Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Battle of Ideas? Not Likely With Homeland Screw You ity

To have a battle of ideas, there has to be a definition of basic premises. The premise once instilled in US citizens has been lost. That is illustrated by the people the press chooses to interview regarding new and unusual security measures put in place due to the latest jihadist would-be bomber; the underwear bomber. Or if you prefer, Mr. Hot Pants.

Perhaps it reflects the general philosophy of the country, I don't know. I do know it makes me cringe when I hear the man on the street, as portrayed by loathsome news outfits, claim that "I don't mind the extra inconvenience because it makes my family safer". After working in that business before and after 9/11, I don't think the reaction makes you safer. None of the increased security measures would have prevented that attack. Profiling and making the air crews aware of current intelligence would have helped.

Our basic premise was that all governments become oppressive and exploit the citizens if not held to strict limits. Based on that an effort was made to structure this country so that government's scope was strictly defined and attempts made to install checks which would keep it from usurping the autonomy and privacy of individuals. History and experience indicate that governments of all kinds evolve into tyranny. That is what a constitution is supposed to prevent. Some constitutions, however start off a little over reaching. Ours did not, to any great extent.

What has been happening for many years prior to 911, and at an accelerated rate afterward, is the same practice I witnessed in public schools from teachers and administrators who were unable to handle their jobs. Someone allegedly talked, or wrote "do do" on the board. "OK. Until the person who did this comes forward and you tell me who it was, everyone is going to stay after. All of you will be punished." Half the time we had no idea what the "educator" was talking about.

The only way to curb the threat of jihadist terrorism is to PROFILE intelligently and not ignore intelligence. If there is a battle of ideas going on I have no idea what ours is. We are giving up all recourse against an overbearing government in the name of security, while reaping no true increase in our safety. It is a huge mistake.

I remember a very zealous member of the TSA management claiming you can't be sure who is a terrorist. He'd ask, "Can you draw me a picture of what a terrorist looks like?" My answer in the affirmative wasn't what he was after. He was almost orgasmic in his prediction that soon everyone entering a shopping center or sporting event would have to be searched.

This last guy was a case of ignored intelligence and failure to use common sense. All the mass harassment of citizens is actually bogging down the real process of filtering out the riffraff. You can easily discern the likely suspects. Of course that means some people get more attention than others. It is easier to focus on them when you aren't searching 2 year olds and their church group.

For awhile after 9/11 I had to search bags and people. It was insane how they expected you to treat the innocent. I was skeptical of a couple of different profiles. Obviously disdainful Arab men, and flakey acting overly religious types who seemed ready to bomb to prevent abortion. Not many of either type.

I'm convinced that many people on selectee lists and such are placed there randomly in order to achieve a good ethnic mix. It is not efficient or useful. For example, the last people likely to bomb a plane would be a black husband and wife with a couple of young kids. They just don't do it. Most people don't. In that case, I found it painful when they might be selectees because they paid cash for the ticket. Against the rules, sort of, I often barely went through the motions on such people. It was bad when they thought color of their skin was behind it all. No, it was idiocy and refusal to accept the truth that was behind their harassment and that of the white woman in her nineties.

It has to occur to others beside myself that each incident or alleged threat, whether to the country or the environment or anything else is dealt with in a manner which severely limits and controls the individual in some way. Our ability to be mobile is being eroded on every front. To think these tactics can't or won't be used to purposes not so different from those of Nazi Germany or the USSR or Castro's purges in Cuba is to be rather myopic and naive. That is exactly how such oppression comes into being. Always an excuse to force citizens, without probable cause to defend their right to exist.

How can we claim we are defending ourselves if our defense is to throw out the liberty which defined us? There are better ways, but they depend on not being afraid to admit the identity of the enemy and acknowledge the truth when they attack. To say the mass shooting on our military base, and this pants bomb attempt are not part of that effort is not smart. That is how that setup works. Another thing to keep in mind is that we aren't the only targets. All western nations, and eventually all infidels are the targets.

The latest tactics are nothing short of a stupid dog and pony show designed to make the public think they are being made safe. PR is the main goal, as well as an increasing effort to make citizens subjects of the state rather than keep the state subservient to its citizens. It worked after 911. People went through all the increased intrusion so they figured something was being done. The fact that it was a joke did not matter because to say that was almost like blasphemy. We had to fight this thing. To admit that our intelligence agencies were hamstrung by seedy politics and scumbag officials in government wasn't going to happen, even though that was the problem, not lack of feeling up the public.

We bought it then so we will continue to buy it now. In the mean time, people like Johnny Sutton and most of those in DC will continue to ensure that the drug trade flourishes along with illegal immigration. If they are so concerned about who gets on a plane, why aren't they looking at the borders with a stronger eye? Even there I think profiling is ticket more than running everyone through the wringer. Go with the fair tax or something like it, eliminate the IRS and don't provide tax paid benefits to people here illegally, and the problem would be minimal. At least any money they spend goes in part to the tax base under that plan.

One thing about conspiracies and conspiracy theories, sometimes there really is a sinister aspect to what goes on with those pulling the strings. I believe there are those who benefit from all these crazy changes. They all have that one element in common---control and limitation on the citizens of this country.

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