Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sameness Is The Rallying Cry For Lemming Fools

Long ago, when I warned some imaginary LBGT,etc. community that eliminating the "don't ask, don't tell" policy was not necessarily a victory for them, I was treated as if I gave a damn if LBGTBOB people become soldiers or not.   I suppose it was implied that I was ungrateful to badass lesbians who survived crazy mid eastern wars.   Not the case.

The case is, I do not like the draft or the fact that you have to "register" with Selective Service even when no draft is place.  It is one thing to voluntarily sign up to go wherever the corrupt bastards send you, and another thing to be forced to join and forced to go wherever the bastards send you.

It used to be that you could jump out of the closet and into civilian life.  Didn't matter if you were drafted or not.  So, if you were being sent to some bloody battle of questionable creation, history, and goal, you could wave your rainbow flag and be excused.  I guess your permanent record would say "flamer" or some other hostile term.  In these times, though, no one would care.

But losing that power in order to be just like everyone else was a mistake, in my view, until we rid ourself of forced registration when we have no draft and no defensive war.

If there were no threat of a draft, then I'd say they had scored a victory with the new policies.

Now they are talking about forcing women to register for the draft.   I think the never ending striving for sameness is screwing you.  Yay.  Women can do combat.  If our foreign policy wasn't F''d up for the last hundred years (or many decades at least), we would not be engaged in combat at this time.

If anyone who never went through it thinks that sweating out your draft lottery number and trying to figure out how to be patriotic but not disrupt your life for a manufactured war designed to line pockets and consolidate power,  is a pleasant way to spend the last of high school is mistaken.

Depending upon various factors, such as home environment,   some people are more adversely affected than others.

So, of course they let women walk right into the trap. We don't think that maybe it sucks to have this easy power looming over everyone at 18.  No, we tie it to equality somehow.  It is a sucker's game.

Instead of only making it legal for the state to enslave young men to do battle at the whim of the powers that be, now we can put the clamp on every new adult.  We can point to Israel or Switzerland or some other non-analagous country.

I get sick of fools comparing the U.S. to small, relatively homogenous countries and cultures.  That is like comparing the country to Rhode Island or Arizona.  We're a little to diverse and, ideally, power is spread out among the states, communities and people, for the most part, rather than concentrated in the upper echelons of the central, federal,  government.   That was the design, anyway.   That's when we had less creative interpretation of the Constitution, and principle was a commonly understood term.  Unlike the present..

Not a single candidate running on either side that I am sure would not energize the draft.  We really do seem to be run and controlled by an elite ruling class.  And people just play their role.  All it takes is a little free (or pretend free) stuff, and/or a chance to be considered a victim; a martyr even.  Get that going and the general population will give you all their 18 to 26 year olds.

This is not a nice development.  They are making noise--various career military-political types.

Volunteering is good.  It would be better if those controlling how the military is used were not crooks.    
Being forced to participate in their psychopathic efforts to stabilize things, and bring democracy to lizards and lice, is not the same thing.  It is legalized slavery. The state is not the owner of your life.
If you find that the state is the owner of your life, then something is seriously amiss.

Rather than require women to sign up, let's just do away with the sign up altogether.

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