Friday, April 2, 2010

I Try--No Political Thought---Is It Legal?

Real life, lived as you see fit, is much more fun than minding the business of others or considering my impact on the community. I try to remember that so I don't get depressed.

What seems difficult is planning anything involving travel or independent enterprise without considering the penalties in place for minding your own business and simply being alive. The good things become difficult for the start from scratch person who has no desire to work for government. They don't seem content to leave you alone. I'll pretend.

If I think about flying, I consider installing an impressive prothesis to wow the TSA voyeurs. Still up in the air as to whether it should be placed frontally or on the other side. Like it or not, Geo. Bush got that ball rolling out of control, and the new administration is more than happy to feed the momentum. The news couches such stories as "what the government is doing to make you safer when you fly". The dumb smile which seems required for that job adds to the surreal darkness of the issue.

What a mess this place is. I let it happen again--clutter of negligence overwhelms the ability to strategize and enact organization. Mental illness or cognitive glitch? We just can't be sure. All horizontal surfaces, tables, chairs, floors and the like, become shelves of chaotic clutter. Clothes, unopened mail, paper containing both valuable and useless information, form ugly hostile mounds which mock me. If I approach to deal with any particular unit, either the mass spreads out or I can find nowhere else to put the item. Maybe if I take it all out to the deck, then filter and fit into neater places inside the problem can be managed.

The last couple of times this happened, I moved. This time I will respect myself more if I just do battle with it. If it wins and kills me, then I went down fighting. In the mean time, I will attempt diplomatic means of solving this conflict. If I could just show the mess that I mean well, I am sure it will yield to reason and right itself. Well, no, I am not really sure, but maybe it will help if I decide to sue it.

Check out Memphis for my yard sale. The people who live at my old abode are having a yard sale, including things I left behind. I only left them in that garage because I was encouraged to do so. There will be a crate KBA60 amp. It is either 60 or 110 watts. 3 channels with mini eq on each, plus eq on the main. Worked well for a vocal, a plugged in acoustic guitar, and a harmonica. We played a party in Miami several years ago. Maybe 20 years? Holy smoke. Also there is a small Marshall amp. Bargains galore!!! Dishes and other things I forgot about. I must have had more stuff than I could ever imagine. Partly because I thought I'd settle down, straighten out, lose my fear of certain things and situations and live happily ever after. Plan B did not include many possessions.

I wonder what the legalities are for them selling things out of the yard? See? I worry about these things because of the horror stories I've heard. Mind your own biz, have fun, then some robocop comes in a charges you with crimes against the state or no telling what. OK. I'll resist the rebellious rush that these things create in me.

There is no way to do anything but cooperate when you know how, and hide when you don't. City people who work for government or a large company in bed with government, and who don't move much, don't get this mentality. Their official paperwork is pretty well laid out. Their stress is over fashion and how to convince the child factories that little Susie is a genius. And, of course, the Survivor-like scheming necessary to gain power at work. Not everyone has that issue, but it is common even in relatively low paid positions.

Why would there be much worry about trying to plan another epic journey? Artificially high fuel prices, taxes on carbon which could emerge, all that is of concern. And it comes back to this oligarchy messing with life and business in bad ways, while not messing where they ought. One consideration would be to get a high MPG motorcycle and travel light, avoiding the rain. Then you have to go through the hoops to get the motorcycle license. I let it lapse when I could have been grandfathered in with it. Big mistake. I'd rather be more set up for all weather. Who wants to ride in the snow and such? It gets a little slippery on two wheels.

OK. I'm setting a time, and I am going to have this mess whipped. Maybe, like Custer, my last stand. Perhaps I have less possible moral backlash in the long run.

Nothing like the feeling of sun on a bright day warming you up. It is still radically cold--under 60 deg F. But the sun and general ambiance is that of a bright spring day with little furry creatures seeking their demise on the road, birds acting like nutters, green things, with a bright yet deep and wet hue, swelling with a hint of bloom.

Make a note to find an easy way to discern the edible from inedible in the world of wild plants found all over the wilderness. That knowledge has to be useful. You don't want to mess up like that kid in Alaska from Into the Wild fame. I think that was the title. Sean Penn directed the movie and really chintzed it up with Hollywood devices that proved he is not as bright as he pretends. He's a good actor and he has worked like crazy on the expressions, tone and posture which a smart person might use. "I'm not a bright man, but I do play one on TV".

I heard a talk show guy complaining about motorized paragliders. Wow, I thought, that's the gadget for me!! What a cool thing. I want to fly one. Rules? Forget it. I will do it somehow, and in order to avoid depression, I will not look to see if there are rules involved which would dampen the experience. How else is a spiritually and morally advanced person to live?

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