running really fast head first into large boulders or trees.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Consumer product review #10726 and 10726.2,:: and I was thinking

Popcorn. Jolly Time is a name you can trust.

I think that says it all. It won't stop me from expounding, though. Microwave popcorn is for people with a desire to eat flavored styrofoam. MSG, maybe DDT, and LSD. It just is not the same as Jolly Time cooked in a pan.

It takes no longer to make it the right way, anyhow. Each to his/her/its own. Jolly time is the real deal. It tastes like the real America. Pop it right and you can't lose. I give Jolly Time 2 thumbs up. The bag is re-sealable, and unlike most resealable bags, it actually works.


Those little plastic things they often use in lieu of a twist tie. They are an abomination. What is the point of that? They tear the plastic when you wrestle them off so you can get to the bread, then when you try to close the bag with them, no way they keep air moisture and dreaded diseases out. You could drive a bus in there if you were a gnat and the bus was to scale.
Whoever came up with that bright idea was only trying to shave manufacturing costs and did so at the expense of quality. I denounce that person as a rude pretender who is of the ilk that give free enterprise a bad name.

Two thumbs down for the plastic pseudo clip on the bread packaging.


Do people like Sean Penn and Oliver Stone think they would have survived had they been living in Cuba as they are here- fame fortune, money-- and that Castro and Che would not have either killed them or stripped them of their wealth when they marched in? So many of those people, the Che shirts and Hollywood elite amaze me. I do not think they see even a shred of reality. And they are rich. You don't have to have much insight in order to be wealthy. (My pep talk for the day).
So when O. Stone and gang sing the praises of Hugo Chavez and claim he's not an abuser of rights, I kind of wish they'd move to a place like that and see how long it takes to lose. All that has to happen is that their happiness no longer be a benefit to the propaganda machine, and bam, they are among the masses. They would not like that.

I still think the cutting edge in wheelchairs, as far as what normal people in need can afford, is light years behind where it should be. It is absurd that someone confined to a chair doesn't typically have the ability to rise up to cabinet level, overcome curb size bumps in terrain, etc. I know. Those who complain about technical and design issues should take the trouble to design something better. Otherwise you sound like some entitlement ingrate whiner.

If the money putting braille at drive up windows and putting ramps where no one goes had been put to designing versatile, go anywhere mobility devices, we might be ahead of the game. That's ok. This nut will be one day cracked. Maybe that guy who designed those 2 wheel scooters is still working on that. He had a chair with gyro/computer stabilizing technology, like in the Segue, and it did a lot of good things. I don't know if they ever went further--got cost down, made it more adaptable to a variety of disability types, etc. Sometimes I wonder at the priorities when it comes to infirmities. I definitely wonder about the approach. Like always it misses the real underlying issue.

I do not think I buy the argument that if we "weren't fighting them over there, we'd be fighting them over here". The MidEast is a lunatic land, with religious states and civil wars also revolving around religion. You cannot reason with that and you cannot fix that. Stability can never be had. You want to take out a group or leader--go for it--assassinate. It sounds crude but it would be less bloody and expensive than now.

We may have to deal with them over here anyway. We keep kissing up to people by not understanding that freedom of religion does not mean everyone else has to somehow contribute to you by accommodating you peculiar needs and desires. WORSHIP AND BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU WANT, as long as you are not violating my rights, my space, etc.

How would you know if you won a victory in one of those places? How can you tell? I am not sure I've heard it defined in any terms simple enough for me to grasp. I have never approved of our involvement in that part of the world. That goes back several decades. It is a sick trouble making thing, and I am not totally clear on motive other than the strategic nature of the location. I learned that playing Risk, way back when.

California Dreamin--part 724

Sometimes radio ads aren't that intelligible. I would have sworn I heard the ecited lady in the ad say, "The best thing about Burger Barn is that they use CRACk fed beef!!!".

Well, it is the land of fruits and nuts, maybe someone has been feeding crack to their cattle. Possibly it started accidentally. I imagine the drug enforcement people were winding their way up the driveway and an alert crack dealer threw the stuff in a feeding trough, the cattle ate it, he had a big cookout to celebrate 4-20 and everyone raved about the beef. An idea was born.

It makes sense. I think the main entrepreneurial opportunities in the state are drug related. Most of your employees don't care to be listed on the books and you can maintain a relatively low overhead. Normal stuff doesn't pay, and hiring people that you have to list is heavy liability.

I was thinking of that song, "If you're going to San Francisco/ be sure to wear flowers in your hair..."
It puzzled me that all the toilets I'd seen were those 6 liter/1.5 gallon jobs. Often they do not work well at all. Then I realized it was something mandated in the name of green and saving water. The trouble is that it often takes 10 flushes to do the trick.

And this is not just me, over at the political puppeteer's place there have been issues unrelated to me from time to time.

Then after I thought of that song, I thought of the beginning of an updated version:

"If you're going to California// be sure to wear a plunger in your hair"

I'm afraid to dwell on further lyrics. That is a catchy start though.

I haven't checked out this site, however this animation di recently cross my credenza, and I cannot argue with their assertions regarding what is right and wrong concerning rights.

May be a radical outfit, but the part to which I refer is philosophically straightforward, neither promotes nor targets any group. It is nice to see something purely based on principle. I'll have to see the rest of the site to know if they just suck you in then go off in directions which contradict the asserted value system.

Here's another amusing item that crossed my credenza. That credenza is like friggin Grand Central Station these days.

PS: I do think the earth's temperature is cycling, but I do not think this cycle can be changed by ceasing human activity, nor do I think human activity has significantly influenced the situation. It is like me telling you there will a lunar eclipse if you don't pay me money and do as I say. Those things come in cycles.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why This Won Blues Award

Jason Ricci won harmonica player of the year at the Blues awards, something more important in that world than grammys, partly because no harmonica player of the year is awarded at grammy festivities. Everyone wants a grammy, don't get me wrong. I want a grammy. And an oscar and the nobel prize, even if I think louts and no accounts have wormed their way in to receiving a few of those. I still want one or all.

Here's a great solo improv by Jason Ricci, in Ft Lauderdale, a bit over a year and half ago. He since got robbed, flooded out, sick and is beginning a new project which is out of New Orleans--the Sex Kitten band--I heard one cover they do and think it is doomed to succeed.

If only I would customize my harps for overblows and had the effects he plays through. It would not make me play like this--just nice to have. Believe me he can play through no mic or anything and bring the house down.

He is one step beyond almost everyone. One of my favorites for sure. And a rather bright, personable guy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Missing the Point on Hot Rod Sherrod

When the famous tape came out in which Shirley indicated she did not feel as encouraged to help a white farmer due to race, way back when, I also saw the part in which she said it opened her eyes.

Nothing about the event surprised me, although I found much of it a little bit troubling. However, I think it was blown up stupidly. As much by her fickle friends and associates as by those who broke the story. More so, when you consider all things.

Instead of it being about black vs white, she sees it as have nots vs haves. Wrong again Shirley. It is about right and wrong, about willingness to take what is not yours and willingness to use government to do so.

That may not be clear when you look at every case of the moment, but behind the problems somewhere you will see the ugly truth--avoidance of enforcing protection against force and fraud while enacting regulation after bogus regulation pretending to correct problems created by an irresponsible government.

Some problems will happen in anyone's life. Can't change that, much as you try.

It seems quite clear to me that Shirley had and may still have a skewed view of other cultures and races. Her implication that a white lawyer is a white farmer's "own kind" is way off base. "Own kind" is rarely felt by white people based on race alone. It is not how it works. Her comments sounded eerily like the politically incorrect use of "you people" in addressing African Americans--even the ones who are totally American, and not at all African.

