Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gig at Crest; guess it is time to shave

On the road I tend to skip shaving for days at a time. I found that the whiskers grow faster as I get older. It is time. It is past that hip hollywood shadow point.

So, I'll roll into town in time to play, and probably in time to set up if we have any equipment on site. Better remind K to bring my microphone.

What is with this heat? Parts of CA are well over 100deg. F. It is amazing that my trusty tent is perfectly comfortable at night with these two battery powered fans I ordered from for not much money at all.

The Kelty tent was definitely a good purchase at the sale price. Sets up very quick and it is easy to deal with. Good thing I made off with some food from the family event. Lots of people loaded up since there was so much left over. I would have taken more but I was a little slow on the grab. My lovely sister in law, and my nephew made sure I didn't leave empty handed. Why my sis in law looks out for me like she does is a mystery. You'd think I've been an upstanding family member all these years. I haven't, but she always acts like I'm OK. I certainly do admire how she held the threads together despite the dysfunction which plagued us all early on.

It is an odd life but sometimes I like hanging out in a box made of thin fabric, sleeping on an air mattress. At many points along the way I would have thought the idea the dumbest thing imaginable. Now I appreciate the incommunicado aspect.

I'm about ready to go home.

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