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For reasons related to a self destructive past I become familiar with such things as the St Francis prayer. More a philosophy than anything, but I'm not prone to go heavy on the religion lines. They always seem to go one step beyond finding their own answers and tend to become authorities on the ins and outs of a God who has a personality and emotions which conform to their designs.

In any case, in that prayer it remarks about it being better to seek to understand rather than to be understood. That seems wise because A) most people aren't that interested in understanding so you beat your head against a wall if you go around trying to get that from people, B) people who do go around whining about being understood are a pain in the ass and just make others want to shoot them C) it often works out better if you attempt to understand others, as it keeps your mind off your own frustration.

In attempting to understand others, though, you have to realize people don't often look at things as you do. You end up comprehending their frustration and elation but not necessarily why they wanted to build an airplane in the basement when they'd have to take it apart or tear down the house to get it to an airfield. It was their bliss. That's the understanding part, I think.

[I think he is the patron saint of bird feeding, but I could be wrong]

At first I was going to write about how I was not understood in a situation which came to mind. In that case I think I did understand the other fairly well, even to the point where some of what I understood kind of bothered me as I knew I could not accommodate some of the wishes, wants and biases of the person. Certainly not in the time allotted. I sensed the time was short.

It could be I was understood, although I doubt it. When you have barriers up it is hard for someone to know what there is to even try and understand. If they can't relate to putting up such walls then that's that.

I think what is better is if you don't give a damn about being understood but at the same time try to enhance the lives of those around you in various ways. Generally not the ways you see on public service ads or other "look at Me!" do-gooder propaganda and coercion. I almost understand what's behind that stuff but hope my perception is all wrong. It gets complicated and conspiracy ridden, and I know most involved want to be good people and that is their motive. The structure and its evolution are another kettle of fish altogether.

At any rate that doesn't mean let others use and abuse you. Often it is understood they need to be slapped around, kicked out, or ignored. It is more art than black and white dogma, this understanding business.

Anyway, I understand that the hurricane may not be as damaging as thought, although the Outer Banks ought to get a bit of a thrill. I hope no one gets hurt and property remains intact.

(ps: if he were the Prophet, pbuh, and you put up such images, someone from the religion of peace would want to kill you. Understanding that requires me to get in touch with my inner psychopath. What people will do in the name of...)

Another Revisión de un Negocio

I think that means "review of a business".
Once again, a Poway company, or franchise located there, receives two thumbs up. What is the deal with Poway? It is located near Rancho Santa Fe where people are practiced at being rude, as it enhances the air of snobbery. Poway just has driving issues, but that is typical here. It never occurs to people in this part of the country that following two feet behind a car doesn't leave much time to stop unexpectedly and is generally a bad plan. However their customer service can be top notch.

I've mentioned more than once to those who tolerate my babble that Poway has the best Home depot as compared to a couple in Memphis, one in Ft Lauderdale, the one in Greensboro, several in Miami, and a few in San Diego County. It really is the best.

So is Discount tires in Poway. I know there are a number of tire stores who offer good prices and all that, but I have experienced the old bait and switch, and some annoying wheeling and dealing at Evans in Pt Loma--the old "tell ya what I'm gonna do" and then do nothing different from normal, except pretend you are talking about a more desirable product, etc.

Anyway, I bit the bullet awhile back and got some decent tires. Not the hotshot Michelins but rated pretty close. I like them. Even better, I liked the way the transaction was handled. Not a bunch of over the top pushing for me to do this or that, just a sane conversation about what I wanted and an honest effort to satisfy that.

So, it was time to rotate, which I hardly ever bother to do. I like these car shoes so well I decided to do it on approximate schedule. Once again they were quick, competent, respectful and easy to deal with.

One of my main theories when it comes to sales is that the number one best skill is making it easy for the customer to buy. Close behind is doing it in a way which leaves the person feeling respected. Someone can buy then never want to see you again. It happens a lot. Many sales organizations push the nearly date rape approach to sales conquest. It is assinine and in the long run gives business a bad name and only fuels the arguments of those who think trade is evil.

Anyway, I watched all the people coming in and out of this place and they are all treated well by every employee they encounter. Those who seem a little sheepish or unsure of themselves when entering the place are quickly put at ease and you can see the sense of confidence enter their being. All the employees appear to be enjoying what they do, and there is none of that attitude that the customer is a burden to their day.

In Memphis, most places are like that--the customer is messing up the reason people get jobs. They go to work to relaxe, sleep or talk on the phone. You are an unavoidable inconvenience should you be so rude as to attempt commerce in their place of employment. I do not miss the average attitude in that city.

Anyway, we ain't in Memphis anymore. Poway Discount Tires is a far cry from that. I wonder if they just have incredible managers, or a high class work force or what. Between that and the Home Depot, Ace and whatever the name of that Credit Union is, Poway's got it going on.

I got Yokohama 5 something something K tires. In case you were curious. I like them a lot for this car.

All these things were to prepare for a trip. That won't happen for a month or two at least. Not a problem. Just handling priorities and saving for new specs. I got the prescription sunglasses before I ever moved, along with regular ones. That was a good move as it turned out. If you are on the road a lot in the sun, the prescription shades pay off because regular ones would tire the eyes quicker. Maybe there's a Lenscrafter place in Poway. I need to check that out. Those shades have had a lot of abuse, chemicals scratches, etc.

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