I'm amazed that the administration went off on her without even asking her what the tape was about. Then they blame those who publicized the video. Same with the NAACP--running off half baked to avoid credibility issues. Makes you wonder how many other times they take action without vetting facts or seeking the whole truth. That is a very scary thing.

More disturbing than Ms Sherrod's feelings that the white guy deserved less help for being white, was the snickering in the background. Obviously a room full of people who relish the thought of a poor white guy getting pay back for things not of his making. She was making the point that the difficulties of poor farmers aren't a race issue. I give her credit for that.

I'm sure we disagree on the role of government, period. But those things happen.

Although I believe there is no question that this administration is often supportive of racists, and so is the NAACP, I think the whole Sherrod debacle was a stupid exercise on the part of those who oppose this government's policies.

I oppose almost everything this Congress and president have done, but I am often embarrassed at the stupid approach many other dissenters take. They end up doing the same game of half truth and gotcha that typifies the heavy handed government supporters.

If it wasn't done using other people's money, I would not care how they felt regarding race. I'd love to see that become a non issue. Last thing I want to do is to automatically think of friends' race when interacting. Lately that is hard because it is all you hear. Racist this, Cracker that, Black power, Nazi, KKK, oh he said this, she said that.

Say whatever you want. Just don't enforce your bigotry with the taxpayer's dollar. You have every right to hate white people, black, people, any people. You have no right to harm them or restrict their life and freedom.

We are entering an age in which saying a thing is verboten, but actually interfering with another's rights is not. That is bass ackwards. I prefer you don't hate every iota of a cracker, but as long as you don't suggest murder and such, have at it.

So, Shirley, if "my kind" was defined only by race, life would be easy. But the truth is, my kind are the sort who focus on things other than race, can use common sense, and who do not assume they have the right to what belongs to others, including the evil RICH.

Most white lawyers and, sometimes, white farmers, do not fall into the subset of humanity you'd refer to as my "own kind". It is tough for you to make that leap into looking at content of character, etc. rather than race in seeking "your own kind" since you lived in the days when the Jim Crow era was breathing its last dying gasps.

But if you truly want to be fair and believe in equality under the law, then you must force yourself to let reason guide your emotions.

Also, with a boss like that, I'd watch my back. Obviously the whole truth is the last thing they go for in making decisions.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Character Flaws Start At Home

Once again I have to face the fact that I have allowed myself to be something other than the man I think I should be. It is stupid and I have no explanation why I am as I am, and why this has been something which has followed me on and off for years.

It's the damned clutter/mess build up issue. I leave places in as good or better shape than I find them, yet while there I seem to become overwhelmed by my own mess and clutter. Damned if it hasn't happened again.

The result is that I never invite anyone over, and I hide like a scared mouse from the landlord. In my case, I am renting a cottage from very nice people. Yet I think I feel I have somehow violated a trust because this place is a total clutter fest---boxes, papers, containers not yet opened and sorted from the move two years ago, lost plates in the mess, empty water bottles and I don't know what. I've been here before. Too ashamed to let anyone in, and too befuddled to fix it until there is no choice.

Now there is no choice. Mr R wants to paint the front porch and posts in front--TOMORROW. Painting the wood stoop may mean actually opening the door. Yikes!!! He is a naturally neat type. His carport workshop is orderly, a place for all and all in its place. Cars are always immaculately clean. Woe is me.

So...I have hatched a plan.

Since I am not quite as steeped in fear of fellow humans as I was a few years ago in Memphis, and Greensboro before that, I'm not so paralyzed.

I will move all these containers to the back deck, move the myriad of trash to trash bags, maybe even opening an unopened piece of mail or two, I will then be able to see the floor which can be vacuumed. I will start at about 3AM, in case I don't feel like doing it this minute.

Then I can deal with whatever is in the containers, consolidate, reject the needless, donate the worthy, and become somewhat organized. It is not that damned complicated but of all the things in life it is by far the most painful of tasks to me. I find dealing with power outages and hurricane damage less taxing.

This personal weakness is one reason I never bitch about who works and who doesn't. I merely focus on the fact that no one has the right to steal or demand support from others. If that landed me in the woods the so be it. I'd love to be able to blame THE MAN for my shortcomings, or my race, or the fact that I'm not gay, but I cannot.

We shall overcome. This is the perfect opportunity to get moving on with life. All my nearly baked and half baked schemes and plans rely on this clutter dissolution anyway. It is a sign.

So is the ambivalence about certain work in the wonderland place where I earn most of my money. Hedge your bets, young man!! That is what message I hear loud and clear. I'm particularly impressed that the Powers That Be call me "young" man.

It's America, anything is possible

I'm trying to program myself to think like the above board immigrants who sought freedom, and the right to carve out their own opportunities, in days past. That is slightly different from seeking a way to suckle off the governmental, publicly funded teat.

I'm amazed at the degree to which this country has reverted to a mentality of tribal, ethnically based politics, and bias. You cannot disagree, dislike, or criticize anyone's philosophy without it becoming an issue based on condition of birth rather than condition of ideology. It is of course more this way depending upon whom you criticize.

I believe those who can't resist that manner of quelling opposition have been duped. Obama's administration is no more about race than Bush's. Inviting the ethnic bigots into positions of power is merely a tactic to galvanize voter groups and stay in control, and in office.

The one ethnic group which is most difficult to solidify into a voter block is the one comprised of white Americans. By convincing all other groups to be angry and to aim that at whites, as if they had a racial agenda and more power than they actually do, you can garner a controlling interest in many respects. The difficulty comes when people think in terms of philosophy, right and wrong, and not in terms of race.

If it weren't for race constantly being thrown up in the news, and drawn into matters in which ethnicity is irrelevant, a huge portion, likely the majority of whites would rarely even think in such terms. Most still don't entertain private discussions on the matter, even though it is constantly thrown out there. Many fear that any analysis of the matter might get them accused of being racist, even though they are not.

It has been the goal of many to ensure that blacks and hispanics, among others, think always of ethnicity first, no matter what the issue. They have succeeded in instilling this mind set. They have also convinced various groups that the average white gathering includes racial talk, which is purely bogus.

I am sorry to see that Obama has fueled this fire, in what appears to be a very calculated manner. But, considering that his party and the republicans both seek something other than ensuring maximum choice and freedom for their constituents, it is not unusual that he would seek personal power, and power for his party no matter the ultimate cost to others.

That is one thing I definitely do not miss about the south, particularly Memphis and Atlanta--the ever present black bigotry. In the stores, on the street, everywhere. You notice the cases in which you can interact human to human because most of the time the atmosphere is anger because you aren't black. I don't need a history lecture, but maybe they do--I and my ancestors had zero to do with the past or present condition of Africa and Africans, and nothing to do with people in Memphis. I am of the era when it hurt more than helped if prospective employers knew my race going in.

One thing I do miss is the interaction with those of other ethnicity who are not racists and constantly seeing the world in those terms.

I've seen white racists too. The difference is that for many decades they've been loudly derided by other whites, and they are a very weak minority. In the case of black racists, this is not so. KKK gets shouted down by whites when they make a scene, New Black Panthers don't get that same very strong put down from blacks, they get a chorus of "black power".

Not equal freedom, period, or liberty for all--power, meaning control, based on ethnicity. That is the very thing that gave rise to the alleged roots of the anger. I say alleged because you'd think no one would want to be the same as that which they despise. Apparently it is not the act or philosophy they hate, only that they weren't of the slave owning class.*

*also note, since many not from the south do not know, only a very small percentage of people owned slaves, and some of those were black. That makes nothing right, as forcing involuntary servitude is pure evil and why I despise an ever intrusive state. Wrong is wrong but get the facts before blaming millions of uninvolved people a century or so after the fact. Why are you not outraged that there is still African owning African slavery in some areas? It absolutely is the most evil of acts--forced control over another human;

So, the mess will continue because how else can Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP stay in the spotlight and make money? And of course this obvious bigotry seems to bring neo nazis and kkk types back out of their hole. I notice I hear mention of KKK more than ever, not because of any gatherings or activities, but because the hate instigators keep bringing their name into the discussion to avoid discussing principles. That will of course summon them. It's like satanists performing rituals to summon the devil. What the hell is wrong with you?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Changeling Gypsy

The more I attempt not to try to fit molds that just don't work, the more I find some of my choices and attitudes toward what I want shifting. It is not easy to explain exactly what that means, probably because I don't care to divulge every detail.

