Monday, March 16, 2009

Waiting for the windshield to cure

They came up here to put in the windshield. Apparently this remote dirt road and community are well known as far west as El Cajon. They knew where it was as soon as I mentioned the address.

I'm waiting for it to cure awhile before driving, as suggested by the tech who performed the work. So this is post N approaching infinity. Mass production is marvelous thing. Even though I don't like the expense, it is far less than I would have thought. It would take me forever to laminate and shape pieces of glass together, then find a location and actually install the thing.

It may not be abundantly clear, but that is another reason to thank "the rich".

In light of the present climate which validates class envy and the misguided notion that your lack is somehow because of what someone else has, I may start doing a series on why the rich (or those perceived as rich) should be publicly thanked, supported, and treated as a national treasure.

WOW. Abandonment Issues

I just looked and noticed I now have 0 followers. I used those links to navigate to other places. Was it something I said?

Minding the Business of Others (tyranny of the majority)

Over the years there has been a marked increase in excuses to control behavior and make private affairs the fodder of public opinion and government oversight. Many of the dubious reasons for this have a shred of logic and truth, but like most things which defy true values and reason that kernel of truth was used to grab much more influence over private activity than free people would expect.

There's the catch-all edict of "cost to society" which can be used for everything from mandatory skateboard helmets to what color you paint the bathroom. Second hand smoke, global warming, beliefs contrary to prevailing AMA practices, Oh, and don't forget the wars on drugs and "terra". Presumably good causes, combined with lack of imagination in executing measures to reach a goal, have become blank checks for officials and busy bodies of the world to figuratively, increasingly literally, enslave the masses. How many have come to feel "empowered" to involve themselves in the education and raising of the children of others, to bitch at a smoker in an open air park, to decide what others should be paid for their work?

Now we have a very sad state of affairs, (much or most of it brought on by governmental policies of the past, the willingness of private concerns to drink from the bottomless well of public funds) which is characterized by public funds being given, sometimes without request, to large corporations. Then professional politicians who vote themselves raises, have cushy retirement, and who've never made any money not generated by taxes, self righteously condemning the bonuses that executives receive.

Whether the bonuses are valid or not, often it is much more irrelevant than the public might think. It is grandstanding and hypocrisy. Worst of all, we have now set a precedent of politicians controlling the operation of private corporations all the way down to wages for executives. No doubt there is abuse and corruption of every kind at play. Many of the more willing recipients of public funds have contributed to the campaigns of those in power.

I personally oppose the entire philosophy and method of this bailout frenzy. One thing I think should disqualify any company is if they contributed to any campaign. How can they afford to lobby if they are broke? What is being rewarded is simply dishonest. If the damned authority of government were kept within proper bounds, lobbying would be minimal at most. Unfortunately the public has enthusiastically given over power, as have the states, to such an extent that few companies of any size do not receive a portion or all their earnings from tax money. The vast majority of these expenditures are not essential and not things most people would support voluntarily.

What we are seeing is the equivalent of Charles Manson self righteously admonishing Jeffrey Dahmer for his crimes. Although Jeff may be despicable, giving Chuck a by is pure insanity.

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