Thursday, September 10, 2009

That Terrible Thing; the mind

Many pathways in the mind are so well traveled that they form an indelible groove which, seemingly, cannot be changed. It’s as if an entire array of stimuli all go to the same roundabout, and instead of taking any number of roads out which make sense, they all get off at the one which ends with some inner voice announcing, “You ain’t right, Son, an’ you ain’t never gonna be neither”. On a good day, it adds, “But no need to worry none, cause nothin’ you do gonna make no never mind no how, so relax.” The voice is not a grammar specialist.

In many cases the well worn grooves help people be more productive and balanced. Maybe they make you get up early every day of your life, or prevent you from getting sloshed and ending up with that very disgusting person. The one you would never normally even consider, in the Biblical sense, without barfing. Or you never let things get unorganized to the point of total chaos. Things like that.

My well worn grooves seem to lead to the grammatically impaired guy who says the things described above. I know better. Knowing better and forcing the thoughts to take another exit from the roundabout are two different things.

Blind, or not so blind, faith tends to provide the most relief. Not faith of the variety that people tell you how to have. It is different and no one can tell you exactly how to do it, or what to have faith in. Except that it is all OK. The details aren’t someone else’s to provide. So, if that crazy well guy(who cut power to your cottage, without notice, and parked in your driveway) asks accusingly, “YOU A CHRISTUN?”, I wouldn’t assume he has much to offer other than a quick contrast to show you that you aren’t as crazy as some folk.

The main thing is that the roads in the mind most traveled can often lead to reactions and conclusions which are at odds with your desires and needs, and which make no sense in the context at hand. Situationally inapropriate and irrelevant. It happens all the time. It can be the result of the famous “baggage” people allegedly carry, things ingrained in you at an early age or who knows what. Doesn’t matter. Those habitual grooves can be life inhibiting and depressing, not to mention costly on many levels. Very annoying.

I don’t know how to effectively counter this syndrome. Faith is the best I can do on that. What that means is probably something only the individual can half way know.

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