For some reason, I have spent a lifetime confused over how to fit myself into polite and 'normal' society. What is craziest about that is that I usually get along with people, enjoy more trust and affection in ways than I would ever expect. Yet, I'm inwardly more confused about the way of things than seems reasonable.

What is cool about the last few years is that I'm finding it easier to accept where I am and what I am, even though I still don't know what. It is that feeling that I need to justify my existence and choices which is fading. Some things stay constant, and some don't.

How this relates to the Texas tour is unknown. Oh, just brought that up out of nowhere. It is only a feeling, but I think there is a connection there. I'm becoming increasingly excited about the prospects of a road trip. It takes money so I am determined to find a way to earn enough as quickly as possible.

At first I thought I had great opportunity to earn a lot in the next few weeks but it seems that some projects I was ready to do did not resonate well with the house manager when I mentioned them, on the phone just minutes ago. There is still work, but the specifics are not as thought, or so it seems.

Can't worry about that. A few nights on the gigolo circuit ought to make up for that. I'm seeking blind clientele who aren't too good with seeing with their fingers. Bound to be a ton of women in that category who have tons of money and an indiscriminate libido which is only active if they are paying top dollar. Yes, I know that makes me a bit whorish, but what the heck. It is all a part of liberating the sexes.

One thing has not changed--I still think air conditioning is one of the best inventions ever, even though I do not have it here on Ballistic Mountain, and restrain from using it most of the time in the car--saving fuel.

Believe it or not, I do remain silent at times

Just now something came to my attention and I had plenty to say. But I didn't comment. Let sleeping dogs lie. Or lying dogs sleep. There was no lying involved in this instance. Just ghosts.

It is not easy to play like you are with it when you know you have never been. Maybe it comes from that ringing in the ears. That has been there so long I don't ever recall not having it. The main time it is a bother is when they do advertisements designed to make you notice it, and when I am outside in a woodsy setting or on Ballistic Mountain. It is tough to tell if there are an abundance of crickets chirping or if it is just the usual noise produced internally.

I want to ride thermals in some sort of hang glider that would keep climbing indefinitely. I wonder how high I could go before passing out. And if I did lose consciousness, what would happen next? Probably wake up as I approached land or hit a mountain or tree. It's would be worth finding out.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Watching a "Debate"

I was just watching a slow streaming video of a debate between various candidates for governor of Illinois--green, two independents, constitution, and libertarian. Republican and Democrat didn't show up. Why would they? If they don't show the news doesn't cover it, and they can be sure the public ignores the fact that they are not the only ones running.

Even so, it amazes me to listen to all these people claim that they can do better those things government ought not do. It is not so much the fact that tax money is wasted or that program will or won't redesign humanity as we know it. The problem is that we let go of the limits on the function of government long ago, and without super strict limits, it will always be wasteful and more corrupt than not. Laws against force and fraud, infringing on property rights and individual liberty, are not uniformly enforced, if enforced at all.

So instead of it being about what basic functions should be served, it is about everything else. Oldest trick in the world--the old misdirection play.

Oh well. So, I intend to roam around a bit as soon as I save a little more money. I'll keep my eye open for good places to settle when we enter the era of health insurance outlaws and scofflaws. No use dwelling on what I can't change, but when it does affect me, it is not a bad idea to be aware of what is going down. Since I am willing to draw the line and not follow dictators or authoritarian regimes, I simply won't cooperate. Not out to do any harm or mischief.

Maybe it is good I have less to lose than most. Maybe I have more, who knows. Less tugging at me to be herded with the rest. No family to be hurt or any of that. I can see if I had kids at home, they'd think I was nuts, then later in life they'd possibly think I was right. I do think now is the time to live, and screw cooperating with the insanely intrusive and abusive.

It is not easy to be a gypsy. Got to have a po box at least, insurance, licenses (driving, fishing, one to own a cat, one on the car, etc.) bank account, and not look suspicious. You'd be surprised.

So, contribute to the gypsy vagabond relief fund. If you don't I'll get public service ads made and put them all over the place with film of me looking pitiful, victimized, alone and forlorn--the usual guilt trip. It will be sickening. You can prevent this.

Gypsy Blood

It has been thought that I may have gypsy in my genes. No, not a gypsy in my jeans, although depending upon the gypsy, I don't reject that plan. Lots of good looking gypsy women, if movies are true to life, and I'm sure they are.

That trip in the fall keeps coming to mind. I may have enough work between now and whenever to pull it off. Most likely it won't include much more than a run to Texas and then back, but let's not think in restrictive terms. It could be a wide ranging tour, depending on factors both known and unknown.

That kind of thing makes me smile inside. But I also realize this is an indication that I am ahead of my time.

Long before I heard it from an Art Bell guest in the late 90's, I reasoned that the only way the human race will endure into a future almost unlimited is to find another planet, solar system, galaxy. Pretty much in that order. Eventually the sun is going to swallow us up and the neighborhood will not be what it was.

I think we have plenty of time, but only if we advance in all ways. I think there will be some system which involves dimensions and time and twists not yet considered. In any case if this species wants to survive billions of years, we need to embrace our inner gypsy. Or, you can embrace me, your outer gypsy--depending upon who you are, mentally, spiritually, and aesthetically. Not necessarily in that order.

Good thing there is no urgency for billions of years, I have yet to even enjoy all the cool places just in this country.

Help fund my trip. It is tax deductible, I give you a voucher that says so, signed by me.
You can make your checks out to "cash" if you choose, and just send them to Descanso, CA, or Ballistic Mountain, CA. Should be fine.

Friday, July 16, 2010

WWYD part 3 BMI

Do I care even slightly, even one iota of a cracker, what my body mass index is? Hell NO!! So why does the national government of the USA?

Really, are you so brainwashed that you do not know if you are too fat, maybe too skinny, or maybe not too anything? If so, you already lost your soul so who cares about your health?

This is really getting out of hand. They are sticking things about body mass in so-called financial stimulus bills. Oh geez. You have absolutely no idea how hard it is for someone as completely not geared to be controlled by official decrees as I am to deal with these things. It takes great discipline and mind control on my part not to go berserk.

I could stand to lose a smidge of fat, gain some muscle and be about 10 lbs heavier in the process. That's my whole medical profile. Bastards. And for shortsighted personal gain--which will not materialize--plenty of people are perfectly willing to condone these intrusions. It has all to do with control, nothing to do with health. A slave state run by elites, with the masses being placated with drugs and tv. Mmm....what kind of drugs, Dude? Watabout chicks? sounds bitchin

WWYD part 2 (part 1 continued)

Maybe it helped that the Duke guys got all that publicity in the fake rape case. Who knows. For each of them, I bet ten guys are doing time for atrocities never done.

Regardless of that, when you know about a rotten case, even if the guy is white, every pressure should be brought to bear on this corrupt government to make it right. The degree to which we are gravitating toward the model of life once enjoyed in the USSR, and still the way of things in Cuba, amazes me. It is not the happy one for all, and all for one, scenario so many seem to believe.

If I had been in Lt Behenna's shoes, I am afraid I would have done far more that was outside the manual.

