Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pages 1 and 2 of Subconscious Book

This is page 1 of the magic book, which began on Christmas Day.

This is page 2, a glimpse of some vague notion of events and places which may be found as the BallisticTour takes on 2010 . Also an experimental effort with no known goal.

So, even though I have not been good this year, someone stuffed a watercolor colored pencil set, along with a huge hardbound book designed to go along with the pencils in my stocking. 696 huge pages designed to be drawn on with the pencils, then you use a wet brush to turn it into watercolors as you like. I'm getting used to it.

This will be a book from another dimension and when I am done, it will serve as a time machine and possible WMD, or HMO.

Really, I have never seen such a large hardbound book, with blank pages for art. I feel like I should be doing that intricate type of work you see in wizards' manuals and books that tell the fate of souls; that sort of thing.
As disjointed and scattered as it seems, almost everything has some reason or significance.

Perhaps this could become a children's book, something to instill fear and nightmares so your offspring will be less likely to challenge your authority. They'll seek you out for comfort.

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