Maybe I over react. Like I honestly believe that. My true belief is that most people sellout and will put up with any kind of wrong doing as long as they are safe, unscathed, and materially doing OK.

I see over 90% of America as people who have sold out freedom, and their neighbors, any time it soothed their class envy, bigotry, or misguided evangelical/elitist sense of forcing others to live some way they wouldn't voluntarily choose. You don't drink coffee so why not tax fancy coffee more? Your accountant knows tricks to get you exempt so why not tax certain types of income more? That sort of thing is where it starts.

Then it creeps into if or how you raise your children. Oh you let your twelve year old get his own aspirin? For shame. You let your 14 year old have a sip of wine? Horrors. That's criminal.

You do not want health insurance and you do not want your medical info in the national data bank? Boy will you soon be in trouble.

Those are mere trifles. The police state is here, more in some states than others, but definitely here on the federal level. There is more cause to cast out those in power than there was in colonial days.

People bought the pap and disregarded the protections to freedom while at the same time ending segregation. Ironic--pretending to make people freer while tightening the grip on all. Very clever because it fooled great blocks of citizens. Most, as a matter of fact. Civil rights on one hand, and road blocks and heretofore illegal search on the other.

After all, on one hand we were doing the right thing. Then the definitions of "freedom" and "equality under the law", "opportunity" and a host of other words and phrases became situational and lost real meaning. We obviously do not have equality under the law. It just depends on where you are, who gets the pass. Who you are works for you sometimes and others it doesn't. Rarely based on who so much as what is your condition of birth; ethnicity, sex, and sexual proclivity.

The only way to deal with this in these times is not to take up muskets and go strom the Capitol, but to not cooperate. Soon you will be required to supply the IRS your health insurance information, including the total amount it costs, yours and the employer's input. Not doing so will result in fines or jail sentence.

So, if you can't afford it, and you refuse to take government help, you would be testifying against yourself if you file at all. All for not doing a damned thing wrong or harming anyone else in any way.

I am thinking there may be a lot of people who will just drop out and quit cooperating. Runaway slaves of the state. Better get that camping gear in order.

Most of those who can afford it will go along because who wants to be a wacked out idiot going down for a principle?

I'm fairly certain I do. Why is wanting individual freedom and a legitimate government whose elected officials hold to their oath of office such a radical idea, and not even legal?

There is no way to vote this out unless you have a choice of candidates who will repeal the 16th amendment, undoing the IRS. Real liberty in this country cannot exist under the present structure. There is a good reason that sort of tax was unconstitutional.

It leads to an Orwellian scenario in which Big Brother controls all. I don't like that. Should I have to be part of it? Should anyone? Go live in your own commune under a charismatic leader if you want that. You can still let the rest of us be free.

Very likely, if I were a person of note, this kind of talk would land me in trouble. Free speech is not encouraged if you simply tell the truth and point out that we've been had. However if you simply want tyo say offensive things of a sexual nature or about select groups, like crackers, have at it.

I'm saying that crackers, and burnt toast, and every other food group of citizens are selling out and have been. They've been willing to take money confiscated from others, either in direct payments or government contracts they know are iffy or in grants for things taxpayers would never voluntarily support. Or maybe they would but you found a grant easier than just seeking private voluntary support.

I'm guilty. I rented a large boom lift to the army for $4000/ month. It turns out some colonel used it to watch the intramural softball games they had on the base. He kept it for over a year it seems. That was in NC.

Tax money. I should have pulled it when I found out, just saying we had to use it elsewhere. But no, it yielded me an easy commission every month, so I sold out like everyone else.

Then I rented it again to the Military where they were working on the hangar that housed Air Force One. That was in Maryland. I'd transferred to the DC branch of the company. Long ago. It all adds up, and an out of control police state which wants to monitor your goddam body fat is the result.

No doubt I sold out other times, too, but that one was a moral no brainer once I knew the facts.

I don't sell out now if I can help it. Hard not to be a part of the monster because they suckered everyone in. You can minimize your cooperation though.

WWYD part 1

What would you do?

Every time I hear of controversial treatment of soldiers over in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even on our own borders, I tend to ask mysef what I would do, or would have done in their shoes.

There have been some very questionable cases in which prosecution has not behaved honestly in disclosures and such, sometimes soliciting testimony by extortion or bribe. Politically motivated, or so it seems, but to what end is unclear.

Maybe they just want our people to be window dressing, and delivery personnel for books or toys or whatever the latest PR bit is in that particular theater. Normally I am not a joiner, not one to take up causes, and not one to join any mob or demonstration.

However, in the cases of Campean and Ramos, I was outraged and may have even dropped a dollar or two toward their defense fund. The more I knew, the more I despised the prosecutor, Johnny Sutton, and wondered why Bush ignored these things. The same attitude from the White House continues---ignore the info and pleas regarding federal prosecutors, military and other, run amok.

We've had Navy SEALs brought to trial for doing their jobs and prosecutors trying to fry them with the flimsiest of excuses. It is beyond reason. I partly blame the practice of fighting limited, undeclared wars. The goals and reasons surrounding these actions change almost monthly.

You train fighters and send them in to be baby sitters of lunatics and terrorists and people whose culture we simply don't get. No need for us to understand them. Whatever the deal, you cannot have a conscience and send people into such an environment then turn on them for surviving and trying to protect themselves and their colleagues.

One guy is stuck in prison for 15 years (originally 25) for shooting a guy that was behind several bombings which killed Americans. He claimed the guy made a play to take away his weapon during interrogation.

There was an expert, the prosecution's own expert, who backed up Lt Behenna's story. Forensic evidence confirmed it only could be as the Lt. claimed. The prosecution sent him home (he wouldn't lie for them), did not let him testify and lied to the defense saying there was no information they didn't have. They are required to divulge such info.

Lt. B went into this sure that a thorough investigation would clear him. He believed in the government, the army and the fairness of USA justice. You'd think he'd know better. He learned. They were set to fry him and they did.

If I had money I'd donate a bundle to his cause. It sickens me to think how many people are in prison who don't belong and how many people get railroaded by prosecutors who care more about winning than about justice and truth. We probably don't hear about even 1% of these.

Equally troubling is the fact that more and more of these cases appear to be strictly political. I suspect political prisoners have been quietly put away for some time now. Not talking traitors, just those who somehow satisfy the ruling scums' agenda best by being locked up.

No wonder these bastards keep dreaming up excuses to control the internet. If not for the freedom of the web we would know even less than we do, and probably never hear about many of these kangaroo court cases.

Hot enough for ya

No need to ask. Yes, it is hot enough for me.

However, I am reluctant to believe that ceasing human activity will make it cooler. It appears to be a trend throughout the solar system.

Better, cheaper, and more air conditioning is what's needed. Instead we'll hear about compost and carbon. Must not be hot enough for Them.

The charming aspect of third world life is illusion.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shrink The Problems Down To Size

I got tired of that guy's face in the post below, so I shrunk him down to a more fitting size; to match his character. Most problems are probably bigger than need be when first they grab our attention. Then with proper outlook we can step back and shrink them down to size.
But, like most bromides and self help analogies, this plan has its limits.

I would imagine that being in the water with a 40' great white staring you down would be a tough problem to blow out of proportion or shrink to manageable size. Wankin Willy Metz, on the other hand, is not.

I'm thinking of holding a raffle to fund the next Tour. It is undecided whether the winner is guaranteed I will not visit, or that I will. One way or another a trip will occur. It looks more and more like it won't go further than the Republic of Texas though.

I'd love to be able to go on to NC and up to jam with Bobby's band. He may have something to say about that, but I bet I could hang well enough not to screw things up. Anyway, next trip is likely going no farther than Austin and back, with maybe a detour to Taos and that AZ town I like besides Jerome. Have to remember the name.

Maybe if I went barging in on people from the old JS, the word would get out and people would pay to have a chance for me to stay away. Like the old protection racket run by mobsters; "buy or die insurance", as the junior mobsters in junior high called it when they shook the scared kids down for money. I grew up with some genuinely creepy people. But tame compared to the high self esteem, no conscience crop we have been perfecting for some years now.

Pay me, your insurance agent, for protection from me, your insurance agent. $50 guarantees you won't hear from me for a couple of months. Today only, a special annual protection fee: For ONLY $150.00 you can be sure I will not cross your divan for a full 12 months. $250.00 buys 2 years. $2000.00 buys a me free rest of your life!!!

So, maybe forget the raffle and I'll make it easy by taking direct payments with a money back guarantee. No risk to you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad News from On High (rant rant and rant on)

Portrait of a Coward and a Political Sellout
Silly Willy Metz

I hate few things and few people, but I do hate corrupt intrusive overbearing and cowardly government officials, policies, and the general syndrome prevalent in this society which permits them to exist. Public schools were harbingers of this state of affairs.

William Metz, the forestry service official has given the OK to the Sunrise Powerlink project in SoCal, despite the fact that they have not complied with various laws which Metz is sworn to uphold. And despite the fact that their own cumbersome reports indicate negative impact on many levels, environmentally, and severe impact in the realm of fire prevention and abatement.

This may not seem significant to anyone not located in the gerrymandered path of these huge, not needed, power towers, but it is a very good example of how the bogus claims of "green energy" can be used to manipulate and rob the public. As usual, news reports use unproven, disproven, and purely fictitious facts and quotes when couching the story. Or more accurately, the two or three short sound bite excuse for a story.

(since wind farms can't operate if the wind is too quiet or too intense--a surprisingly limited band--there are laws requiring back up sources. In this case it is natural gas. So you contract with the windmill but buy the gas power. They know it going in--green has become a smokescreen for scam upon scam--I don't mind gas power. I mind total lies. And buying from Mexico when we could fire our own generators, and I mind buying what IS NOT NEEDED)

SDGE claims this is needed to prevent "future blackouts", even when their own studies show that SD county has a surplus of power, and no future projection models indicate any shortage. This is an area where you can actually power your hovel with solar panels if you can afford them, and many people do. The bankrupt state and federal kickbacks pay for much of the cost. Solar is subsidized.

The truth is that they do have contracts in place with wind farms out in hell knows where, but they are also linking to power plants across the border to buy their petroleum fueled electricity. Not that any of it is needed. It is not. Not here in SD county where they swear it will all go. Everyone knows they will run it up to LA, if anywhere.

Clean, cheap energy, but yes, your rates will go up at first to fund this corrupt scheme, then they will "level off" Not go down, level off. OK. Well, when it comes down to it, no cleaner than any other energy, and not quite so cheap.

It is being put in right through some of the highest fire risk areas, and firefighting aircraft and else can't get within 1000' of the lines if the fire is right there, which it often is because high voltage lines on 200' towers often are the cause of the fire.

Arnold threatened his appointees on the utilities board so they approved it even though when they had a hearing on it, all their own conclusions suggested it was not needed, and a bad idea. I'm not joking. That is how openly corrupt these people are. Ask if it is needed, and they will say the people of California deserve this, or some other off the wall side stepping response.

It goes dead through the middle of Alpine's business district. They will put it underground, taking two years or more to tear up the road on both sides. We are talking huge power lines and voltages here, not the stuff that runs down your street. Goodbye Alpine. There is no way the town can weather this, especially now while much of CA is suffering. High unemployment, hostile environment for small business, etc.

I've been able to filter through the wacko environmental arguments and such, and the truth is, this is a real threat to anyone who chooses to live out in the country, as well as something which increases the chance of wildfires and decreases the chance they can be contained. Even SDGE admits that, but it will be OK because they'll do "all they can to work with residents and businesses". I swear, it is the stuff you see in movies, except this is true, not anti industrial propaganda.

I'm a free enterprise, my species above skunks and other animals (especially bears) kind of guy. You know if I am blowing the whistle, I believe it is really a dishonest, crooked, example of how government control and so-called private-public sector partnerships breed the worst sort of anti-human, criminal results.

Metz obviously sold out. I've seen the rule book, and the relevant information. No matter how he felt personally, his title required him not to approve this unless he has decided to write his own laws. It's like a cop giving me the go ahead to rob 7-11 and steal grandpa's round about scooter. Except the stakes are higher and he makes more money.

When I discovered Arnold's role in this, that told me he is a pure and simple sellout. I never liked him anyway. He's a shallow idiot who does not understand the continental model of rights from the American. He thinks all rights are privileges granted by government to people. OK, most of the country doesn't know the distinction, but he claims to understand this place. He's a power hungry wannabe, and just another Kennedy. Gangster generated gentility.

I won't bore anyone who has read this far by explaining how this project also threatens our water supply, wells, and kills property values, etc.

Next bit of info came from a person in the insurance game. A person who seeks to find the best thing for the client, whether individual or business, or group of employees. It is now law, in force, that agents are forbidden from asking for referrals from clients.

Those who have only worked government jobs may not know that in any kind of sales, customer referrals are your bread and butter. If they don't like doing business with you they won't refer you or give you prospective clients.

Thank you bogus "health reform". It's all about controlling the masses. Control their bandaids, drugs and surgery, and you have some power over them.

If you actually buy the pap about the purpose of the health care legislation being to provide better care, wake up. Imagine how much dope and hospital fun the various bailouts could have bought. Have you seen any of that? Gee, I wonder who has.

At the same time, the government is already soliciting clients, urging them to go to some website where they will put them on to affordable insurance. It is a sick thing, and don't think you will pay less for the same service. Not going to happen. Welcome to the third world.

And do not be fooled by Sean Penn's or Michael Moore's view of the Cuban system. Ask some real Cubans about life and medical service under the benevolent dictator's boot. Idiots.


So, those are two cases in which people minding their own business, trying to live in peace find their homes and livelihoods threatened due to someone else's idea of the "greater good", which was formed according to what enriches and firms up power and control for the sick elite bastards who use such terms as "greater good".

Imagine that oil was nationalized and the federal oil agency had the mishap in the gulf. Do you, in your wildest dreams, somehow think they would be more accountable than BP? Who do they have to answer to? They would merely have blamed someone along the chain of command, fired it(him or her), then bungled the fix worse than now.

Perhaps they would have even stonewalled efforts to mitigate coastal damage to the same degree they did in the current mess. Personally, as bad as it is, as much as feds rubber stamped the process of drilling the well and all the safety measures not in place, I think we are damned lucky it was not a totally government run project. Not to say it is lucky as is.

They can't or won't even enforce reasonable laws and regulations already on the books. Then when disaster results, the corrupt weasels pretend it is because they need new and more regulation. Bullshit. I know I am right on this.

====side note: I need to correct one of the new black panthers---the party of the kkk is the democrats, not republicans. Check the facts. Ever hear of Sen. Robert Byrd (may he rest quietly never to be heard from again)? Both parties are the stuff of limited liberty, and of career politicians. Unfortunately.

They just use differing marketing approaches and slightly different tactics in office, but both promote wars not related to defense, both refuse to admit that the irs is structured and operates in a way which is wrong and corrupt, both refuse to apply principles rather than situational emotional politics which play on greed, hate, envy and lust for unearned power.

I know they vary on many specifics but neither one follows strict principles which adhere to the letter or spirit of the Constitution, or the concept of individual freedom, liberty (a concept I actualyl consider holy, if anything can be considered holy or sacred)

Be that as it may, the kkk is not a republican invention. Neither was the war in Viet Nam, Bosnia, Korea, etc. Keep in mind, often the president in power gets the credit, while the congress in power was from the rival gang. I think republicans get credit for Iraq and Afghanistan. As far as deaths, a drop in the bucket compared to Nam.

As far as beneficial to the USA, I fail to yet see any use in playing diplomatic nation builder in those places. If winning has no definition, and you prosecute your troops for doing what soldiers have to do, it is bad news.

I do not notice any improvement in the conduct of war under Obama. I do notice a greater blatant disrespect on his part for those who would die to follow his orders. Face it, politicians on that level see us as expendable units whose only use is to secure their power--whatever dirty deals may dictate that process.

Perhaps they should have listened to McArther and Patton, then established this country as neutral whenever possible, ruthless when there was no choice but to enter a fray. It does not pay to fight confusing wars then try to rebuild the countries of absolute lunatics. And limited wars are always lost.

The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It's the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other.
Douglas MacArthur


update; just spotted this from East County newspaper:

July 13, 2010 (San Diego’s East County) – The last 19-mile link of SDG&E’s controversial Sunrise Powerlink transmission line project has been approved by Cleveland National Forest director William Metz, the Union-Tribune reports.

“We are not surprised by Metz’s decision, although we are disappointed,” Laura Cyphert, cofounder of the East County Community Action Coalition (ECCAC), an organization representing 79,000 people opposed to Powerlink, told East County Magazine. “Metz was under considerable political pressure. Fortunately we have anticipated this day, and are prepared to take every necessary legal action…Over a year ago, the legwork was started for a lawsuit against the Forest Service in the event that they permitted this project. We are well positioned to prevail in the court room.”

I know the above quoted woman, and her husband. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, she is extremely intelligent. I witnessed her in head to head discussions with SDGE's goons and she knows more about their own reports, studies, past cases and relevant scientific, economic, and environmental studies than they do. No impartial person or group of any intelligence could listen to her and SDGE present their cases and not rule in her favor, hands down.

She deals in facts and logic, not cheap propaganda. And she is right. I've also heard the lawyer her group has helped hire. Between the two of them, if the courts are even a shade honest, they will win. But that is a huge IF.

How many other cases of corrupt disrespect of people and property, abuse of eminent domain laws, and pure theft are going on under the governmental oversight?

I guess the idea of freedom and breaking the feudal bonds is as radical now as it was in 1776. People just seem genetically predisposed to be ruled by others beyond the point of common safety and preserving order.

Cracker Hoe

Before the dawning of the age of idiots, that would describe an item used to harvest a cracker crop. Now, well, now it is what it is.

Generally speaking I am just angry. Free floating anger. No point in that.

It gets hot up here. The coast will be freaking because the temperature pushed 75, while it blows on past 90 here.

I almost hope for the chaos and disruption a revolution or big storm etc would bring. I think I am only relaxed when nothing is constant and, by necessity, I rely on myself for the rules, not the slimy ooze our governments have become. It could be an ADD thing or just garden variety not playing with a full deck. Or too many jokers in the deck; driving with one wheel in the sand. Etc.

Whatever it is, I remember how life became so much easier when hurricane Andrew Hit S. FL. and all you had to do was figure out how to make things happen with what you had. No stop lights, trees in the way of streets. No electricity for a little while. All my energy left when things got back "under control". Just as if the structured powers sucked it out of me when they came back on line.

Again I am restless and despite friendships I feel like a misfit. Only this go round, I am not going to attempt any sort of fit which requires I change anything. Screw that. Nothing to prove, no one to please. It is not fun, but it beats the alternatives.

Can't wait to get out into the unknown again.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Degenerative Evolution

When people make excuses for ill informed hate peddlers you have to wonder what is going on. My take is that more and more, people are incapable of understanding and applying universal principles in the realm of human events. Human, not Black Power, White Power, Girl Power, or Gay power.

The insanity that comes of condescension and elitist reasoning leads ultimately to hatred, frustration and violence. That is because such patronization assumes the ignorant will and should remain so. Pretending intellectual dadaism is brilliant thought does not make it so. It is cruel, in a way, to feed such things in order to foster a false sense of self worth. In the end it is dangerous and destructive. Look around and you see the product of such arrogance.

Deep down, people know when they are being given what is not earned, when those who can credit them with skills they don't possess, creativity which is devoid of substance. Sometimes that knowledge is so far down that they almost believe the lie themselves. The inner conflict created leads the dupe to resent those who give him the unearned status of thinker, artist, social guru, whatever the case may be.

This way of things has come full circle. The big pretense has now given rise to ever growing racism. KKK, the New Black Panthers, and a host of other idiots who band together to hate everyone else because they can't deal with their own inadequacies. Pretending to have a just cause, to be victims and threatened leads to the attitude that any act against "the other" is justified, right and holy. It is a far easier road than just legitimately getting by and taking responsibility for one's self.

There's usually an element of truth in the complaints, and a large amount of fiction, faulty logic and refusal to apply a principle uniformly. It is all about power over others. People who do not believe in wielding power over others are not that vulnerable to such sickness. Those who would embrace such power, no matter how it is achieved, are very vulnerable to joining in lockstep with any activity which promotes a culture based on condition of birth rather than merit. Some relatively intelligent people can't resist that. It shows a smallness of character to think in terms of promoting the politics of gender race or sexual proclivity.

If one actually believes freedom of choice is the logical, natural path toward the best human condition then he/she is not going to be pushing the politics of ethnicity, or sex. Either everyone has the same right to choose his path, live life according to personal choice (as long as those choices don't prevent others from doing the same), or else they don't have that right. If they don't then you can't very well claim that is a free society. Those people are not free.

Watching the cracker haters burn the flag, and similar groups spout their complaints, it is clear that racists breed racists, and they love nothing more than to get like minded idiots in other groups to react. Coddling any of these is not the job of government, and will lead to more of these calls to violence toward people based on race and ethnicity. The fact that these people do not represent any significant number of the group they say they are saving gets lost. I think that is because those in power find these creeps useful in their never ending thirst for power, and search for excuses to grab more power in the name of protecting us.

I'm not sure if the best approach is to ignore these people or beat the piss out of them every time they make a public spectacle of themselves. Maybe some degree of both approaches. I do not think trying to reason with hate groups is worth the time. They are not reasonable people. They want attention and power. When they see they have neither and that people recognize tolerance of differing viewpoints does not include tolerating calls for hate crimes, maybe they will settle for robbing banks or exercising their cowardly hate in some other way.

Just a theory. Thinking they would ever honestly look at the truth is too much to expect. If they did, they'd not be doing what they do.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hearting Iota of a Cracker

Some people hate crackers. Every iota of a cracker, as a matter of fact. If everyone felt that way, those little elves that make them would be out of work. Is it Keebler that hires them?

I like crackers. And elves. All kinds of crackers; the round brown ones, wheat, ever popular and controversial soda cracker, those fancy ones that better hosts than myself put out when you come over. I'm not so fond of the ones with too much onion or whatever that is in them, which precludes me from saying I love every iota of a cracker, bar none.

Now, in my life I have loved every iota of some crackers, and savored their every flavor and substantive nuance. Mmm, mmm, those were some fine crackers.

Crackers are good for a lot of things, adding interest to salads and soups, providing a place to lay a slab of cheese or slather of peanut butter---lots of things. Those who hate every iota of a cracker perhaps suffer from an allergy, or maybe they are just the closed minded type who haven't really approached crackers with an open honest mind free of preconceptions. Perhaps it is a religious matter, or they never acquired the taste. I think for most people it is not one of those acquired taste items, they like crackers from day one.

Without crackers, I hate to think what the world would be like. Sure, there are some stale ones, and ones like I described with odd spices and flavors that ruin the whole experience. In the main, however, crackers just work for me. I like to get my mouth on them, lick the salty skin, and sort of tease those crevices before devouring them.

Graham crackers almost aren't even crackers but they are quite a treat sometimes. You can melt marshmallows on them and create all kinds of delectable desert/snacks. Cover them with melted chocolate--chocolate graham crackers, now that's a fine mix. The marshmallow works with that too. They are easy that way. Also they are fine just plain raw, right out of their

I'm no cracker fanatic, but I do believe they are sometimes quietly under rated. I like crackers. That's all their is to it. Fun to lick and fun to eat!

Not everyone feels as I do.
This man threatened gunplay when someone tried to bring crackers into his house.

"I hate every iota of a cracker!"

Just at the sight of them he launched into an angry tirade, threatening to kill the crackers.

There are foods I don't like, but I've never felt the need to kill such substances. I'm not sure how you know a dead cracker from a live one anyway. Perhaps one that has been demolished by gunshot would be considered a dead cracker.

His allergy must be severe. If not that, then I'd say he was overreacting just a bit.

It would be interesting to see his reaction to Cracker Jacks.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I better get dipped in white wash

From a news source (hey, they get by saying 'a source', so can I):

One of the less-publicized measures in the new health-care law, the tax imposes a 10 percent surcharge on the use of ultraviolet indoor tanning beds.

Supporters -- including the Obama administration, congressional Democrats and dermatologists -- have argued that the tax will raise an estimated $2.7 billion toward the cost of expanding health coverage to the uninsured, while discouraging a practice that increases the risk of skin cancer by as much as threefold in frequent users, according to scientific research.

(scientific research is another of those terms which may or may not really mean anything. I'd venture to say that less fair skinned people who wouldn't use tanning beds anyway probably were counted as a portion of the control group. Not even relevant, though. This is edging closer and closer to totalitarian rule. )

I can only hope they don't decide to tax anyone whose skin has darkened from exposure to rays from the sun. Some of us just naturally tend to darken. It is inconceivable that in America you would be charged a special tanning tax. Regardless how i, or anyone, feels about tanning by black light, it is not something that rates a monetary penalty. Allowing taxes to vary by product as we have on many items, is a big mistake. It leads to taxing behavior not considered worthy by the ruling elite and it leads to purposely hurting businesses not in favor of the governing nitwits.

We are not going the right direction here. The degree of control and oppression modern technology allows is unprecedented which makes deviating from strict limits and consistent application of taxes and law all the more dangerous. More than ever before. Doesn't prevent some from refusing to accept and conform, though. Too many just don't get it. Maybe they never will. Maybe they will just be bewildered when they realize the things they thought did not affect them set the stage for policies that will step on their lives.

Post 23 for the day:Self Improvement Program-save the misfit

OK. Rule number 1 is to form a concept of the desired lifestyle and quality of life one thinks is right for him/her/it
Rule 2: from now on attempt to use "it" as the universal pronoun, noun, whatever. Who can be offended or twist that?

In picturing what the desired life circumstance should be, I can't go too far or get overly detailed, or overly general. Very tricky.
Those who have the sort of life continuity that has yielded generally gratifying results don't need to make such conscious effort to plot tomorrow as it has apparently become a habit already to take the proper steps.

The misfits among us have not all figured out how to find their fit, hence the tag, "misfit". That would be where I place myself at this time. Some people think I like that role. I really don't in most respects. Not conforming in some ways does not bother me, especially when I am acting upon the firmly embraced portion of my value system. Also, it is the birthright of any individual not to conform in any way which does not step on the natural rights of others.

I'm addressing issues which have nothing to do with others per se. In order to better the world around you, the best place to start is with your own world. I believe that to be true. If my affairs are in disarray how can I think to decide how you run your life?

My goal is to have not much clutter around me, be able to use the resources I have, both tangible and intangible, and the nerve to pursue the efforts which I think could bring in some wealth. (In my world, wealth includes any income, not just big money). There are tools, materials, half started projects, objects and whatnots buried in boxes, piles, and hidden all over the place in my junk. It is daunting to think I used to possess so much more in the way of material goods, and bads. Hard to recall when my stuff was under my control and not run amok as it is now.

So, I think in order to move forward in a positive way I must deal with the tedium and whatever it is that plagues me when facing items that may bring feelings and memories of the past. Get over it. I need that ex drill sergeant therapist from the GEICO commercial. It is meant as a joke, and is funny, but I think his approach would probably work better than most.

So, goal one is to not live in a state of material chaos. This has plagued me on and off for decades. And I've blabbed the same blabber about it.

Alright, once it is put in better order, then I will put the toe in the water---begin projects 1, 2, and 4; all of which have been clearly defined but I do not want to list in detail. None of these excludes the other. They can be done more or less concurrently.

A byproduct goal is to provide an example and chronicle of success in converting a middle aged male hermit lone wolf life, of one who cannot afford to be old yet, into one filled with zest zeal and zoom, and a healthy degree of accomplishment. In the process perhaps some service to others will also result. Balance between work, play, spirit and whatever else their is will somehow be achieved. Once that is in place, I'll be set to participate when some state opts out of the union, or fighting for freedom becomes a stark reality. I'm a born freedom fighter.

Being free is the proper spiritual condition of the human being. Being part of an ant colony run by the queen* is not.

*a euphemism for any ruling elite; man woman, child, corporate entity, racist organizations, unions or religious institution.

Shake Rattle and Roll on Ballistic Mountain!

Holy smoke. This is one earthquake/aftershock I felt.

Just now the ground under the cabin was rumbling and the cottage was shaking back and forth. Like having a vibrating bed, sort of. The cottage didn't dislodge from its pilings and roll down the hill, but the event did get my attention. I've felt several smaller tremors over time. This was the first that really seemed to move significantly. It was short of the intensity that would break windows and make standing up impossible, but not too far short of that.

I wonder where it started and if there was more going on elsewhere. Life on earth--it is not a balanced, static thing. Rather than "balance of nature", the term should be "imbalance of nature". It is never really in balance so things naturally move to fill voids and things somewhat seek a natural equilibrium, but that static state is never reached and never will be. This is a fact that eludes many enthusiasts who think nature left alone would be like a Bambi animation.

Nature will kick your ass every chance it gets. Worshipping the earth will not appease it or turn predators into vegetarians or philanthropists. The only thing as sure to mess with good people as is nature is government; and those who partner with it to serve their own ends.

I'd rather deal with natural assaults from the earth than the intrusive nonsense people support through unnecessary, complicated, thieving, overreaching laws and rules.

UPDATE: It was a 5.9 centered about 20-25 miles northeast of here, something like 7 miles down. Rock n roll

From Now On

The recurring theme in the life of the misplaced vagabond, and one whose domestic tranquility is checkered with lack of continuity and reasonable commitment, is rebirth. Like or not such an individual is forever faced with the prospect of starting over in one way or another.

Old ways and habits obviously achieve only the same unsettling results. Some aspects of beginning anew may be in place, but I find there are nagging habits that sabotage the benefits of new surroundings and activities. The most glaring of these is that I have to bring me along and I tend to run from myself, like someone attempting to elude his own shadow.

The difficulty is purely self made as near as I can tell. Much of it is born of self doubt at crucial times. Why anyone would allow such nonsense to plague his enjoyment of life s a mystery. Personal history shows that when I act on what I think is possible without seeking the approval from others or basing my judgement upon whether someone else thinks it is a good idea, I do OK. That doesn't apply to ill conceived stupidity, but those schemes are usually fairy obvious and, long ago, were the stuff of a mind soaked in mind altering, numbing substance.

Giving in to the immaturity which sees the materials that surround me as insurmountable mountains of clutter and confusion is to believe lie. If they could clean up the mess of the destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC, then anything can be straightened out and put in order. And I'd rather do it of my own volition and gumption than have to have Rudy Gulliani come supervise and direct. Of course, I'd rather supervise than do the dirty work myself.

As usual, everything I need, I actually have. I'm a little sick of the involuntary balking. I think it comes from my early training which associates sharp pain with initiative. Old story and not unique. It happens. The adult is supposed to replace all that with his own set of rules.

The last thing I did, which I wouldn't have changed even if everyone I knew told me it was crazy, was the big move and meandering journey West. Somehow it felt right from first thought and that was my purpose for living until it came to pass. It did take a long time to actually get things stored and gone and get on the road, but I did it. I'm glad I did.

Now I see I did not carry out phase two of that scheme which was to remain organized and focussed so I could begin certain projects and endeavors once I landed in the proper place. It is all part of how to not accept defeat, no matter how much the past has been botched, no matter how one managed to facilitate the breaking of his own heart. Dramatic, I know, but applicable nonetheless.

When you think abut it, you'd be surprised how many times you hurt the feelings of others when you are steeped in the contemplation of your own emotional confusion and pain. It's the way of women; they crush you then you realize you managed to wound their feelings, too. Nothing is worse than feeling like you made a woman sadder for the experience. If only I knew then what I know now. But skittish as I am now I probably would never have got to the point of Hello.

No matter how you slice it, even if the border patrol concludes you are an alien, but not the sort they know what to do with, all there is now and what comes next. From now on. If the rest is not put in constructive perspective then memory is a wasted asset, and history repeats, especially the parts that were no fun.

I mention the border patrol because of my recent encounter. There are a couple of places that are like trailheads; parking areas where you can hang out, go hike bike, or ride horses off into the wilderness. Sometimes I go there just to get away from everything. Often there are no other cars or people around and the scenery is good. It is a place to think and generally be incommunicado. Also to occasionally smoke since that habit has yet to be crushed forever.

Yesterday I was at a place and the Border Patrol thought I looked suspicious. They quizzed me and with every question, my answers seemed to confuse them further. Some guy, alone, sitting there for no good reason just did not compute. Then when the guy asked about my work it just puzzled him more. He was not used to vagabonds and at large individuals without title official employer or other people in tow, unless of course they just hopped the border without proper authorization.

On top of that I guess it confused him further when I asked how he felt about the cases of Campean and Ramos in that Johnny Sutton mess. He did allow that the agents did not like it. That did not seem to solve his internal puzzling over what kind of individual is such a loner that he would come sit in the middle of nowhere to maybe smoke and contemplate what to do next.

Many who believe in such things applaud the influx of illegals for their propensity to take car pooling to levels rarely seen

I did let him know I was thinking of picking up some of the litter which appeared to be the refuse left by illegal transients. It had been there for more than a week and I figured it would remain unless someone like me just carted it off. I had an extra plastic bag in the car so why not? (I did pick up most of the trash after they were out of sight)

By the time he ran my info and asked his questions he seemed afraid to ask anything more because he did not want to hear any more answers that just confused him further. It was funny. If ever anyone looked at me like they truly believed I was an alien from another planet, it was that border patrol agent. The exchange was civil and polite.

Finally, he and his buddy locked up there car and he informed me they were "going for a hike". I think that is lingo for wandering down the trail into the woods looking for illegal ne'er do wells. I gave them my blessing and that was that.

Agent #2 quickly realized I was too confusing to be a comfortable interview and that I was not what they were looking for so he ambled off about fifty feet away on the other side of their car and just sort of walked around in little circles. He knows the sort of alien than doesn't fall into the category they deal with when he sees one.

The thing about illegals is that they litter like crazy, start fires, and are often up to no good. There are plenty who mean no harm.

Not the same trashed layup site but similar

What the news, Obama, and much of the country doesn't get is that border citizens do not have a racial bias toward mexicans, or even a callous attitude toward the wetbacks. They probably also don't realize that a huge portion of border patrol agents are Hispanic. My pal was. Most I see are. Another case where politics dictates the public be fed lies to solidify a voting block and keep the deals with drug cartels and corrupt governments in place. Openly racist outfits like LaRaza, who want what is not theirs and seek power and special privilege, twist facts and perpetuate complete lies to make life easier for violent gangs and perpetuate the propaganda that serves their selfish, somewhat criminal ends.

If LaRaza thinks they should own California and other states, then they need to cede plenty of territory to those conquered by the Aztecs. The logic and truth of the matter does not support their complaints if you apply the logic all the way through. And the states they want would go back to all kinds of cultures which would exclude any Spanish Aztec mix and LaRaza--the Mexican race created by the mingling of Spanish and Aztec, and other indigenous cultures of the time--- would have no claim on anything. Nothing but a hate group using half truths to foster anger, resentment and grab undeserved power.

Why is no one focussing on the policies and and abuse in Mexico that makes people desperate to leave? It is not a nationa without resources which couldn't enjoy a much easier standard of living than it does. This is not the fault of the USA. It is the fault of their own corruption.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

on second thought

The national anthem should be left to pros. I didn't really botch it, not like Rozanne Barr, but it was kind of lame. One thing I noticed in reviewing the FLIP recordings is that Presbyterians like to keep the sound very flat and thin. In the monitors it sounded as if they gave a hint of the delay I requested but, in reality, there was none to speak of, and the vocals had no reverb at all. Since the place is acoustically dead, the presence was just not there. May as well use megaphones if the P.A. has no body to it.

Our own (Kevin's) PA system gives far better sound, at least how we have it set up. Besides not generally having faith in strangers on sound boards, I double don't trust churches. Sorry, I just don't, even when they are nice. The average sound guy at most venues is not very flexible when it comes to adapting to what works for any group different from whatever he is used to. Or she. I forget that they now teach you to say he/she instead of using a universal pronoun from the old days. So sexist and abusive toward women. Right. Need to come up with some word. I'd be fine with using "it". How have words like person and human survived? perSON, huMAN,. Awful. I haven't encountered a sound lady yet. Maybe that's the trouble. Although I doubt it matters what the individual is packing in its pants.

Today I was freaking out over the degree of underachievement I've accomplished in my life. When it comes to underachieving I am an overachiever. Perhaps the experts who felt the tools were all in place were wrong, and the best I could ever do is nothing. I think many family and friends would say "Oh, he's a bit 'different', but really something--- if you can get past 'that'". Some actually have said that. Obviously, I greatly resent that. However, it does not change the ledger of life a bit. I'm turning in an empty sheet year after year, and I am becoming bothered by it.

One thing for sure, you can be a complete twit, and creep, and pretty much an idiot and make money, achieve security, power, maybe even a trophy spouse/concubine or two. That much I have seen with my own eyes. So, there must be something more to achieving than brains, personality or general wit. If you don't need brains or personality or wit, I can qualify, yet the other ingredients elude me, I suspect because I lack those things. Maybe it is the willingness to succeed. Maybe I am too lazy, and unwilling to face the responsibility that comes with it. Or maybe I am incapable of better due to internal wiring and genetic disposition.

Some are born to sweet delight
some are born to endless night*

I hope it isn't just a case of the latter and there is no way out.

I should be happy. Few people would have survived this long living my life. It was only very odd coincidences and unexplained events that kept me from being killed more than once---way more than once. I still wonder at a couple of those escapes from certain destruction. And I made it west to a completely new life, more friends, and very true splendid friends at that. It is myself that leaves me disappointed, not my friends. That is one thing I don't feel---that friends will let you down. They usually exceed expectations. Only when people maliciously deceive is it a big issue, and they aren't friends. I've not had that for a long time now.

I'll bet some endeavor which would qualify as worthy achievement is possible, even for me. What, I am not sure. If sleep counted, I could be a smashing success if I put my mind to it.

*wm blake; auguries of innocence

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